33 comments on “How Non custom paid Vehicle gets Registered

  1. I was confused on that custom duty and taxation thing but the way u explained the thing really got clear about this, thanks.

  2. Pakistan government has issued the notification non-custom cars & etc please tell me how can i get it form Internet , if you send a link for notification i will be very thanks full

  3. i have a non custom paid yamaha Z6 heavy bike can i pay its cuntom.. my cousin has a bussiness he bought the non custom cars from chaman(queeta) and sell them can u tell me any name how can make them leggel plz plz plz guys help me

  4. Alright I agree, but I want ti enquire if any body still have that type of car & he is willing to regularise it than what should he do please guide.


  5. You have to contact a person in EXcise and Taxation Department of Motor Vehicles. Please be aware do not respond or contact any one who is contacting you through internet or providing you his email id or contact number because they are scams and they will keep you in trouble. Ask through your contacts and contact some one in excise.

  6. Do the sellers provide us with auction sheets even if the vehicle is NCP plz guide me farees I m in a fix

    • NCP vehicles comes with no documentations, It’s not Amnesty scheme which comes with 7 documents proper way to get it registered .

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