84 comments on “Qmobile Noir A5 Video Calling working………

  1. Great review bro 🙂 Its funny that on the box and website they say its 650 MHz but its faster then that ! The only thing stopping me from buying it is the internal memory which is too low. I wish someone could figure out a way to root it. Maybe if we went on international forums like XDA Developers they might help. Do keep us updated with whatever else you discover. Thanks.

    • Qmobile didn’t even knew about tv output in A2 and A5 does have a way to link internal memory with sd card partition but I am not sure the root method soon ill figure out and post, trust me this phone is not less than any branded phone mostly htc and samsung in this range has same configuration, when video calling worked and it handles 15 apps at a time working its really one of the coolist phone, rest its your choice.

      Farhan Imaan

    • I’ve seen many methods for 2.3 ginger bread rooting, soon ill guide step by step how too, but tell you the truth I am replying you from A5, listening music, using twitter, facebook, foursqure, tumblr, instagram, viber, wordpress app, all this at a time I did this on jtc explorer it restarted and this one goes on 🙂 ,now its in the hands on Pakistanis so forget whats impossible, what I am running at this requires processing faster than 1.2ghz like S1. But very smoothly its working … hey where there is prolem there are always buddy those who find the ways help out all other since I believe everything should be free, sharing is caring …

    • Yet guys in market dont know how to root and please dont go on market people, I have no gain giving positive reply its my way of helping my brothers all around, because Allah is watching me I am not doing marketing but telling the possibilities and without rooting I am using 80 apps 20 running on this A5 what else do you want from 10.5k phone

  2. Yes we will find a way to root it I.A and when it is rooted there are unlimited possibilities. I did a lot of searching for rooting Qmobile a5 and a2 and I found that its processor is MTK6573 and a lot of devices which have this same specs are rooted with SUPER ONE CLICK software. Also I found this app in play store that OVERCLOCKS the phone with the MTK6573 processor and it does not require ROOT !. Test it if you can bro if it works then it will make it even more faster !

    • Inshallah will the way , yet what I have noticed I posted on my blog read it and stay in contact with me via email so we can resolve rooting and partitioning issue .


      Farhan Imaan F.Abro

      • heloo I have also noir a5 and I want to know what iz rooting and can we increase 650mhz to 1 ghz.I am suffring from the problem plz guid me?
        Sohaib Mustafa

      • Dear shohaib,

        We can increase cpu speed by app without rooting by using maximum cpu usage ill post app and detail chech tomorrow on my blog, about root many h
        Methods I have tried but does not support this drvice so wait till I find details. I am also using A5 but I am not facing this issue of low memory because I use only apps which are useful and dont update them, why is it problem for you write to me apps ure using and want to use ill be able to guide you this phone works smoothly ..


        Farhan Imaan

  3. Brothers Qmobile Noir A5 has an indian clone Micromax A75 and an indonesian clone Mito 898. These are both 3G versions of Qmobile A5. All these are super impossible to root but some developers in india rooted the Micromax A75. i tried the method on my A5 but some files were missing and it didn’t work….hope someone finds this info helpful and finds a bloody ROOT for the A5.

    • Qmobile is a copy of A808 well I haven’t seen both you have mentioned. if it is, than I am focusing on Importing them in Pakistan rather than rely on these non sense phone by Qmobile because recently their A5 been giving many technical issues to the users and they are are avoiding users , if you read comments you will know recently so many complaints launched and they are all against Noir A2 Video Streaming not even able to play Youtube. they have failed to provide customer service as well as BLOCKED me from Facebook comments. since they know I speak for all my brothers . hang on I am launching my website where you all will be able to share and discuss and only will give approval to that phone which Qualify . unlike throwing garbage in the market, Noir A8 has delayed means something wrong with the company, neither their marketing department replied for unboxing and giving proper information about the set nor their customer service it is best for the normal usage. ROOTING and all, I am thinking to import phones. Need investors those who are willing to take cover the market. NOW.


      Farhan Imaan

      • Bro, could you please check, Google play store is not accepting any sign in through Qmobile A5. I have reset my phone thrice but still faces same situation. also it show notification for sync even though I have already set it to sync automatically. If you have any such observation then please share

      • Today my sd card failed so I had to install all over again and google play store is working fine but around 5 users has complainted about it, after factory reset and new sd card I installed all back in an hour without any issue, you better take out battery sd card sims for 10 to 15 mins than fix it back its kind of some bug which cant define occurs.

    • hy dear, i am have root my Qmobile noir with the help of software,” kingo root”. Go to google , search this free software online, 1… select android version 2.3 ginger breat, 2…click on root button,3 ..wait for 5 minitues, congratulation your Q mobile Noir A5/ MicromaxMax A75 has been roote

  4. Bro Qmobile Relaunch A5 . And in now Noir A5 they give a option in settings to save appz on sd card or phone memory plus new launch set internal memory is 130Mb+ availiable means its rooted and updated and in New A5 no issue of (loading…Please wait) when you press home key . its means they boost their memory as well so now what can the old consumers do ???

      • What ROM you want kindly be specific

        Join Sharing is Caring – Mostly we talk about Android Phones there on Facebook page you will get a help from other users too .

  5. Hello Farees,
    I have bought A5 i have issue that weather is not displaying at home page pf phone. It is showing me Coniditon Unknown, city Unknow. when i click on it then it shows weather is unknow. Weather Update Failed : Cann’t read from the Server. i am connected with Wifi but still have error. Can you please help me on this.

    Thank You

    • it is having this issue keep pressing n delete it from screen , go to google play store download weather 3d app its free install , press menu > add > widget > weather 3d on main screen set city it has other features too. thats what i m using too

  6. dear farhan if you please tell me how to close the recent/running apps in a5 and how to change to the front cam from the primary cam and does yahoo masenger supports video call on a5 and does this work f9?

  7. hello frees
    dear i have qmobile a5 and i flashed a custom rom of its clone which is geonee gn105
    i followed the procedure in flash tool and just tick the android box. after the flashing and rebooting i saw qmobile logo and then it stucked at gionee logo. i again flashed with all items in that rom . after reboot it showed gionee logo and error 3g load can not be run on 2 g phone.
    what should i do now i dont have stock rom as i just managed to make scattered file of my device.

    please help
    or any one has its stock please share

  8. Qmobile A5 NAND lock!!! original rom ka bagir root nhi ho sakta!!! agar koi backup bana sakta ha mobile sa rom ka to work ho sakta ha us par ya Qmobile ka furchise sa rom ka backup copy karwaya jaye!!! es ka ilawa or koi solution nhi ha es ka!!!! set bohat acha ha koi complain nhi ha bus ROOT problem ha!!!

  9. Hey Bro
    Im trying to develop a ROM and CWM for Qmobile A5 and in the process i busted my original recovery. My phone is working but it does not go into recovery mode now just hangs there.
    If you can arrange orignal system recovery and boot files please mail me i’ll be obliged.
    I will make the ROM based on MIUI which will be great if you have seen its interface and a CWM to make the rooting process an easy one.


    • There is a way to use flash
      Download dolphin HD browser than in that plugin section u will find flash player download it, after that your good to use live stream on it.

  10. Hello Boss,
    I have Noir A5 and it seems u hav full mastery over its apps.
    I face slow performance most of the time.
    After going thru all the queries and replies, i conclude that this ROOTING mystery should be well understood and applied to overcome the slow speed issue.
    I’ll be highly obliged if i could get the detailed solution:
    What to do in what sequence
    what to download from where
    Which apps should i have on my A5 and which i shouldnt
    what advantages i’ll get after rooting thing
    I hope u understand my concern, i need every bit of info to safely and smoothly root my cell.
    Waiting to hear from u soon.



    • Root method people reported damaged their phone end up reprograming from Q hospital so i wouldnt suggest anyone to root A5 , beside it you want me to write in a sequence which apps are must for A5 i will mention that for A5 users since it has limited internal storage hardly 10 to 15 apps work at a time.



  11. Assalam u Alaikum
    I am using Qmobile Noir A5. It’s battery shows amazing behaviour…
    Sometimes, it lasts less than a day and sometimes it goes more than four days…
    In both of these cases, I had kept the usage pattern similar. I’m quite sure that it is due to some bug in firmware and I can provide some more details if someone thinks he may help… to resolve it

  12. i cant download anything to my mobile A5 so please tell me the way to download a pic. or anything else form google or anyother website…!!! waiting for your reply

  13. hey guyz my screen lock button is not working . iz there anyway that i can turn that device on,, it,s been off for like 3-4 months, battery is 100% ok, it,s just the lock button which is not working, i claimed the warrenty but they say we do not have the button ,

  14. hi bro m using noir a5 ….m facing the following prob whenever i press the home button on
    desktop it says loading wait nd thn i hve to w8 fr 5 6 sec..

  15. i have Q5 my call setting have been changed now i call someone and it opens skype how i could change it… plz help

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