PEMRA been Merciful on Maya Khan ( No charges, No Punishment and Not even Banned )

Just Crying is forgiveness? No PunishmentIt was one of the worst crime what she did in morning show, live broadcasted on  media channel and not even Police is not allowed to intrude into anyone’s personal life without any reason or fact. What she did went in the park asked couples there about the reason of being there?  does their family specially parents known that they are here? showing their faces on the camera live through out not just in Pakistan but Internationally viewed channel ” Saama Tv ” without any permission or authority,  she violated ” PEMRA” ( Pakistan Electronic Media Regulated Authority ) rules and regulations, she is not only one to be blamed for this act but her entire team in which PRODUCER plays the major role, later on when she was called for apology and explaination she said It was all dramatized, paid act!

Pakistani viewers on media and on social networks condemn and criticized on what she did but after 10 days of being terminated from ” Saama Tv ” morning show Maya khan is back on ARY Tv‘s Morning Show?  I posted my fair comments on her but they were rejected or ignored by Saama Tv and ARY Tv. I wonder why as being a Pakistani I have the same right as everyone else does, Youtube been the most helpful for not only me but people world wide for showing the reality and internet is better than judges doing nothing. My question was simple and fair ?

1. Why there is no punishment for such act by any media person who violates and intrude into personal affairs?

Lets say if there is no court, proceeding for this which is absolutely wrong in my view, there is not even a BAN on such anchor? producer? Director? Camera man? entire team? how about the channel? no fine no charges nothing at all. It’s like if one does the wrong today, can get back on another media channel after a week easily gets hired after being criticized by entire nation.

2. ARY hired her again for another morning show, she’s back on the screen wow! that’s cool isn’t it, PEMRA is sleeping , ignoring or she has PR  ” PAKISTANI RESOURCES ” that she made her way back to media without any proceeding by PEMRA?

Openly viewable corruption and still there’s no one to stop it. I think and I believe it is the viewer’s right and there should must be proper punishment for such act by any anchor , producer , director , camera man or entire crew, for spying following people, open raids on Parks, Beaches, Streets without any permission and the way ARY Team has hired her back on what basis has she even read the rules and regulation even used her common sense ever.  I am not here to point on her personal life least i am not comfortable with it as she did with innocent couples in the park, everyone has a right to live freely!

She came up on the talk show cried few tears and apologized, said it was the paid act which is not reasonable way at all, Pakistan has constitution and there is a judicial law existing in this country, for which entire department is running to monitor media activities, still one fire’s and another hire’s her! she’s lucky or maya worth millions?

Paid actors, is she a host or a director/producer to dramatize any situation and show it as live? means before all this what so ever she been doing was also not true or morning shows are like this, seriously even if was paid why wasn’t she punished by PEMRA by Banning her from media how easy it is for a female with worthless fame to get on another media channel.

It is my request to PEMRA to take legal action against her and ARY’s hiring policy if there is any apart from Pakistani Resources ( PR ). There should be a proper justification not just Youtube and Internet blogs websites be the one to condemn on this, In legal manners punishment should be banned on media activities for particular time.

Pakistani Media is being irresponsible and not reasonable with the viewers and if there is no ordinance than PEMRA should make one because, I don’t think those who have common sense will let this sort of mistake by Government Authority easily.

for the rest of the non sense by her you guy’s can search YouTube and your comments are always welcome.

Tribune Pakistan on Maya Khan


  1. Either u r an idiot or pretend to be an idiot or blind. The whole show was an act and was done by actors and it has been proven. So chapter has been closed. Move on and save ur efforts for some real issue.

    1. Dear Saamy I seriously can understand that an idiot like made you comment and tell that they were actors, can you make me remind of any reality show which has been recorded ” uncut ” LIVE which this was and beside it, my point is on violating the rules and regulation, she is totally untrusted anchor and shouldn’t have got the approval by PEMRA. Paying to those who were shown on the screen does not make it paid act but save your ass show and I am moving on by The Graces of Almighty Allah. I’m really happy to know how quickly it effects. There aren’t any paid shows ever been told by any media channels to gain the viewership and if there are, there is a rule to mention it before the program starts.

  2. Work on some issue that is actually a real issue and the whole entire country has been sick of this topic. Please end this crappy topic and just progress into somwthing that is worth getting into

  3. You are not moving by the grace of allah sir, you are moving by the amount of money being paid to write oppose, it is really surprise to see what kinda crap people create and write just to earn small amount of money. Just wondering how much money people or opposition channel gave u to write this, again this is not rocket science to figure it out.

    1. I don’t write to earn and neither there’s any opposition channel supporting, my question is still the same which I asked you before, If so as she did? Why still she’s getting a job! you think she is most wanted figure well trust me so many like her came and gone, there should be punishment for such anchors , producers for such acts, which they even turn up and say it was PAID, but any paid transmission follows up before the segment stating that this is PAID FUCK UP ! in her case it was not mentioned so she been faking all the time. what a non sense? you keep up with the flames, I am honestly enjoying that how her so called fans supports her.

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