2 comments on “Pakistan Gives India ” MFN” Status.

  1. Sir, you wrote the article well. I liked the spirit of it. We do not find cooperation between our own body organs. Even marriage’s success depends on the principals of “give and take”, “compromise”, “flexibility”, “sacrifice” etc. Even we find lot of discontent between siblings, parents. The problem of Kashmir is like incurable bleeding wound for some on both sides. We should accept the fact like a incurable disease in one’s body and try to live happily to best our ability. Hope good sense will prevail on majority of both sides we and our coming generations live like happy neighbors sharing each others happiness and problems. Salam.

    • Thanks for commenting ,
      incurable disease ? personally i admit the fact that 2 nation theory was not wrong and there is a difference in india and pakistan. Kashmir is still unresolved issue between both nations if united nation decides on majority.

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