8 comments on “Karachi The Metropolitan City of Pakistan.

  1. I lived there between 1950 and 1967…Some call it the golden years of Pakistan. Was a wonderful place then..

  2. Hello, I am from Kolkata, India. I visited Karachi last year for work. I used to have work for hardly two hours, rest of the time I was free. But I used to stay full time in hotel as I didn’t knew where there is a shopping mall or a pub or a disco where I can go and have some enjoyment. Please give some information about some pubs and discos, their name and where they are located, so that I don’t get bored the next time i visit it.

    • Dear In Karachi , there are no open Bars or pubs , It’s not UK nor Dubai, It’s purely based on Islamic Rules, Yes for non muslims there are restaurants and wine shopes city wide where its allowed but not openly, next time when you visit Karachi just email me 🙂 okay i’ll see what i can do Karachi Night life isn’t boring at all, only if you know people out here .

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