165 comments on “Sygic GPS for Android Phones Free GPS app with PakistanMap

  1. is it free? I have already downloaded the base files on my pc. so how do i do it to get it free. Reply As soon as posible

    • Dear download the file from the I’ve given than with wifi download data procedure is on the blog follow it do not download new version of sygic its trial one I have given is cracked.

  2. Farhan Bhai, Thank you so much, I have downloaded sygic gps as you guided. Its awsome. Jazakallah. You are helping millions of pakistanis. I have few questions, please reply:
    Can we download maps of other countries as well?
    I have found another link on your 4 shared about youtube, tubemate. Can you please explain that too?

  3. Can we download maps of other countries as well?
    GPS signals in Lahore are really low, so this app is not working fine. How much is the gps strength in karachi?
    How can we find the option of voice guidance in this app?
    Can we activate Speed camera and speed limit display and audio warning as described by google play?
    Kindly guide me using this app correctly. Thanks…

    • SYGIC GPS on google play is a updated paid version, if you will update it, it will be 14 days trial, wait the crack comes over for the newer version till than keep experimenting with this one.

    • Click on Google play store, in the search bar type Opera Mini and search when u see icon click and install it.

      You cannot add any app in pre-installed Qapps you have memory card than better download Move2sd app first so you can move all the apps to Sd Card .

    • W/Salam Abdul Rehman,
      There is a problem with server ( some sort of a bug ) Noir A5 is not able to show weather via built in Weather app , what you can do is download weather 3D from Google Play Store , remove this one from the screen and add widget Weather 3D on same place, rest I am sure you will configure which city and all. I also had this same issue I replaced with Weather 3D almost same but it has more features.

      Regards ,

      Farhan Imaan

  4. i m frm sadiq abad .mry a5 ma market ,maps ,weathr kuch b nhi chl rha kia ap help kr sak ty hai. is ma na kch download ho raha hai sirf facbok chlta or browzr.

  5. i need sygic map for my car DVD player having GPS option with map in SD. but I do not have the maps. I have loaded maps of pakistan but device ask for activation code. can you plz help for this.

    • Dear Shahid,
      Many Audio shops people have asked me for it, but until I won’t check it physically I will not be able to guide, I know there is a slot for SD and Pakistan Map can be loaded but for the procedure I need a player and some time to figure out how too.

      • Interested in what dear? Write to me complete sentence I am replying back from phone don’t know on what you said this, do write back.

      • Hi Farees: I was referring to your post about GPS app with PakistanMaps. I have installed a dvd system inmy car that has GPS option and requires a Micro SD card with GPS data to operate. I am looking for one.

        Any help is appraciated.

      • Audio System guys asked me enable this for their GPS supportive players,I dont have player Unless I dont have the system I will not be able to say anything about it . requires testing and technical work hope you understand .

        Farhan Imaan

  6. this app work in a2 and if i give my a2 to qmobile center then they root my phone or not or i have to do my self and u doning nice job. u upload in facebook but we cant comment

    • Well I’ll share here too, over there discussion and sharing a little info posts are all here which I share there, over there its easy for all FB users to share thats why there what do you want me to share here,

      Q fellas. Will do anything that on them but won’t get u rooted one, you have to do it by yourself but A2’s all methods has failed to root

  7. I have followed the complete procedure and installed it but whenever I am opening it is showing “ Sorry! The application Sygic (process.com.sygic.aura) has stopped unexpectedly. Plz try again”.

    Help plz

  8. The app installs fine on my Qmobile A8. I am however having issues with the map download. For some reason, the program hangs after downloading 30MB or so. I restart and it starts from scratch again.

  9. About this farees

    I have followed the complete procedure and installed it but whenever I am opening it is showing “ Sorry! The application Sygic (process.com.sygic.aura) has stopped unexpectedly. Plz try again”.

    Help plz

    I have HTC Bravo

    • Unexpected well never had such issue with sygic Aura is the folder in your sd card memory which it creates, if such error comes needs to talk ask developers or other users

  10. Hi, while downloading the MAP, it gives an error by naming each file that “Could not Download file ….file name…. failed: ECONNRESET (Connection Reset by Peer)

    • By giving out license software for free how are you helping the people who worked on that application and the company that paid their salaries?

      • I didn’t cracked it and beside it let me tell you, they have earned enough that they have updated, if like this PEOPLE got to know GPS and to avail it than I don’t find it any issue, if i had enough I would have used Paid version and given to all free than your excuse is pointless.

        first let the people get aware of the technology what is going on than tell them other thing, Windows constantly failed so what would you say about MICROSOFT?

  11. great work bro, keep it up, i have one question in work
    if we downlaod the rest of 500MB data can we then later copy it to the SD card for future use?
    if can point the location of that data that would be g8 and we won’t be needing this 500MB download in future

    • yes copy the folder AURA . next time just Install APK and start downloading for 2 mins
      than Paste the Folder there after minor update it will start off the same.

  12. Very useful application. I had used it on my iphone4 and it worked perfectly.
    For android, i followed your instrustions for my Samsung T989 and it is perfectly installed. Thabks to you for all the help! 🙂
    but theres a problem on andoid that it takes very long in locating my current position though my gps is ON and then uses my gprs in the background. My prepaid balance keeps deducting when i’m using this app.

    Please check and respond. Waiting for your reply.

      • Farees I know…it never used to because I have used this app on my iphone for a year! But now when i’m using it, it uses internet! I also checked if any of the app is running which would be using intetnet but i had closed all apps except sygic & I had also switched off my network internet but I dont know how it accesses it! Its weird! Please check and help.
        I would be very thankful.

      • I have used it personally and Without SIM inserted GPS works now you are telling me something which I personally need to see where the setting are wrong or phone is connecting to Internet Cracked version works totally without GPRS .

  13. Thanks bro … it also work on Galaxy S3 and it is a wonderful application …. thanks again. i have iphone4, can you advise me how can i down it on my iphone. Further more, howcan i download new sygic version 12 … have a good day and regards

  14. I traveled abroad alot, so this crack version is only for Pakistan maps and or support rest of the world as well … Middle East, Africa etc….

  15. I downloaded sygic and the maps for pakistan,but when i opened sygic after downloading,sygic does not open and forecloses.Please help me out.

  16. please guide me to download french language dictionary to noir a5 as well. i had tried one but phone denied the instruction to install the dictionary. can you figure out what can be the reason?

  17. Farhan, You are doing one hell of a job there.

    I am in the process of downloading the map. Just hated Google Maps which are limited and need wi fi or gprs/edge or 3G.

    I would update you with my experience.

    Any possibility for it to be installed on A2 which has very limited internal memory?

      • Thanks for your response. I was about to do the whole process to my A2. My questions were related to the installation on my PAC PAD. It sure has GPS and it is working reasonably well. Have not practically tried it yet on the road but it seems pretty good. You have done an amazing job by sharing this one. I was about to buy an expensive GPS device for my car. I know it can’t replace it but at least I would have prior experience of using GPS before installing it on my car……………..

      • Thanks brother, I am here to help out ! but unfortunately people in Pakistan aren’t helpful to each other, I know it cost at least 10,000 to buy GPS Unit and here you have the app which works handy and easily do the task, I did my job shared with others, but it is by brotherly advice to all to share and care, STOP being mean unless knowledge isn’t shared its simply worthless, thousands of queries I replied here on my site since June 2012 and now that I am on http://www.incpak.com I am sharing with all almost everything about Pakistan !

        So Share and Care , Aware Pakistan and SAVE PAKISTAN !

        Fear Allah None Else !

  18. Just to start Farhan, while downloading this 500 MB, it is giving certain messages. Like, ‘ a few files were not downloaded properly’ or ‘a particular file cannot be downloaded’. Can this have any kind of impact on the functioning of the map? I am sure it would. What is the remedy for that? Re-download? Can do that, but from where can I delete the old data? Or the new one would supersede the old one?

    • I would suggest you to to download 50% or more than start again it will fix missing files, there is a folder name AURA in which files are being saved. It won’t be a problem those files just download and resume downloading again

  19. Aaah….. when it was all set and ready to go. I picked up my pac pad and sat in my car for the experience, the message I received was that there are no signals. The device was giving signals Well within wi fi range. Sygic was showing the gps signals. You have mentioned before that wi fi has nothing to do with gps and I understand that but is this an issue of the device Not having gps and using google location for sygic. I have already checked the gps and google location options. Is it possible for a device to have gps in the menu but does not in effect have gps in it? Have you checked out takhti 7? Does it have gps?

  20. Farhan bhai, ye truck ki batti kay peechay lag gayay hum. I am very frustrated here. Please try to help me out. I would rather want you to please read the points one by one:

    1. I re-checked my device and it seems to have the GPS in it.
    2. Now, the service for GPS has to be good in Islamabad.
    3. I did a few things to check what is going wrong. Firstly, I turned off the option which allows google to check my location. When I did that, within Wi Fi zone, and connected, Sygic located the location of the tab.
    4. Then moved out of the home. Obviously, Wi Fi turned off. It stopped working.
    5. Now, within Wi Fi Zone, the GPS singles were FULL on the screen of sygic. Everything looked fine until I moved out.
    6. I understand that google needs data download connection in the form of edge or gprs because it has to send and receive data to locate the location of the device as the back end data is at google. But, here we have already downloaded 500MB of Pakistani map, so perhaps internet connection is not required.
    7. Now, what should I do. Please help me out. Otherwise, I may have to uninstall it and delete it. Or perhaps buy A5. All this needs a bit of investment. Please can you try to find out whether PAC PAD has gps in it?

    Would be highly thankful.

    • Majid,

      Wifi has no link with GPS google works differently, sygic 10,000 people has downloaded from my site and none ever saod such thing, now if the gps signals are going up that has nothing to do with islamabad firstly gps work perfect even when your on mount everest , about pad see i am journalist humanitarian and musician not sales person when i go in.market i review stuff and share with all which unfortunately people here in pakistan rearly do.

      Get GPS phone rather than china pad you will cry after few.months for battery issue.

      Rest money and decision is all yours.

      And next time prefer to comment on http://www.incpak
      Com since i am replying people there all the given.posts are there.


  21. And just to add. I googled this problem and there are many people around the globe who is asking why GPS is not working without Wi Fi.

  22. !!Good App!!But Selected Route ki indication nahi Atii!Main ne Sadiqabad main check kiya hai!May be Lahore ya Bade city main yeh option enable ho?plz Guide!!

  23. Ferhan………..I know you want us all to write on sharing is caring or that other website you refer to but as the discussion has been going on in here, so I would like to just drop a comment……………….I have recently purchased A5 mainly for the sake of this application and the application works perfectly fine on A5. I actually tried to find the reason why it didn’t work on PACPAD and why it worked within a wi fi zone even on PAC PAD.

    The reason is that PACPAD has a GPS but no AGPS. AGPS is what is required for this application to run without wi fi. With GPS only, the software gets its location using wi-fi services which support the GPS. So, it would work on the mobiles with GPS only too, if they have a data download (GPRS/Edge) enabled, even if they are away from Wi Fi. It won’t work on PAC PAD because it does not have a SIM and hence cannot connect to internet while on the move.

    So, AGPS is what is needed.

    Thanks for all your work.

  24. Thanks for the blog man.. I cant download it from the link u have given.. Can u email it to me please.. Do I need to download sygic and then copy ur file in that folder or what? Can you explain it please. thanks. Hope to hear from you soon.

  25. Dear Mr. Faras
    This version is Trial version, please let me know if you can share the activiation code of this software, this is an amazing software and fun to use, but it will expire soon if we dont have a registered version.
    please guide

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  27. Hi Farees, Thanks for the APK.
    I have a very dumb question for you though… 🙂
    Unfortunately, I had already downloaded and used the “Trial” version of Sygic from Google Play. So now, whenever I try to install your APK, it first gives me a message saying:
    “The application you are installing will replace another application. All previous user data will be saved”. Once I click Ok to that and then click on Install, it tries to install but after a minute or so it throws back an error saying: “Application not installed. An existing package by the same name with a conflicting signature is already installed”.
    Now, I had already uninstalled Sygic completely before even trying to install your APK. Also, I have deleted the only folder that I found on my phone’s SD card by the name of “Sygic”.
    I’d really appreciate if you could guide me here – how do I get rid of Sygic completely from my phone so that I can install your APK?
    Thanks a bunch in advance.

    • It has made the registry entry now only factory setting can make it possible to install the crack I’ve provided without it there is no way.

      • Thank you Faree – for your reply.
        I was actually able to figure out a way around without having to go through a troublesome factory reset 🙂 I am going to write down the steps I took — they may come in handy for someone in my situation 🙂
        First of all, you have install the “Trial” version again from Google Play. Then you have to perform a clean uninstall of it.
        There’s a very good app for “Clean Uninstall” of any application without having to root your phone or resorting to a factory reset. It’s on Google Play – you just need to make the app’s service as your device administrator. Now, that is a security risk. However, the key is – make sure your phone is offline (switch on the Airplane mode). Then make the “Clean Uninstall of Apps” as your device administrator (from the security settings of your phone). Run the app, clean up Sygic from your phone. After you’re done running the app, delete the “Sygic” folder from your SD card as well. Thereafter, remove the “Clean Uninstall of Apps” service from the device administrators menu. Then, uninstall the “Clean Uninstall of Apps”. Reboot the phone, and use “APK Installer” app (from Google Play) to install the APK needed. And you’re good to go!

  28. Nice work Faree,
    i am travelling to Ivory Coast but there is no map to download ….. any good suggestions ?

  29. Hello Faree- Just joined your blog and came across this post, was trying to download maps, but download struck each time i tries, last time download stopped about 324 MB out of total Mbs, i wnated to ask if there is problem wth my set or it is somthing with the server from where i am down loading. Can we download these maps on our laptop and then install in phone (Andriod)(Noir A10)
    Thanks for the nice information, i’ve been exploring your blog.
    Keep up the good work.

    Thanks once again

    • Thanks for joining i have moved ahead http://www.incpak.com now most of the information is there.

      About sygic maps downloads are sygic server nothing to do with crack app now those who have downloaded maps can copy and slight updating will fix your issue unfortunately i am not using its on my laptop and the display not working so i am not able to help you regarding this.

  30. i opened the page as told in step 1 and it says “This shared file or folder link has been removed.”
    what to do ????

  31. oka . one more thing i want to ask is this is today i downloaded the trial version and then it downloaded 115mb data . after that it i navigated and no map of pakistan ?

  32. I bought HTC amaze today. How should i install Sygic pakistan on it ? and i also wanna know about your opinion about HTC amaze

    • Amaze is good and you can install sygic link will be available by night fixing issue and for new updates type INCPak and send it on 40404 via phone you will know all the latest posts and news

  33. it is still unavailable .
    can u provide other link please . i searched but couldn’t find anything useful ………..

  34. thanx a lot brother . i downloaded the apk file from incpak site . its working now 🙂
    one thing i wanna ask is this there is a option in “map view” called “points of interests”
    if i enable some option like “eating and drinking” . is there any functionality that in nearby POI i can only see those places concerned with eating and drinking ??

  35. bro what A9 . are u referring to me ??
    if me . wanna select from either a10 or a8 . his choice . hope u answer . 🙂
    ur facebook page link is broken says page deleted .
    please give ur facebook page link again …. regards

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