4 comments on “Blind Dolphins

  1. True Humans can get really disgusting and pathetic at times and nothing justifies such behavior. Here i will share what i read on net. the net is full of stories about dolphins trying to rape swimmers. Can you imagine this?

    • I have read same articles about dolphins, it is because they are human alike behavior being as a fish they are attracted to males and females, as a fish.

      I wasn’t shocked at all, but what they do with blind dolphins here, their belief is by raping blind dolphins they will live longer, we are still living in stone age i guess or maybe they are much wiser than i could imagine.


    • Dear Umer Sultan ,
      All thou most of the population is now Muslim but their beliefs are still stuck with hindus and mushrikeens, they are worse than infidels, still the trends are same as they were centuries back, I can understand It’s a height of insanity the human’s hunger to live longer, chasing death. which is clearly stated in Holy Quran, Every living thing has to die.


      Farhan Imaan

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