5 comments on “KASH

    • Not exactly, Past is the lesson on which present lies and future holds.

      but beside logical explanation , after sometime everything fades away, no matter its the past, life has daily new chapter to add in so in that case, Past wouldn’t be haunting nor after moving ahead anyone would what to change it.

      • What if that past has hurt your loved ones badly, then for sure you would like to change it, and some or the other thing keeps reminding us about the thing that person did to us, what do you think, what should be done in that case?

      • Life is a mixture of happiness and sadness you know without it there is no life, person must accept the life as it is, as far hurting is concern, have a big to heart to forgive, we all makes mistakes to moved ahead with time, one must let go and let God.

        Life never remain the same, thou at some point you may mind it disturbing and difficult but doesn’t mean we change the entire Past or automatically things fade away people come and go, so the way you feel today about the past i may have felt somewhere back than, but today I am more worried about present and the future so the best remedy i found is to forgive.

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