23 comments on “I am not Qmobile Representative :)

    • It is killing everyone this phone so far is good for normal user I mentioned several times, rooting methods has failed, try on your own risk if works share with us all.

  1. I did`nt personally try it but I wll later. You guys can try it at your own risk.

    Also I successfully got to recovery mode of Noir A2 (By Pressing Home+Volume Down+up+power) at the same time. There is a option of apply updates from SD cards there.

    One question for Author at last?

    Does Sygic Navigation System require GPS??/can work in A2 without GPS? (the question may be stupid but please answer me)

    Also you should also include in your post that these Q Mobile sets (A2 & A5) only supports 2G Network they are not 3G capable as there is no 3G in Pakistan till now but it will be a mess for users of these sets if it came here shortly.

    • Well guys thing is em not even sure if xda could even help us as I have wasted like 2 Months finding any trace of rooting this noir shit… Stuck with some luck when I got my hands on some Chinese tool mtkdroidtools; found from a Russian Site… And I was like man, and em gonna do it this time bt shht nthng happened even it couldn’t chmod some of my files… However by the way there is one thing that I still see some juice in, unix/Linux… Though never tried it as I know there might be some problems with the recognition of chip set though ubuntu is pretty tangible in that sense. Plan is pretty simple as this is going to be spoken of as manual rooting or something… Step coming ahead is just after showing some more privileges to su and busy box through adb interface… Em gonna post it for sure if something comes up… Peace out!

    • Btw, has anyone tried custom recovery or rom flash. I have seen some videos on YouTube where this mtk chip set mobile was flashed using sp flash tools… I Downloaded it bt couldn’t do it just paranoic of if I might end up bricking it 😦

  2. plz farhan i have a problem in market when i opened it it needs gmail account when i entered it then after 5 min waiting this gives error “THIS PROBLEM IS TEMPRORY AND IF U CONTINES CALL TO CUSTOMER CARE…ETC. so what i do with this plzzzzzz.. reply quick iam wating

    • This issue is coming up with many google play store users I am sure they are aware of it Abdullah has commented with a way to Log and resolve this issue Read the comments and It is not about A2 or A5 it is Google problem with Android OS. I will check it personally and post it on this blog further.

  3. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I truly appreciate your efforts and
    I will be waiting for your further write ups thank you once again.

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