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  1. Please tell me about sensors:- approximity & accelerometer
    Please check that can we play following games on A2:
    cut the rope
    cut the rope experiments
    where is my water
    where is my perry

  2. aoa, i waant to use internet via wifi, bt it doesnt work, i made ad,hoc internet conection on my laptop in window 7 , after search A2 shows the connection name bt with msg out of range, pl help me in this regard, second can we make audio chat to our friends with this mobile, regard

    • Dear Abdul,
      I don’t have experience in Ad hoc related, thou my background is concerned with computer sciences but I never used or did such thing, Yes i am using my phone on Wifi and GPRS and it works fine, can you explain me the thing which you have done as a POST for other users to help them out, specially the issue you are facing maybe someone else knows it ! I’ll post it on this blog with your name so as soon any query, you will know . lets help other since I believe Sharing is caring and why not for free 🙂


      Farhan Imaan

    • Iam using the same thing on my computer on windows 7. I can help you with it but I don’t know if A2 supports ad-hoc connection. Basically you need to have the main internet connection SHARED. Just right click on the network connection that you are using INTERNET with on computer and go in properties. Then go to the SHARING tab on the top of the window and click on the check box on that page. Make sure you have a WIFI card installed on your computer and the proper drivers for it. Some times the windows auto detected drivers don’t work. Once you enable sharing your WIFI connection will automatically convert into Ad-hoc mode. Then use your phone to scan and connect to it. Some phones don’t support it so they will not show.

    • just install connectify me software and use your share your laptops internet connection on other Wi-Fi devices .you can get connectify me from torrent website

      • i insstalles conectify iternet is connected but features like skype, viber , store are not working. i need to change the ip adress of my device …. is it possible? as i coonect the internet through my office ps which on proxy

      • there’s shouldnt be issue with skype video and store if broswer is working . I dont know about proxy so it would be better if you join Sharing is caring facebook and post your query there.

  3. I ve already tested all the features and i personally preffere A2, did u checked if TV OUT works with mono cable ?

    • Yes indeed I’ve tasted both A2 and A5, I found A2 is much stable in handling and processing, TV output with 3 pin AV jack I have tested worked well but only thing which is missing in A2 is GPS rest all is perfect, but A5 takes the lead in wider screen camera led, gps, while A2 has TV output feature, both phones are great.
      There’s. A review of A2 also posted check and do give your comments,

      Farhan Imaan

      • hi dear how are u,
        i m Mudaser

        I want to info about tv cable for noir a2
        can u send me image of this cable

        i have a cable which one side is stero jeck
        and on the other hand it is av cables
        white, blue, red.

        this cable work fine on my mp4 player for tv out
        but not working on q moblie so plz help me about this thanks.

      • I will show the cable and post up that will help you same as you told me but its yellow white red standard default . Rest display option inside phone to activate from phone

  4. android games me like nfs wghera me mobile rotate krke car chlate hain..wo cheez hai isme??
    aur iski ram,rom ,actual processor aur internal memory ktni hai??..
    processor ka islye pooch ra hn q k recent ad me 1ghz processor btaya hai isme aur video call bh dikhai hai…plzz answer my all questions

    • Games all work and the sensor works perfectly rotating, nothing to worry about .

      RAM is 256 and Internal usable memory is 198 MB.

      Qmobile mentioned 650Mhz , while processor was 712 Mhz , I corrected them even in the company, I dont have any information about 1 Ghz yet, Video calling works on Yahoo Messenger but not on Skype some issue with Skype with this Android 2.3 Ginger bread they’ll fix it, i am sure.

      Rest first read all my posts everything you asked I have posted before too.

      Regards ,

      Farhan Imaan

  5. ek cheez aur poochni hai…maine fb pe qmobile k official page pe prha k qmobile ne a2 ki specifications update ki hain aur isme 1ghz ka processor aur skype video calling update ki hai….mjhe plxx guide kren ya apnii trf se maloom kren k kya asa hai k nh……

    • I think , if the official page has updated that processor has been changed that it must be because in july they spoke to me about A3 with 1Ghz now A2 same with different processor seems weird but it is possible. even than I will find out. but it does support Yahoo Messenger Video Call , that means it can support Skype only issue is Skype version either old one which i am testing on or qmobile has updated processor now.


      Farhan Imaan

      • Dear really nice research on the mobile

        i dont know wht are the exact spec of my A2 mobile but

        in about phone…. its says
        A2 , andriod 2.3.6

        custom build version

        i am not in Pak write now….. and wanted that it support skpye video call… re installed it …… give error

        app is not compatible with the phone…… install anyway

        and after it only support voice chat……..

        can u help me…..?

  6. AOA farhan bhai,
    i just bought A2..fit set hai but issue wid skype vdo…mjhe mms ki settings kindly bta dijiey ga set main kahan pe hogi…aur agr cmpny ne set update kia hai for skype as in their ad shown toh mjhe kaise pta chuley ga k mera set updated hai ya ni…warrnty pe aug2012 e likha va hai

    • Get it exchanged asap.. I spoke to qmobile whole seller he said this one will get discontinued so it would be hardly 1500 exchange it dont pay more or if your in khi let me know.

  7. mms setting mil gai hai but shadeed frustration ho rai jb se ye suna hai k set is updated to 1ghz…main ne kul perso e lia hai wid 650 mhz….****** ..wht to doooooo

  8. hello guys, I would just like to ask that how the hell do you logout or signout of email on A2, I have tried lots of stuff but nothing, literally nothing appears when you go inside the Email, there isn’t any ‘option’ or ‘settings’ there so could you please tell me, because anyone can just open my mobile, and click on the Email Icon on the main page, and boom, there is my whole Email and privacy, so I need your help, I already searched everywhere when u go inside Email , and have also powered off the phone and opened it again so please help!

    • never mind , got it, had to press the 2nd button from left for 2-3 seconds until a window pops up saying “accounts” then “remove accounts” , sorry for bothering you. =P

    • I would recommend you to make another id on google for Android I have to post to visitor about this issue that one google id is always stays inside as it is with google play store, if in any case phone stolen your all passwords and ids are stolen as well as data and the net info so how to secure it, best option is to use your primary id as secondary and make new one for android usage.


      Farhan Imaan F.Abro

  9. sir i want to know that which set is more best in every thing A2 or A5.Aur secondly ye ke ab dono set sai hogye hai means skype ke issues aur prossessor ka

    • A2 and A5 has some differences

      A2 Screen Size is 3.5
      A5 Screen Size is 3.7 its wider and slimmer

      A2 Processor Now is 1Ghz
      A5 Processor is 712 Mhz , while company mentioned 650Mhz ( Wrong )

      A2 camera is 3mp without flash
      A5 camera is 5mp with LED Flash

      A2 Now has 200+ Internal Storage and 512 ROM
      A5 has 198 usable internal storage and 256 ROM

      these are the differences , rest A2 is good since it supports video calling on skype which everyone wants as they like to use it, A5 support voice on skype and Yahoo Messenger Video Calling .

      A2 Doesn’t have built-in GPS
      A5 has GPS built-in

      On Sygic Navigation full Pakistan Map is available,

      Both are good and stable Android sets .

      I hope you found the information useful and kindly rate the page reviews after reading and check Android phone section for apps and updates ,

      Regards ,

      Farhan Imaan

  10. markets mein kb tk available hojaega…updated a2….plzz dealer se pta kren aur main karachi me he rehta hn to knsi mrkets me available hgya hai…..

    • Its available now and I would refer to qmobile whole sale shop on the corner in sadar mobile market, you can go there and say farhan who given reviews about qmobile has referred me. They will be helpful to you because I go for info often.

  11. thx alot faree bhai for ur response…kindly mjhe mms settings ka bta dain ….setting>wireless & networks >mobile networks>access point names>ufone gprs (already selected green) then which paramtr i have to change for mms…ufone.pinternet se net chul raha hai but mms ni ho raha..plz help…n data connction ko enable krna prega for mms?

  12. Is there any chance that they also upgrade A5 with 1 GHZ processor and supporting skype vdeo chat?

  13. You said its better than HTC Explorer.. Hardware specs may be higher but i ll tell you one thing.. without Rooting an android is like eating only Ginger but no bread 🙂 ..

  14. Qmobiel noir A2 update version is not 1Ghz . its almost 1998.84 Mhz thats almost 1.6 -1.8 ghz . and others things are quite interesting too . it do have gps hardware but the fone is limited to it that means u dont have the option to turn it on . that means we have everythng in it , it have 8 sensors but it is limited to only 2 sensors . accelerometer and proximity sensor. i am finding a way out for other sensors to work , bcz i am unable to run compass application on my fone as magnetic sensor is also limited to not to work unless a mofifed rom is installed or teh fone is rooted

  15. hi Farhan,

    I’ve read all the comments over here. I am a bit confused. I want a comparison between A2 and Samsung Galaxy Y. Display of Q-Mobile A2 is 256k or 1M colors? And what is display resolution of A2 (for Galaxy Y, it’s 240*320 pixels, display density is 133 dpi). A2 has 3.2 MP camera but what’s image resolution? Can you plz upload or mail me some pics over here (dawoodmunawar@gmail.com). And one thing more, as it does not have GPS, can we still get our location using cell towers data? I am waiting for ur reply. Kindly do reply. Thanks

    • I am sure about dpi of the camera but its fine not good enough A2, GPS does not work , screeb resolution is certainly not 256k because I have downloaded HD from youtube its as clear as any other brand phone just not HD. There no need to be confused you can ask me skype supportive phone very good at handling apps A2 A5 has few major differences hope you have read both reviews as well as comments personally I am using A5 for GPS PAKISTAN MAP.

  16. Hi
    i wanted 2 ask that can we download apps on our memory card rather then the mobiles internal memory (which is very less) ?

    • First its APK FILE which we can but as we extract some apps work only in internal memory so not all can be moved unless not rooted, A2 is for medium user else I would suggest Samsung S1 by T mobile which has 16 gb built in and 16 gb u can extend.

    • No! Hd Games even get to 3 GB.For Example:I Have Samsung Galaxy s3.I downloaded NOVA 3.IT DOwnloaded 3 GB of DAta.

      • please Fayzan DO NOT COMPARE S III with NOIR …. look at the difference , Qmobile is struggling android force, and Samsung S series is like SUPER POWER come on people want to use cell phone with internet options and less budget not buy something of the PRICE of PLASMA SCREEN along with Xbox 360 in their hand , which falls and breaks … that is so stupid ……….

    • @farees,Bhai itni tareefain mat karo .. kahin me aik alag blog hi na bana don Qmobile k disadvantages ka..
      someone has commented in this blog that A2 has more than 1ghz clock and you have appreciated him lol
      No system application can give you real specs unless phone is rooted, since app wouldn’t be able to fetch sys info in that case.
      You says its faster than 1ghz .. how ?

      • If you know about phones Rooting and checking speed why are you asking me MAAZ , I am not here to lie nor i am against you if you want to make a blog anti Q mobile BE MY GUEST , I have nothing personal with Qmobile but I am helping out here.

        Google for the apps which tells u how to know exact speed and check the phone it doesn’t require ROOTING nor Rocket Science .

      • if i say you are a stupid person that would not be wrong lolz Noir A2 has much btter and excellent as compare to samsung 111 or tabloid i am in dubai and really love thhis phone in low buget and those stupid which still don’t have sense to know that noir a2 can’t be rooted it’s foolish for them noir a2 not rooted by company but you can root it as well good day

    • If any game runs on explorer than it will on this, high definition quality videos I said thou it supports hd videos but quality of hd see S2 or S3 u will know.

    • yes u can but for that you need to download, app Tubemate from google play or Tubemate is also on my blog android phone category. download it than u can download videos even mp3 files from youtube.


      Farhan Imaan

  17. Many People are saying that A2’s Camera quality is bad and it Doesn’t Supports GPS. Please Tell me About its Camera and Video Recording. And Please Can U Run GPS ON IT?

    • You cannot use GPS , all thou A2 has sensors but not active, GPS wont work untill someone roots the phone make changes in hardware enable and disable , Qmobile has given hardware but didn’t enable it. GPS works on Noir A5.

    • Noir A5 . if you are not running after Skype Video Call which only works on Wifi , Noir A5 supports Yahoo Messenger Video Calling after installing yahoo plug in from google store and it has GPS , Wide Screen , LED Flash good Camera ,

  18. does the updated A2 with 1GHz support adobe flash player for streaming videos?? if yes Does flash player comes by default in it?? does it java enabled ?? there was a post that A2 has 92 Mb of internal memory and here i have found it has 2oo+ plz help??

    • the actual internal memory is approx 256 something but usable only is 92MB u can go and check ur self, rest is used by apps which qmobile has given built in , Video Streaming works well on it , Flash player and all u need to download app like MX player and Codec ARMv7 .

  19. Dear Farhan Bhai,
    A very good and informative blog. I am a sign language interpreter and use video calling feature to contact with my deaf friends. We mostly use softwares like camfrog, oovoo and skype. So im really interested in the video calling thing. Kindly let me know about ur video calling experience as Im planning to buy A2. I will really appreciate ur help.

    • Dear Aqeel,
      A2 Skype Video Calling works perfectly fine, front camera is VGA but it has good result depending on your wifi connection, there is no issue just avoid darkness because there is no LED flash, beside it most of the apps are coming built in for normal medium internet user, skype calling doesn’t occupy internal space so you can carry on as long as you want… It’s a one great phone in such price which is affordable, i got it in Market for 8,800/- with 2GB card.

      If you can want to anything else, simply leave your query comment here I will answer as soon as possible, hopefully you won’t get any trouble with android phone as long your brother is here to help out 🙂 … Eid Mubarak …

      Regards ,

      Farhan Imaan

      • Thank you very much for a very quick response. I really appreciate it. I will buy a new one tomorrow 🙂

      • Your most welcome to ask me anything
        after signing up with google id plz don’t update
        1. download > Android Assistant app from google store
        rest u need to configure your phone , its must aap because it has 18 useful features 🙂

        Congrats in Advance may Allah Bless you with many more ameen

  20. Many Websites are saying that A5’s processor is really slow and it stucks after exiting from any app.

    • believe on many or trust me brother it doesn’t apps and phone works well , I am again n again saying i am not a representative by qmobile it is just i am helping you all because i have tested experienced 🙂

  21. And for All, if you want to install apps directly to memory card without Rooting (which violates warranty), so you can do it by installing ADB drivers and Android SDK manager.
    just google it and you will find the solution to your problem.

  22. Dear Farhan Bhai,

    Finally got my A2 today. Overall a nice phone but front camera needs good light as you mentioned in your post. Picture quality of back camera is acceptable. Will check the TV out feature tomorrow :). One question that i would like to ask is that whenever i unlock my A2 it vibrates every time. Can you tell me how could i stop this? Waiting for your reply.

      • Farhan bhai its not there. Whenever the cell gets locked itself we have to slide the lock icon to unlock it. Whenever we do this, cell vibrates. I want to stop this. I dont want the cell to vibrate. Is there any way. Kindly tell me.

      • Dear I dont have A2 in my hand else I would checked and told u now either wait for few days will I barrow from someone or ask A2 user, but its not a problem its all in setting screen lock n all. Hope beside this your phone working fine.

        Farhan Imaan

  23. Sir,

    Can you guide me as how do i turn my wife on as i see my connection name in the list but it does not connect nor does it give me a place to put in the password.Im using PTCL and have a tenda wireless router.

    • Click on EVO or whatever router name is it will prompt you for the password if it is enabled , once it’s visible means this phone can all you need to do is click on it to get make it work.

    • 1.Go to Android Settings.
      2.Turn on wifi in wireless and network settings
      3. Go into Wi-Fi Settings.
      4.You will see available Wifi networks.
      5. Select your desired ptcl network and when you press it, it will ask you the password for your tenda device.
      6. Enter the password if you have set it already.
      7.If there is no password, then it will be visible without Lock.
      hope it helps

  24. thanx farees 🙂
    i ll post a short guide about setting SD card as a default installation location.
    stay tuned everybody 🙂


    • Yea we can play games on A2 but doesn’t offer you enough internal storage which would be a big problem for a gamer I have no idea about nokia asha is it android phone? Because android and java phones there is huge difference.


      Farhan Imaan

  26. Dear Farhan,
    Please help me out, i have an issue in Noir A2 which is. This phone had a low internal memory space as you have mentioned. Will you please tell me how set a Root to install my application to my SD card. Because whenever i m going to install any application its directly goes to internal memory, when it got filled i am unable to install many of my applications on it.
    Please tell me how to set Root to SD card.

    Syed Mohammad Ali

    • Install Android Assistant app, and use Move2SD feature in it, move all the apps which are movable, after moving, configure start up manager and clear cache.

      Yet there is no software nor any possible way to ROOT A2. so kindly use it in a limited usage dont install unawanted apps .

      Regards ,

      Farhan Imaan

      • Do not move it in SD memory, features wont work, it suppose to be in Internal memory, it kills clean and save android phone from restarting,


        This is One amazing phone! im pretty close to rooting it! and for those having internal memory issues simply do this download android sdk tools save it on C: drive in like android folder Run Cmd.exe navigate to sdk folder type adb shell this should give you prompt like this # now type pm setInstallLocation2 and hit enter now type exit and thats it now all apps will install in memory card as default also you can tranfer already installed apps to SD card how ever please remember you can not transfer preinstalled or system apps to Sd card if this method is hard for you let me know i will develop a small preogram to automate this process!

      • Dear I don’t lie and Rooting everyone has been unsuccessful Don’t think about it, hopefully someone will find a way yet it’s all non sense.

  27. hello bro, how are you? i saw your review it was really good. plz suggest me which one is better qmobile noir A5 or A2. or qmobile will launch any new android phone up till next month? should i wait or should i go for A5/A2? thanks 🙂

  28. Dear Farhan,
    A.O.A. i have bought this latest Noir A2 before 2 days and i am very tired from telnore network i have got also there postpaid sim for internet but they didn’t help me properly for GPRS setting anyways i did this setting to help some friends and from my self.. now the internet is working and messengers as well but the problem is in yahoo chat its coming very slow and some sending failed message appeared when i chat some one. i didn’t try video call but i don’t have seen any video option please help to solve this video and chat issue may be there are some setting which were i made wrong or may be this problem from network connection please please help me bro.. i am relay soo upset please prefer for me internet connection network which is suitable are fast if the problem is in network are if the problem is in my phone then also i am sure you can find out the solution as you did before to help all…. Thanks A Lot… waiting for your reply…

    • download app net speed test and move2sd , ok chk ur internet speed first , 2ndly , download yahoo plug in from google play store install it done , than update Yahoo Messenger , I am sure if ur internet speed is above 110k it will work like normal yahoo but video works on wifi only.

      there are bugs in apps by developers which appears in some curtain phones u can complaint on google play store to yahoo as well they willl assist you and reply you promptly, but i am sure your problem will get resolved since telenor djuice net is fastest one in pakistan .

  29. Dear Farhan Bhai
    How can I download APK file for sygic navigation as you told earlier. What is APK infact all about. Please guide me in detail Farhan bhai, I m a new user. May Allah bless you. Thanks

    • download APK file just like any other file into your SD card for example in a download folder than extract it it will install the application onto ur phone. the manual way to install any application

  30. a.o.a farhan bhai.
    I like ur blog.
    mene august a2 purchase kia hai.
    its a v good mob.
    but aik problem hai k screen lock pe vibration lgi hui hai.
    kia aap mujhay bta sakte hain ko kese khatam hogi..??????
    & live streming kliyie knsi app download krni pare ge.
    I shall be very thankfull 2 u….!

  31. nice and useful blog
    i have a question
    is a2 supports abobe flash player?and play live web tv like geo news?
    please tell me i will be thankful to u.

    • A2 is supportive flash player but Geo app works fine but live requires HTML5 there’s no free browser which supports so live streaming GEO TV is a issue rest most of the channels works well..

  32. salam farees bhai
    i m using galaxy y mobile and after one month of usage i come to know that it doesnt support many of the apps on google play store , i want to run temple run and nfs shift like that games, can these games run on noir a2?plz update me , and also tell me is a2 is better than galaxy y ??? do reply thanks

  33. internal mmemory is also less in galaxy y which is a problem round about 100mb usable then suggest me do i exchange my galaxy y with noir a2???

    • Noir A2 is faster ARMv7 Processor and Usable storage is 92 MB but it supports Skype built in almost all useful apps are there. Very Good Phone , it only doesn’t have GPS and the CAMERA is fine. NOT SO GOOD

  34. and also plz tell me that is qmobile service center is of help for customers?means like other warranty centers like advance telecom united mobile, means we will get our mobile repaired?

    • Warranty no issue , if they won’t claim burn their Service Center This is Pakistan Brother, WE PAY HALAL so if we don’t get the response simply we ANSWER BACK in Our TALIBANIC way don’t worry about that but Qmobile Officials are not supportive Since I am banned to comment on FACEBOOK :o) so you can imagine . Rest No one can Trouble you Because Allah is With you, Why worry….. 🙂

  35. hi farees… I’ve bought the Noir A2 (updated) and it’s a pretty good phone… however, I just cannot log out of my gmail account… can you please help?!

    • U cannot log out Gmail account from any Android phone, because Gmail sets up the phone completely, the only way to get LOG OUT is to FACTORY RESET or replace with another Gmail Id, I would Suggest you make another one and make that one default .


      Farhan Imaan

  36. i got a qmobile q3i.which was nt supported java.low memory upto 500kb.and low screen resolution.is noir a2 free from such issues?also want to know does it play youtube and zong mobile tv on edge?

    • It does play Youtube , Skype , Don’t know about Zong TV but works fine depending on Network Speed. It has Low Internal Memory issue but essential apps are all installed Noir A2 is good.

  37. First off commendations to your passion for helping out others by using your skills and knowledge – a round of applause!

    Been looking at android phones but recently budget has shrunk quite a bit and well Imaan Ali looks really good in that ad!

    How is the support for facebook, twitter (apps) and pdfs on the Noir A2 updated version? and can we update its OS? would appreciate a detailed answer.

    Also can I put movies (non HD – also any format restrictions for play back?) on its sd card and use the tv out to play them back on the tv (suggest a good app too)? also would I have to get the tv cable separately?


    • Dear Gibran,
      First of all thank you for appreciating, I know it is very rear that people help each other specially when everyone is running after monkey business but I do this to help out my heart and soul gets satisfied, now the queries you asked

      How is the support for facebook, twitter (apps) and pdfs on the Noir A2 updated version?

      Facebook pre-installed is works perfect as well as twitter, if you get used to of it, I don’t think you will ever sit in front of the PC again specially for social networking.

      can we update its OS? would appreciate a detailed answer.

      Since there is no possible successful way of ROOTING any Qmobile phones A2 and A5 specific , we cannot Extend or Link Internal memory with SD card by Partitioning it , OS is 2.3.4 v in A2 it’s ARMv7 Cortex Processor and in A5 it’s 712 Mhz ARMv6 Cortex Processor, yet there is no possibility to upgrade them until we cannot ROOT cannot say for sure.

      can I put movies (non HD – also any format restrictions for play back?) on its sd card and use the tv out to play them back on the tv (suggest a good app too)? also would I have to get the tv cable separately?

      Mp4 , flv , avi , wma all formats works well MX player is the best app download codecs if A2 than ARMv7 codecs if A5 than ARMv6 . The TV output is only in A2 not in A5, yes you will need a mono lead or usually its available in market with 3.5 mm jack and 3 pin ( Yellow White and Red ) AV in . Yellow is for the Video, It works , Qmobile hasn’t provided nor they were aware of it till I told them and they banned me on Facebook , Customer Service 🙂

      Regards ,

      Farhan Imaan

  38. another quick question – I know you addressed this in a limited fashion earlier on but can you post details on battery life?

    Standby time

    Standby with edge/gprs

    Standby with wifi and bluetooth (if it has it) on

    talk time network audio calls

    talk time skype audio call over edge/gprs

    talk time skype video call over edge/gprs | wifi

    video playback

    audio playback

    with browser open with auto refresh

    limit of apps running at a single time and how long it lasts with maximum apps open

    video playback on tv out

    any other way i have missed out


    • but can you post details on battery life?
      Standby time >

      More than 3 days or 72 hrs maybe more.
      Without GPRS / WIFI Talk Time > 5 Hours Non Stop
      With GPRS Internet Usage Time > 4 Hours Max

      Standby with wifi and bluetooth (if it has it) on
      talk time network audio calls

      ON BT it works better because phone is silent and BT is giving me 6 Hrs Talk Time . Wifi Sweeps the Battery specially when Brightness is too much beside it, phone as average Battery Timing like other branded phones.

      talk time skype audio call over edge/gprs
      I never had long calls on Skype but I think it would be more than 3 hours or around it

      talk time skype video call over edge/gprs Yes even on GPRS Video Calling Connects and on wifi too

      audio playback

      with browser open with auto refresh
      limit of apps running at a single time and how long it lasts with maximum apps open
      video playback on tv out

      If you keep internal memory as much as possible empty and Use Android Assistant App which kills app and refresh phone with Quick Boost after 10 – 30 minutes automatically it keeps your phone perfectly smooth in processing speed.

      any other way i have missed out > Well there’s always space even for the best to even get better, I’ve tried several ways and experiments via this phone and on this phone, I keep experimenting on different things such as phones , Camera’s , Projectors , Engines , Cars , Suspension , since I am a musician Guitars , Sounds , mixing , Editing , etc… so I say there are 3 things does not have limitation Universe , Stupidity and Myself 🙂


      Farhan Imaan

    • but can you post details on battery life?
      Standby time >

      More than 3 days or 72 hrs maybe more.
      Without GPRS / WIFI Talk Time > 5 Hours Non Stop
      With GPRS Internet Usage Time > 4 Hours Max

      Standby with wifi and bluetooth (if it has it) on
      talk time network audio calls

      ON BT it works better because phone is silent and BT is giving me 6 Hrs Talk Time . Wifi Sweeps the Battery specially when Brightness is too much beside it, phone as average Battery Timing like other branded phones.

      talk time skype audio call over edge/gprs
      I never had long calls on Skype but I think it would be more than 3 hours or around it

      talk time skype video call over edge/gprs Yes even on GPRS Video Calling Connects and on wifi too

      audio playback

      with browser open with auto refresh
      limit of apps running at a single time and how long it lasts with maximum apps open
      video playback on tv out

      If you keep internal memory as much as possible empty and Use Android Assistant App which kills app and refresh phone with Quick Boost after 10 – 30 minutes automatically it keeps your phone perfectly smooth in processing speed.

      any other way i have missed out > Well there’s always space even for the best to even get better, I’ve tried several ways and experiments via this phone and on this phone, I keep experimenting on different things such as phones , Camera’s , Projectors , Engines , Cars , Suspension , since I am a musician Guitars , Sounds , mixing , Editing , etc… so I say there are 3 things does not have limitation Universe , Stupidity and Myself 🙂


      Farhan Imaan

      Join on Facebook
      Sharing is Caring https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sharing-Is-Caring/416612111720268

      • Thanks a bunch Farhan! Just went through some of your other posts especially about Qmobile – and I agree with you, it feels like it is – cheap stuff to catch customers!

        Once again, your help and dedication are much appreciated!

        Now that I am better educated about this product, I can take an informed decision on it and maybe look for something which will take care of all my problems with a lot less hassle and jugaars!

        Have a great day!

        p.s. investing to get good quality product in the market sounds like a good idea! You have my email – shoot me a figure and we can think on it!

  39. Farees I need your help.. 2,3 days before I reset my A2 to factory settings from that time my facebook app is opening but I can’t have the display it just waits and then shows a message ” Error loading the page” .. However all other apps are working properly on my phone.. In addition to it Google Account is also not signing and it is also showing the error that “can’t communicate to google servers” .. Both these things were working from the date of purchase.. The main Google Play is not working it’s very frustrating for me..

    • facebook needs to update okay now here you have to be tricky to do all this manually , download google play store and facebook APK file from ur PC than transfer VIA usb update them both, turn off your phone take battery out sim as well for 10 to 15 mins than join all together and restart hopefully your problem will be resolved.

      Regards ,

      Farhan Imaan

    • 1. GOOGLE play store is wrongfully blocked by PTA too thou i have complaint about it hope it will get resumed.

      facebook needs to update okay now here you have to be tricky to do all this manually , download google play store and facebook APK file from ur PC than transfer VIA usb update them both, turn off your phone take battery out sim as well for 10 to 15 mins than join all together and restart hopefully your problem will be resolved.

      Regards ,

      Farhan Imaan

  40. i have htc explorer . it has internet pass-through so when i connect it via USB port to my desktop computer it shares my pc’s internet connection. i wanted to know if there is such a system in noir a2 as well

    • Dear I have not tried the way you are saying It must have PC SUIT connectivity If yes than Qmobile doesn’t have if it is via normal setting thru pc and connect than I am sure Android OS is same it can. even than I haven’t tested.

  41. one more thing its ram is low only 265mb so do most apps like temple run and other heavy applications run smoothly. and how is the camera resolution and graphics

    • A5 RAM ROM is 256 low games I don’t play but they work on A2 user commented about it check previous comments one has posted about games he checked working A2 Camera result is not good compared to A5. its hardly like 2MP

  42. Hey I have a problem with A2 it’s keep saying insufficient storage van I download any App I even have a 2 GB memory card installed in it please help me

  43. Farees bro,
    I have reset my Noir A2 factory setting, after doing this i am unable to sign-in to my google play markeet. When i am singing in my account its keep processing the form & unable to sign in. Please tell me what should i do.
    I keep my gmail account as “keep me sign in” through my gmail account. But play market did not show to the connectivity to my account. Your help will is required here.

    Syed Mohammad Ali

    • Do one simple thing take out the battery both sims for 10 – 15 mins than re-attach and power on , Google play store is having lots of issues these days, but signing in Google account should’nt be.

      Or Try Signing up with another id

      If your problem doesn’t resolve even after this email me in detail about your connection is it GPRS or WiFi ? which city ? and why you did the factory setting farhan.imaan@gmail.com i will personally try to resolve your issue.
      Don’t worry it will get resolved, Nothing stays forever…

      Regards ,

      Farhan Imaan

  44. Dear Farhan,
    as you help me before can you help again i had using galk in my qmobile noir A2 but from last two days its giving me problem of password but i didn’t change any password i have an other id as well but i didn’t found any login detail when i press the g talk after a while its show’s me password error then auto closed. can you tell me please is there any other way to login in g talk i mean is there any other place in my mobile from there i can login in g-atlk.

      • i know but only g talk is working in city becaue we have not better signal quality so only g talk is a light version to use please help to sign in g talk. or tell me how to delet it and instal it again and from which website i can download apps for q mobile.

      • yes i downloaded the apk file of gatlk but the question is brothr how do i uninstal the old gatlk?

      • if new one is update version it will automatically update it if different one it will prompt already installed else you need to contact qmobile customer service to get your phone re-programmed in which all softwares get updated and reset .

  45. can someone help me
    mere a2 pe google play server se connect nh ho ra ha me jb bi koi app download karna chahta ho g play se wo id mangta ha jb me id dalta ho to error derae k cant connect to the server.
    if anyone knows about this plz help me…

  46. hey bro thanks for all the info on this mobile i am seriously thinking of purchasing it….if you can do me a favour and find me this info that would be great.

    So my question to you is, does this mobile support running multiple apps at the same time. I mean suppose i switched on skype and using it and then i switched on viber and using that as well. will skype switch off automatically or will it run in the background. So the answer i need can come from your a5 and a2 as u say both mobile are almost same. if your mobile supports multiple apps then this mobile must support it as well. I await your reply soon i will be purchasing in few hours. plz plz reply soon

    • Both Phones has the same Android OS , Processor difference is A5 is ARMv6 and A2 is ARMv7 Cortex. Multiple Tasking works on both, personally i use Viber, Whatsapp , skype (Audio) if you are on a call on skype and there’s a call from Viber it will beep you and skype will go on hold like you are attending any phone call after which it will resume back.

      A2 is faster where as A5 has better camera and Screen resolution than A2. It supports Video calling that’s why people prefer it but it doesn’t support GPS even via Mobile Network which is downfall for using Android phone, specially when you are using Google Maps , GPS Navigation or Foursquare etc.. A2 will not support them. Both phones has different advantages faster or more useful rest depends on you.


      Farhan Imaan

      • Hey Farhan

        Can you do me a favour can you install Tango app on your phone and check if that too supports front camera 🙂 plz. I know tango works but does it use the front cam. I await.

        And thanks as i am going to use this fone only for viber, tango and skype or watsapp occasionally so these info means alot. This fone wont be used heavily on the app either as i am planning to give it to my mom and android is still alien to her. So these few apps is wat i need for .
        Await reply and thanks once again 🙂


      • Dear Mufaddal,
        on your request i tried to install Tango in A5 it is incompatible with ARMv6, Voice works but Video no, but I am sure It will work fine with Noir A2 since it’s ARMv7 viber , Whats app, Skype , Tu me, works fine on it, I don’t have A2 but have my word it will work .


        Farhan Imaan

  47. AOA i want to know about the wifi range and about the apps coz i’v heard that many people having prblms using apps and what about the battery timing plz do reply me fast if u can coz m gonna buy tomorrow plz do reply me i’ll w8 …… thnks in advance …..

    • WalikumSalaam

      Dear Syed A.Ali ,

      Wifi Range is 10 meters ( 30 Feet ) after which only 1 dot remain green but it works well.

      There is a lot of confusion around in people regarding Google Play Store, actually It’s PTA’s fault which banned youtube but on top of it messed some other services as well, In Punjab it’s more likely people are facing problem not in any province, I have posted the solution too if you check my Google Play Store Post. Batter Timings If you are using Internet Wifi than 4 hrs since Device is all active If without Net than it’s like normal phone it has 5 hrs talk time continuous confirm without Wifi / GPRS . don’t get worried when

      First check the phone Wifi google play store there than pay for the phone and buy it.


      Farhan Imaan


      • No A2 is not up-gradable , any other choice would be costly than this one, A2 does all that which least 20 to 25 thousand cell phones does. HTC is another option Desire or ChaCha somewhat like BlackBerry.


  48. well they should improve camera quality ……i didnt like that but still i wna buy thAT FONE PLZ REPLY TO MY PREVIOUS POST

    • I replied dear, Camera works fine in a day light till evening not for night time. other thing which is a problem you will not be able to use GPS even Via Mobile Network detecting places, It doesn’t work on Noir A2 re-launched version , in previous non video skype 650Mhz it was working now it doesn’t so apps like foursquare and Good map doesn’t work.

  49. main google play store sy sighn out hona chahta hon but i don’t know how to sign out please will guide me through this ap ki bht mehrbani hogi i am waiting
    ( qmobile noir A2 )

  50. main google play store sy sighn out hona chahta hon but i don’t know how to sign out please will guide me through this ap ki bht mehrbani hogi i am waiting
    ( qmobile noir A2 )

    • You cannot sign out from Google play store, Android OS requires Google ID to log in and it stays there ,
      there are only 2 ways to do that ( RESTORE FACTORY SETTING ) means flash off everything in the phone or
      Add another Id of Gmail and set it as the Default ID, your id will be free than u will be able to delete
      but as long as you are using Android phones Google Id is Must.


    This is One amazing phone! im pretty close to rooting it! and for those having internal memory issues simply do this download android sdk tools save it on C: drive in like android folder Run Cmd.exe navigate to sdk folder type adb shell this should give you prompt like this # now type pm setInstallLocation2 and hit enter now type exit and thats it now all apps will install in memory card as default also you can tranfer already installed apps to SD card how ever please remember you can not transfer preinstalled or system apps to Sd card if this method is hard for you let me know i will develop a small preogram to automate this process!

    • Without Rooting Partitioning or anything will not work, I have searched and I know more than this about android phones, it is not
      untill A2 and A5 gets Rooted which yet is a issue. so don’t expand your thoughts on this instead try to ROOT the phone than you have
      full freedom to make changes.

    • Dear I have no knowledge about it because I use A2 and when I reviewed I didn’t check it, there are many other user those who have A2 kindly ask them i’ll approve your comment .

  52. Please tell me about sensors:- approximity & accelerometer, compass as they are not listed in A2. if they are not than we can not play any games who use these where as these are available in explorer.

    • I have mentioned in comments about all sensors , A2 dont have many and GPS doesnt work even on mobile network all thou it is there, A2’s downfall is not having sensors it lacks from it

  53. if we talk about touch and screen resolution which one is better A2, A5 or explorer. i have found that new explorer is of 10,800; a2 is of 8900 and A5 is of 10600. i can manage a total of 11000 so what shall i purchase. A2 with higher card will b the same cost i belive

  54. my main concern is about reliability. between A2, A5 and explorer. just confused wat to buy. Plz recomend the pros and cons of these three. this will surely help others as well.

    • Everything i’ve mentioned about A2 and A5 completely and commented everyone , HTC is a brand but than again what are you getting for that money same piece of device which is available in less price TAG is different, do one thing go in a market check the used phones and than decide which one because A2 and A5 has a difference where as HTC Explorer I really wont prefer , Yes ChaCha Desire WilfireS but all are out dated technology going to change rapidly ,

    • Dear Taimooor,
      like this not even angels can tell, I have used it and there is no issue. now if one set has some issues doesnt mean entire Series has the same.

    • Dear Taimoor, Only its internal storage memory is low, but a software can solve this software. App2SD card is the application which is very useful to manage phone internal storage space.

  55. maine kai flash player download kye but not not supported a jata ha a2 men plz tell me konsi website mn se kis name se kese download karun plz tell me complete procedure i’ll very thankful

    • sirf 1 he browser support karta hai , Skyfire , google play store se download karain, par skyfire free nahin hai, video supporting sirf 3 days supported hai uskay baad nahin chalay gi video, flash and html5 ice cream 4.0 Android OS per supportive hain A2 2.3 hai.

  56. my qmobile noir a2 is not changing the notification tone..i even tried all the others but nothing happened.it stuck to only one tone…plz help how to change it…

    • There are certain apps for security on play store for locks beside it phone has security of its own overall not specific msg only, kindly search for phone lock or text lock on store.

  57. wat about a8?? i have seen this phone at q mobile wesite….is this better than a2 or a5?? is it available in market?? plz guide me..thanks…

  58. i m using Qmobile A2 now tell me how could I whatch the live tv on this mobile plz tell me if its required any flash player on any other software I have activate it from my zong network but can’t play on my A2 mobile plz give me right opsion than is its possible on that mobile or not …

    • Zong provides pocket tv which is better, rest yes live stream requires flash enabled browser only skyfire support but its trial version.

  59. is there any process of rooting noir A2 kindly tell us that too as my phone inter memory is always on low side tell me how to handle this problem if not rooting it thou i move all my apps to sd card but still it give me problem regarding low space

    • Dear Kashif,
      There is no successful method of ROOTING Qmobile phones A2 or any. This low memory issue is with the phone, kindly make your usage portable to fit in, because phone has all essential apps more u either add few more but keep in mind that do not make it full or else it will collapse again and again.

  60. Farhan bhai is blog pay kaafi log complain kar rahay hain k is set main Flash Player install nahe ho raha hai. PLease help me in this regard whether flash player install ho raha hai ya nahe

    • Flash player is installed , now tell me how do you want me to check it, I am testing right now. let me know reply back.

      • I just wanted to know that whether streaming is working or not ans as you said saama is working than it means flash player is working.. Thanks 🙂

  61. bro plz tel me kya flash player clear chalta ha ise ka plz tel me….ayr kya adope reader install hota ha ise ma…….

  62. in my a2 there is no flash player and youtube is also not working giving network error. i have searched alot for the flash player but not able to find that plz help me out.

  63. If any one can plzzzzzzzz tell me does it hav GPU ..(must requred for 3d games) .. nt talking abt the hd n big games .. bt games like asphalt 6 etc ..

    • Well faiz bro, it does not support games like ASPHALT or other like Assassin Creed. Try to download games from Google play market having file size about 15 mb maximum. Which will work perfectly on A2.

  64. salam bro jaisa k aap ko pata hoo ga k google play say adobe flash khatam kar diya gaya hai to kindly aap koi aisa link share kar dain jaha say flash ka orignal version download kiya jaa sakay jis me malware na hoo

  65. hi farees nice work u doing plz can u help me i m useing this a2 a very nice phone but have a problem in downloading a app when i download its say no enough espace i have 4 gb meomery and i dont understant y some app already install is not moving in sd card wat i do now plz tell me bcz i love anroid softwear to install plz help me

    • If there memory space has been filled up, use MOVE2SD app, if that’s not solving your issue than you have to do the Factory reset, after which wisely you have to choose which apps to install because A2 gives u limited space and if u love android apps than I think u need a phone with greater space.

      • thaks man its work but for greater phone i can buy but not take out side hahah u now its danger and bro i want some site i go for enjoy hihihi but flash player is not work so wat i do plz help and thanks again

  66. ok bro which one u use a5 or a2 and above answers u mention abt flash player so where i go to download and tell me the app name and which one u like personaly a2 or a5

    • I used A5 now I have A8 , why I had A5 is because I wanted GPS , Good Green Resolution , Better Camera which A2 lacks from.

  67. ok bro i see ur flash player 2.0 and 4.0 in myshared account but there is no file and they show file is not valid

    • Dear It has only 92 MB memory If u update facebook and Google MAPS and ur left with 60 so dont update both and its for specific few apps
      you dont have much choice but it works fine.

  68. A2 is not connecting with Q mobile PC Tool, when i connect with the pc qmobile pc tool is opening even in mobile message showing TURN ON USB STORAGE, even turn one it’s not showing in the connected device. i want to format and factory setting the mobile. please help to solve the problem.

      • Thanks for reply…. please guide me how to turn on the Debugging Mode……..
        i couldn’t find the debugging mode even didn’t turn on the USB Storage. please help ……….thanks in advance….

      • thanks once again, but there is no Debugging option when i connect it’s appearing only USB Storage.. i also checked in QMobile PC Tool in settings there is no option for debugging even in Mobile Settings there is no Connectivity option………….thank for your nice support……..

  69. for wifi, when i connect to available networks and enter password it does not activate connect button only cancel button is shown activiated, what to do?

  70. AoA
    today I bought AV out cable for Noir A2 (3.5 mm too 3 pin audio video) but my Tv is not showing my mobile display on screen but audio is working fine
    what is the problem please tell me

  71. Hey . Sir i wanna ask 3 things from you that ihavr bought noair a2 3rd last week .. i can’t download any thing from google play .. why this is ?? 2nd thing is dat i havr downloaded a game nfs from.ea web but it juxt opens and close .. i have deleted that 1and downloaded nf shift from wapdam it was abt 39559 kb .. it did samelike 1st one did .. I have restored my cell dan downloaded it again but it is doing aame .. why dix is ?? 3Rd thig was that is their any web from where i can download apps and themes for a2 ?? Xcept google play. 🙂 .. will be waiting for ur rep .. thnkx

    • 1. you can download from 1mobile.com site it has same apps , But I didn’t get why isn’t Google play store working , check Google play store issue post,
      2. I am not a gamer dear I have no idea about games.

      I would Suggest you to join Sharing is Caring FB Game over there All A2 A5 A8 users are there they might help you out.

      • Sir thnkx .. btw i have tried many thng how can i use google play but when i open anybapp in goigle play and click on download it startx downloading but it donot download .. bar came and written on it that downloading but after some time there came a notification that ur file ix not downloaded .. another thing ix dat how can i watch t.v ??

      • too many things at once, dear keep trying first because first u said not accessing play store now ur saying it comes till download now how do i be sure your internet connect is fine ?
        first you play with it for few days than you will know what to ask and kindly read all the comments about A2 u will learn basics

      • What does OS JB has anything to do with Flash player? I didn’t get your question kindly specify which phone are you talking about .

      • Now i am Back after using a2 for 6 months . Please tell me that why I can’t play more than 25 mb size game ..?

  72. AOA, i just bought Noir A2, as i updated pre-installed apps, they doubled installed all thoose apps and took all phone memory. in my earlier experience with Android phones, i found that when we update app it just add some new files in existing app, not install a parallel same app taking double memory n no way to uninstall older versions of these apps and only way to gain memory back is to uninstall updated softwares. Also lot of pre-installed apps i don’t want like Angry bird, Y! Mail, MSN Pro, Pera mini etc, but i couln’t find way to uninstall these pre-installed apps. i don’t know whether its a defect or some secret way,,,,,,, Kindely help plz

    • Pre installed apps should not all be updated! A2 is limited usage phone, its makes things complicated when update or use other app 92mb is usable that’s low so u have,to uninstall those apps which are not in your use. Can’t root it else I would have posted procedure.

  73. When i capture the pictures it directly goes to my phone memory please tell me how to change it’s setting form phone memory to card memory.

    • Well brother how would you know that it is saving in your phone memory. Their might be a little bit thing you need to know that any picture you take from your phone CAM shows in phone Gallery which is default you can’t change it. If you want that photos don’t shows in your phone gallery then bro you need to move those photos by creating a RAR folder via your PC.

  74. bhai can u tell does it have graphical processing unit GPU like adreno or mali.etc and the new a2 has ram 256mb or 512mb….thanx in advance…!

  75. hey bro
    can you tell me how can i download app directly to sd card. yaar jo bi app download karta hin internal memory mai download hoti hai aur less storage ki notification aayi ja rahi hai.. is ka hal batao yaar ya apps ki koi limit hai is mai?

  76. I must appreciate your effort of writing the review at first place. I own this phone (A2) and never could find a review or an opinion. All sites just give out the specs.
    I also appreciate and wonder how can you afford to do so many things and yet have time for replying all these mails. I bought a DSLR camera and few lenses few yrs back, and I am yet to use it and experiment with it. Life has gone so busy, it doesn’t allow much time. Good luck with your pursuits and keep up the good job.

    • Thanks adnan, its just you have to fight with life be little fast to ahead and rest leave on Allah , who am I to do anything I have no personal gain out of this its just better to guide rather than regreting in future I wish I could have life is busy but you got to take your chances.


  77. dude can u please make a video and guide me through … I still couldn’t figure out which wire do I need to get for tv out…
    and how do I check my mobs specs… whether it really has 1ghz or not. …?

    thx dude ur doing good….

  78. dude plz make a guide video for the tv out still couldnt figure out which wire I need to buy
    and also tell my how do I check my phones specs
    thx dude ur doing good

  79. AOA Bro,

    Amazing, i like the way U’r doing the good. 🙂

    Bro, I just have only 2 questions

    1- If we have 2 Sims in it and want to use a SIM 1(Jazz) mobilink internet then is it possible that phone ask u the internet connection(mens prefrences about which sim internet to use)??
    2- Does it have ability to connet with Microsoft exchange( for emailing)??

    Pls help yara

    Usman Saleem
    NSS Engineer

    • yes you can use Sim 1 data connection for internet.
      step 1 :
      drop down the notification bar (where you can switch on or off WiFi or Bluetooth the third button is data connection.

      step 2:
      tap this, prompt window will appear select your sim and enjoy.

  80. Salam
    I Have A2 Q mobile. I Try To Enable Data Connection By Sim Card But It Show Me No Connection. Please Some One Guide Me

  81. Salam
    Data Connection Not Working. I Did Not Make Any Update. How to Use Internet With Sim Card. I Mean With out Wi Fi

  82. Can it play HD(1280×720) videos?
    You tried playing 720p video with MX Player or any other?
    Can you post the antutu benchmark for this phone
    I also want to know about it’s GPU.In antutu benchmark you find all this info with a option “about device” or “device info” etc. Can you check it? Or post the screenshot with benchmark like you did with a8 and a6?

  83. Yr mera A2 Low memory show kar raha hai after Apps Downloading….. In ke location Memorycard kesay karun

  84. dear i have noir A2.i m facing a problem ..my sd card become damaged frequently alomost 6 to 7 times in a day..when i restart my phone it get corrected…please tell me what shoud i do………

  85. A.o.A farhan u mentioned that flash player working fine & u can watch sama tv, my question is Does it work work with gprs too or only with wifi

  86. i also going from ths problm mj say gprs setting nai ho rahi .. consult from network but its so confusing,,inddeed iv been installed all setting but i think it required some manual seeting taht i dont know how to set..help me out 4 ths thanks

    • i also going from ths problm mj say gprs setting nai ho rahi .. consult from network but its so confusing,,inddeed iv been installed all setting but i think it required some manual seeting taht i dont know how to set..help me out 4 ths thanks

      • exuse for thatt fist time using ths blog …ther was a prompt notification about query didnt get that eithr bienng posted or not .. so ive sent one more time

  87. salam frhan bhai.. hope u r fine.. I have bought noir a2 it is completly awsome bt I have confusion in tv output plz contact on my num and make my confusion clear
    . plz plz plz this is my contact num 03329207972 I wil b wait for u.. jst drop an sms to me and I wil cal u ok plzzxx

    • Join sharing is caring fb page you will get good help there all share and care, i am admin there as well as Manii he can guide you just post your query on timeline there

  88. please tell me that how to change the settings of qmobile noir a2
    I have a problem that my mobile doesnot saves all of the apps in sd card and saves all in phone memory or internal memory………
    and says that there is not enough memory…

  89. My nephew locked the Qmobile A2 “Too many pattern attempts!” any way to unlock it except the gmail account. how to do a factory reset in this case

  90. sr mera mob. bht alaa chal rha ha lakin battery ka bht masla ha,with in 1hour mob. chrge ho jata ha r bht jldi battery low ho jati ha.cn u tell me what is the problem???

  91. Hi Noir A2 Consultant,

    I’ve installed Temple Run App which is successfully installed to my crap. But due to some unknown reasons i am not able to run it. After launching the app it stops automatically and took me one step back.

    Can you please guide me if someone is facing this issue?

    • I would suggest you to join Sharing is caring Facebook page where I am Admin, many A2 users are there as well as gamers they can help you .


  92. my noir A2’s msn talk pro is not signing me in anymore… what to do? it was working all good but now i am getting an error . ” sign in failed ” failed to synchrorize your contacts list for msn talk’s technical reasons. whats does that mean?

    please help!

  93. what is the exact battery duration.and there is a small loading icon beside internet signal icon which is not disappearing.wat to do?

    • I didn’t get where exactly and which icon Anam kindly refer to sharing is Caring facebook page there are many A2 , A6 users which would help you out and I have set up Qmobile Discussion page on FB for all to join and share. beside it updates reviews , comments , queries are now on http://www.incpak.com tech talks > phones review and apps reviews

  94. Sir Jee,
    Can you please tell me that Noir A2 works properly in Saudi Arabia?
    I mean to say that this cell phone”A2″ supported by Saudi SIM’s .Do they have their internet settings?

  95. Does any one tell me that how to resolve internal dump memory issue in Qmobile noir A2…in my set is 192 usable internal memory. please tell me how to backup the internal dump memory to Sd card…??

  96. Faress bhai.
    ap ne sab ki help ki hay aik Question mera bhi hay. aaj kal jo Asha smartphone chal raha hay 3xfaster Browser 311, 306, 305 kia ye set Noir A2 se acha hay kia in mein wo sab features hain jo noir mai hain. mene special internet k liye lena hay aap batayein mein konsa set loon Noir A2 ya Asha Smartphone.
    Please tell me i m Waiting for ur reply.

  97. i receive 1 sms almost 3 4 times or sum times i get that aftr an hour :/

    i used many sim buh having same issue in that :/

    n the other thing which apps are transfer to mmc ??

    • It is some hardware issue somebody already reported same thing before too, you have to live with it or take it to Q Hospital

      2. App to transfer ( apps2sd and link2sd ) both works same .



  98. hi farees i could not connect my A2 with pc debugging mode is on installed the driver which showed up but could n;t connect

      • i am facing the same problem. Failed to Install Q Mobile Daemon when connected to PC suite. I think it has something to do with MTK Android Daemon in the application. But, it is all blank. I have tried to uninstall and install the PC suite again but of no use. Restarting the phone also not helping. I would not have cared a tiny bit about this but I accidentally grouped all the contacts I had and now I am doomed. Cannot un do it without PC suite.

    • follow this and do as i step by step.

      2.Wireless and networks
      3.Mobile Networks
      4.Network operator ( Select Ufone ) It will search all network available
      5.Click Ufone
      6.It will automatically assign and registered on network.

      I hope you do it easily , best of luck .


  99. aslam o ailkum.mere ap se 2 sawal hn..
    1. mere pas a2 h us ki internal memory 172 hai.
    ap ne 245 memory likhi h .kia mobile update krwana pare ga ya khuch or.
    2. a2 root krna hai .successful triqa batao

  100. ۔ ویڈیو کال کے لیے اس فون کی کارکردگی کیسی ہے؟ براہ کرم شیر کیجیے گا، skype

  101. AOA. bhai me jb hi google play se koi app ya games install krna chahta ho wo instaling process start karta hay but installing complte nhe hota…plz solve it ,and also help me n manual IP setting

  102. yr A2 ki setting>Applications>Running Servies main jo app ki list hai usko clear /stop krna hota hai kya? mian net use nahn krta is set per uske bawjood app ki list lagi hai aur timing chal rahi hai.

  103. 1.I cant login to play store always asked contact customer service.( I made phone f.reset all + sd card)
    2.can upgrade in ice
    plz reply

    • Play store says contact can u take a screen shot and share so I understand easier

      2. No yet nothing related to upgrading available as it will be I’ll post for all.

  104. @farees
    I was reading through the comments and really appreciate how you’ve been replying to questions with most of them being very noobish.

    Here’s what I wanna know: Does the Noir A2 by default show Urdu and Arabic fonts “properly joined” or in “separated letters” form?
    (If you haven’t tested, simply ask any friend of yours to send you an urdu sms)

    Your help will be highly appreciated, as this will help me in deciding to buy this phone for a colleague.
    Thnx 🙂

      • Dear Bro, First you had to create a group, after that while sending message click on the contact picture to select the sending option. From there you will be able to send message to group or people you want to send.

  105. p;z help me my cell qmobile a2 says
    (to unlock sing in with your google account)
    plz help urgent plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  106. dear i recently got A2. issue is that i use it on wifi and i changed its settings of wifi to wpa/wpa2. now the one who gave me the connection of wifi has changed his settings to Open. bt im unable to connect at all cuz settings were not changed.

  107. Bro plzz tell me who’z the best noir a2 best or noir a1. i’m to confuse how to buy.. Plzz tell me

  108. aoa farhan bhai isme ek problem a rhi hai wo ye k apps sd card mein download ho to jati hain butt install internal memory mein hoti hain.ab internal memory full ho jaye to apps install nae hoten lykin download ho jati hain.can u please guide me????

  109. Dear Farees,

    I bought the Qmobile A2 a few days back and since day one I’m facing its memory issue. Although I’m having 4MB external memory card but its memory keeps on depleting and I’m unable to transfer the applications from Phone Memory to SD Memory. Moreover, since today morning, the memory has gone so weak that I’m even unable to attend calls.

    You are kindly requested to guide, how can I manage all the applications without having a decreased internal memory.


    • 1. Uninstall updates like maps gmail etc..
      2. Delete unwanted softwares
      3. Android assistant download it keep it in internal mem
      4. Move2sd app.
      5 . Dear ask before buying I have no personal gain nor I am willing to misguide ppl this phone is issue itself

  110. But farhan bhai meri rang sirf 8 thousand hai aur mujhe android mob hi chahiye… Bro plzzz help me konsa lu….

  111. Dear ap ki comments bht help full hain
    just tell me about hd movies and games..
    please i m waiting……….

  112. Plz if anybody know that how to change setting of Q mobile Noir A2 for fresh application downloading data that goes directly to SD card, not to phone setting.

  113. Aoa Farees Bhai!
    I am using A2 for like 4 months and satisfied with it. But I am facing some problem in using its software. I have installed its software which came up with CD but the software does not detect my mobile when I connect it.
    I have tried it on other PCs as well but still the same problem. I have checked online forums for solution and found that few other peple are also facing the same problem. Plz guide me. Thnx

  114. sallam. Dear farees. i have seen ur blog quite informative. i read your blog regarding flash player that it doesnt support a2. but today i have installed the flash player from
    & it works completly ok. it can stream me any channel. like geo news, sama tv. dawn news etc etc…perfectly fine. Rest i strongly recommend a2 for potential buyers. perfect phone in cheapest price. I am also working on rooting. will soon update u. Allahfiz

  115. Great job you are doing Sir! Keep up the good work. After reading your reviews and all comments i realized A2 is perfectly alright except for the memory issue. Actually i was thinking to buy this for my dad so that we could be intouch more often since we live in different countries. My question is, if my dad uses skype, whatsapp, viber and youtube(absolutely no games & no more apps downloaded from google playstore except for these four!) will he still be facing internal memory problem every now & then???
    Thanks in advance..

    • Yes because this phone dont have enough memory to update apps prefer Galaxy y or Gfive because viber has issue as robotic was in all noir series and A2 is out dated now look for ICS 4.0 android phone not ginger bread apps don’t support old OS much.

  116. hello…
    I am having problem in downloading apps from google app store on wifi….but it perfectly downloads on sim network….why????? plz reply me

  117. sir mug see google store mai enter nahi huwa ja Raha koi BHI application download krta hoo to google account manta hai aur google account sig in nahi hota is mai tv channels aur live video bhi nahi chal rahi plz mughe in maslo ka koi hall btain sukreya.

  118. Farees bhai aap bta saktey hain ye ROOT kiya hay mene bohat suna hay Noir A2 Root.
    Basically ye kia kaam karti hay or ye hay kia aap mujhe aasaan alfaz mein samjha saktey hain..

  119. salam sir i have a problem with a2 when i downloads application i got a msg that u r phone memory full how can i use external memory card for downloads applications.or how can i move application in memory card

    • A2 has very restrictive internal memory on this regard posts before, app2sd and move2sd are the apps to.move the movable apps rest as i said its restrictive .

  120. can temple run b played on noir A2
    And how to use internet call i tried it but it says “server un reachable”

  121. Hi, bro mujhe qmobile noir a2 ya noir a1 me se ak mob buy karna hai…
    Plzz bta den in dono me se konsa lu…

  122. sir i have qmobile noir a2 and some games like temple run suddenly stop while playing plz tell me the matter

  123. can you plz tell me about the error 401 in this handest while downloading games themes softwares e.t.c m using 2Gb sd card

    can you plz tell me about the error 401 in this handest while downloading games themes softwares e.t.c m using 2Gb sd card

  124. Dear my A2 noir Proximity Sensor is not working i dont know either its hardware or some software have problem
    jab bhi call karo tu during call he phone lock ho jata hay or jab call khatam karni hoo to power button say on karo or screen unlock karo phir call end karo.
    kiya ya issue kisi or ko bhi aya hay

    • Apps conflicts, do one test power off than press volume and power together it will start.and.enter in android test.mode test.hardware if issue is hardware it will let you know else its apps conflict

  125. AOA. I want to know the actual size of Video in A2. Jab me kisi converter se Flv ya other type ko MP4 me convert krta hun to.. Size kya dena chahiye? jo full screen pe iss trah chale k black color kahi na ho.? Plz tell me

  126. I want to extend my noir a 2 mobile so how I can extend it please? and my friends are said to me that if your mobile battery has getting low then you can charge mobile with another mobile so please tell me the function me these things.

  127. Hi. I want to know that, can I install flash player on A2? If not, then this means that I cannot view any video on internet. This is not fair. Any alternative for this thing????

    Which explorer is recommended for noir A2? Opera or safari?

    Also please tell that how can I use my own ringtone as a message ringtone?

    Waiting for your reply, Thanks



  129. Dear bhai,

    How can i check my A2 processor speed and total internal memory, i just want to know that my noir A2 is updated or the old one.

  130. Recently I bought Q Mobile Noir A2 and I am facing a very big problem. Whenever i try to download any apps its give me an error of “Internal Memory”. I have 2 GB card in my mobile. I can’t download anything directly to my Data Card. Whatever I download its goes to the phone memory. Kindly do the needful….

    And please tell me all A2 Mobile having same issue or some mobiles??

  131. salam!mere pas noir a2 hai aur ye bilkul sahi se start hota hai lekin phr welcome scren jahan (Qmobile noir A2) likha ata hai wahan pe aa k atak jata hai ab kia karun samajh nai ara…

  132. salaam farees
    jab ma real apk leecher pc say connect krta hun to this error message show (error while connecting

    to server) what problm and what i do plz help thanks.
    ya ma kis tara pc pr google play say app download kr sakta hun

    plz reply

  133. Salam Faree Bhai…
    Hpe u’ll be fine…Me ne Noir A2 3 din pehle purchASE kia ha white color me,kia aap bta sktay hen k ye upgraded ha ya old he ha..me kese pta lagaun..or 2nd isme TEMPLE RUN install krne k baad usko open kro to just Imangi Studios likha hua aata ha,phr khud menu pe wapas aajata ha..plzzz help

  134. dear brother plz solve jab skype se call krta hun to yahan se bell jati hai per jisay karon wahan call nai aati plz btao kya karon

  135. Hey should i buy Q noir A2 farhan or not?Cuz my buget is around 8000 so is there any other good mobile around this range ?

  136. Dear,

    i am using Noir A2, I want to know that whenever i receive any update from any software my phone just show that LOW SPACE even i have spare space in it. what should i do? how can i update my softwares.

  137. I tried GTA III on my A2 😀 but it crashes up right when loading the game 😦 temple run also crashes. .
    A2 must come with a bigger RAM and a bit more internal space, , ,
    any method found to root A2 ?

  138. whenever I try to download and instal apps from google android market than it get the notification than unable to install memory ful although I have 28mb free internel memory what should I do to download nd instal apps

    • Refer to Qmobile discussion and sharing is caring for assistance these are my pages not official but you will get help by many

  139. i want good camera,internet speed,downloading n perfect touch for msg what mob u sugest for me noir a5 or a2?its my first mobile to buy in Q series earlier i use nokia asha 200 n am bit confuse about pc conectivity with Q mob for internet.is it connect via data cable r something else?plz help me

  140. hello sir tommorow i download gta 3 in my qmobile noir A2 and it works perfectlly but when i save a game in slot it croupts automatically so plz if u have any slotion than plz share it

  141. How can i change the sms notification ringtone??? i changed from just pulse to mystery but its not working

      • Hi Faree Bro! I m using touch wiz ui mod on my A2 & its great, thankful to u and all incpak team members. But i hv sum questions 1) therz GPS option in settings is it possible now to use gps on my A2? 2) now can i swap memory to increase ram?

  142. a2 mein software or pictures memory card mein kesay save ho ge?? mera a2 ki internal memory full ho gaye hai aur sab kuch by default phone memory mein he save ho raha hai.. kya koi option hai jo memory card ko default memory in usage kar dey.. plz suggest

    • When custom rom for noir a2 is coming by u people? Will glad to know if a2 rom is under process…
      kindly add swap support or any thing thats increase ram.
      Thanks for all the efforts u &incpak team is great

  143. Hi,

    Hope you reply to my msg.. I recently bought Noir A2 about 5 days ago and from about 3 days my set suddenly hangs and restarts. I did reset but didn’t worked please tell me what should i do.. its brand new please reply must thanks..

  144. can u plz tell me how can i root my A2 for deletion of uneccessary softwares like Tom cat etc?

  145. please help me

    my usb debugging is not working on my A2 and I have tried almost everything a major problem is that I have lost my driver cd and if please faree if you can help, help me I need it urgently without pc connection my phone is like any other Chinese phone

    by the way I really appreciate your web blog ,quite helpful

    please give me a solution as soon as possible

    thanks in advance!

  146. Oh my goodness! Amazing article dude! Thank you, However I am having troubles
    with your RSS. I don’t know the reason why I can’t join it.
    Is there anybody having the same RSS problems?
    Anyone that knows the answer will you kindly respond?


  147. excuse me farhan bhai i have an question that kia qmobile a2 noir ma skype pa audio ya video call ho jati ha plz conform bataye ga.aur kia iss ma sare apps chal jate hain kia iss ma games videos music aur sb kuch download ho jata ha kia iss ka wifii properly work krta ha…?bs mujay itna bta den ka kia iss ma skype aur viber set chalta ha paka paka chalta ha na…?aur agr iss ki phone memory full ho gae tou hmm apnay sare games ya apps ko memory card ma shift kr skte hain…? plz plz bta dia ga

    thank u by SAAD KHAN… 03312848252

  148. Dear Farees Bhai,
    My Qmobile A2 has been locked due to wrong attempt of password, kindly advice me about how to unlocked my mobile Plz.

  149. yaaaar koi mujhe bataiga k ye noir a2 ka jo update edition h kya usme bhi video output ka feature h?

  150. A.A i reset my Qmobile A2 to factory setting. when wifi ON and remain white and not green also not transmitted data. no application like skype, browsing operate etc

    AAMIR FIAZ, Malaysia

  151. A.slam Farhan Bro i have some serious problem according to noir a2 i rooted the installed CMW every thing was working fine. i forgot to backup stock rom which was my mistake. i installed a Custom android on phone which was not suit able for me. i googled for stock rom i found 1 after switching to stock rom my mobile lost signals! :(. i try many time flashed again and again but mobile is not picking the signals what should i do now plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me i shall be very thankful to you

  152. Hi Farhan, Can u plz tell me that A2 is available in market Now,if it’s available in market so what its actual prize now?

  153. Kindly let me know how i can play youtube on this mobile? Also i am not able to download videos and songs from dailymotion or any other site as i was doing on previou set HTC wildfire….Please anybody guide me. my fb id Hunnyprincezong@hotmail.com

  154. i have qmobile noir and everytime i try to enable data connection from the notification bar it gets colored and in the settings its written data connection is on but i cannot access the net. Please give the full steps of truning on the data connection noir. please will wait for your reply. 🙂

  155. salam iam used qmobile a2 lite bolt i purchased it yesterday but it was too slow i just want to ask from that peoples who use that fone is it too slow?? or some thing iz fault on my new sealed pack fone?? ans me plzzzzz

  156. Dear I have Q mobile noir A10….phone is good but volume is low….can u please tell me how can i increase my volume level of my phone….overall volume for ring tones.profiles and for media also…Please infomeme on uasad48@hotmail.com

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