8 comments on “Qmobile don’t reply to users

  1. Salam Farhan bro,

    Really like the way you think. Very nice!!! hats off to you and May Allah Bless.

    Keep up the great work and tc.

    Eid Mubarak too

    • Thank you Mobin , May Allah Bless us all , Ameen , Helping is also a prayer only those who care knows the worth, Allah surely help the one who helps others 🙂 that’s what I believe that’s why I help out with all my heart 🙂

  2. in begining to use internet do we need to install any thing or just connect to wifi and start using it, because i am having problems to use internet but skype is working others google, yahoo, opera etc not working please tell me im confused.
    Its Nior A2

  3. dear
    a question on Qmobile A2 is still unanswered or i missed it.
    Can one video chat on Skype as shown on TV adds ??
    Lots of observation of users on net, besides it has not written on the box of A2 but A5 and A1 etc.

    • Yes Skype Chat can be turned on TV via TV output in Noir A2, this feature is not in Noir A5.

      True there are many features which are not mentioned by the company because they don’t know them as well.

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