27 comments on “Noir A2 Video Streaming Issue

  1. Thanks Farhan for the information. It is indeed the problem I am facing and now I am thinking to sell it back to Qmobile outlet and they would probably seal it and sell it to someone else. I guess they did same to me : (

    • You know well what they will do with it, better get it exchanged with A5 that’s much better phone if you don’t want skype Video calling.

  2. Hi, yesterday i bought A2, after connectin WIFI first thing i did was skype, it was as good as on my laptop. My friend attahed a video on facebook it was smooth too.

    • Congrats , Faisal 🙂 hope you have installed must apps , Android Assistant It has 18 features, all are useful and thou u can move it to SD but let it be in the internal memory. For enabling Yahoo , download Yahoo Plug in from google play store , install it and there u go, Yahoo video calling works too .

      May Allah Bless you .

  3. I have recently bought Qmobile A2 it is working well but the YouTube does not support it. Please help me solve this problem if this problem is persistent than it can be said that Qmobile A2 is a fake mobile.

    • Dear Jamali,
      Recently other visitors had the same complaint about Noir A2 Youtube Video Streaming, I would suggest you to claim your warranty, what it seems to me, defected pieces are sold without being checked, which has created this issue. better contact Qmobile and get it fixed because it is not something which can be fixed with any application but could be the problem with their firmware installed in the phone.

      Farhan Imaan

  4. I noticed people are complaining about live streaming, after the siezer of YouTube by Pemra/Govt. live streaming is blocked, and other live streaming like Live Tv etc. are also interepted.
    Hence I dont think it is mobil (Qmobile) problem.

  5. noir a2 se skype ki video call ni ho rahi koi bata sakta k ye kesy ho gi or fb pe jo videos wagra hoti hain wo b play ni hoti wo videos kesy play hon gi

  6. Bro I cant sign in skype i have connected wifi when i click sign in the error is shown check your mobile network plz give me some solution

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