14 comments on “Noir A2 is actual A75 By Micromax

  1. dear,
    can u please tell more about noir A8 its sound really amazing. as noir a2 is like a75 micromax…can u tell what model of micromax will be followed in qmobile a8.
    and one more thing, can u tell how many days are left in a8?

  2. Dude! Qmobile walay tou silent chal rahy hain….do u havve any info,,,I mean about A5 upgrade? or new A8? any expected date? or simply i should stop waiting and choose other phone?

    • A5 upgrading is just a rumor in the market there hasnt been any official word about it , A8 delayed for A1 and A3 toys , If you want to Buy go for A2 or A5 depending u need GPS or Faster Processor

  3. Thanks for response….are u sure that its a rumour? coz qmobile continuouslly saying on their site that stay tuned we will update….btw…A1 and A3 are pretty useless versions tbh,,,,but any specific frame of time for A8 any rough idea? i basically need faster processor

    • A1 and A3 are toys not a bit close to A2 and A5. Qmobile isn’t sure of their products I know which mobile they’ll bring in the market but I am not disclosing because I am not sure either with their idiotic management, could be the problem of Dollar went up thats why they are delaying it, but I am sure by EID they will come up with it.

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