4 comments on “Android Users support needed

  1. First Qmobile have done a great mistake by launching A2 650 version and then they updated their glamorous-cum-stupid advertise. and they now they are pissing off their users by not responding to their queries.. how pathetic

    Anyways, you are doing a good job .. keep it up one day qmobile will contact you to set up a tech forum for their phones 😉

    • They been double minded by themselves by launching A2 as a rival of HTC explorer later things didnt worked so they changed specification and didn’t informed about re launching now in market slight used sets are being sold as 1ghz too and people are getting pisses because they have no online help check their facebook page and you will laugh what admin been doing that’s where I just mentioned my blog and all users askes directly over there admin is just for enjoying facebook mean while numbers they given of marketing dept nobody picks up, overall it would be downfall if they didn’t coordinate to help because I care for the people and I am contacting other companies too I have good knowledge of phones android tabs users are new they are confused. Why not help them all. ,

  2. bro they did nt over clock it..i check the specifications of both 650 mhz nd 1ghz through differnt apps..new one have arm v7 nd previous one get arm v6..

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