23 comments on “NEW Android OS noirA1

    • That I haven’t tried, because I am saving contact on Google Contacts it is easier to retrieve on any phone
      which has direct access to Google Contacts.


      Farhan Imaan

      • Farhan bhai aap se main ne via email pocha tha k intrnl memory kese upgrade kren but u didn’t rply.plz rply.my nmae is umar

  1. Bro, i have a very simple query. I am interested in buying Noir A2 (coz noir A5 is not supporting skype video) but i would like to have your advice here, should i wait for Noir A8? if yes then why any specific reason? what will be the big changes? Android Os version? Cpu? etc?

    • Yes now upcoming all phones will be faster and will have good internal storage A2 fails because of GPS and low internal memory as compared to A5 and video chat works only on wifi , not on gprs, I have even used yahoo messenger video calling on A5 it worked rumors that they might upgrade A5 processor this month or launch A8 so i would suggest you to wait.

  2. okay thanks….if they upgrade A5 earlier i’ll buy it,,but wht about updating, can we update os 2.3.4 to icecream sandwich or else in A5?
    and lastly, and idea about A8 OS? n Cpu speed?

    • We cannot upgrade OS , yet I am not confirm about Cpu but heard that it will be 4 inch screen size 8MP camera and expected processor surely it would be faster than 1.2 Ghz.

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