122 comments on “Qmobile Noir A2 650Mhz – GPS network Enabled..

  1. Farees Bro,
    I need to know how to check that my phone had 650mhz processor or 1ghz processor. I have checked my phone option “About phone”, but unable to found phone processor.

    • download app MX player than download MX player Codec ARMv7 if it says, incompatible with your phone than your phone is 650MHZ which supports ARMv6 not ARMv7 .

      • Farees bro,
        thanks for your kind advice, i have already downloaded that players & the codecs, both of these are working fine.
        Also please tell me which PC tablet have GSM (SIM) functionality, i want to purchase that within range of 10,000 to 15,000 Rs.

      • Pls tell me What should I do to enable Gps in Q mobile A2 its not showing current location and saying your current location is unavailable..but the location is checked settings still not showing current location any issue with the Cell phone or What !!..

      • Noir A2 shows Mobile Network Location all though it is enabled but Noir A2 does not detect, previous 650Mhz was able too this time new one 1Ghz cannot. so GPS does not work on Noir A2.

  2. I have Noir A5,plz tell me how can i run video call on it,i bought this phone only for video call purpose,
    ll wait for ur reply anxiously.

    • Dear Gull,
      Yahoo Video Call works , For this you need to download Yahoo Plug In from Google play store and FRING works fine on Noir A5 , I personally using A5 and Both Video Calling are working perfect.

  3. dear bro does app like sygic pakistan works on noir a2 …because it has no gps so I have doubt about it….kindly reply

  4. i have noir a2 i have done factory reset and now i am unable to open play store it says that make an account on google i am trying again n again but an error occurs that chek data services whats the solution plz if someone help me.

    • Sign in account first than open store if signed in and it doesn’t open manually update apk google play store file from google search engine download via pc n usb transfer, issue occurs but hopefully by first signed in it will get resolved.

  5. Sir i have galaxy pocket,phele google play chal jata tha lakin ab loading hi hoti rahti hai kiya ap jantey hain kay asa kiyun ho raha hai.

    • follow this procedure hopefully it will work again it happens , goto Settings > application > manage application > find and click Google play store Press Clear Data . nothing to worry about okay , reboot ur phone and try is it working than let me know.

    • G five is costly for no good reason , specification i read g95 15k , a79 9.8k i have no check market are they original G-five cloud or fake china one.

    • I have A5 myself personally using it with GPS Pakistan Map / 16 GB Card / around 40 apps it don’t give me any issue. A5 has better screen resolution than A2 if u hold both in ur hand with same image you will see the difference thou A5 is slower compared to A2 but better than A2 in my opinion.

  6. dear bro i have a2 noir i tried to use its pc suite but unble to do so bcz wo har time usb detect kr leta hai but pc suite pe koi option ni ata k detect ho gya hai or manual mai aik debugging ka option dia hai k wo ae ga but real mai koi messg ni ata i wana do my contacts throuth pc suite n some other things plz guide me

    • when u connect to pc, always on the debugging mode than connect with pc, it will detect, as it does Qmobile Pc Suit will detect it and press connect. it will be connected . than u can do what ever you feel like.

  7. Dear Farees… I am facing the same issue.. mean my A2 1Ghz do not detect location on google maps. Plz check it with sim cards of different companies…

  8. dear bro….i have an issue with google play.it is not working in my a2.actually it is not opening.i have tried to clear data in manage apps but it doesnt work.plz plz help

  9. i m in mandibahauddin.using mobilink.when i install app from pc then it starts to install in a2 also. but in mobile google play not opening.kindly help me.

  10. Salam Bro…
    I have HTC gene 100 and i want to by new mobile which one is best for me Noir a2 or A5..
    Please guide meeeeeeeeeeeee.

  11. i m in mandibahauddi.using mobilink.signals are very strong and speed is also good.net works very well.but google play is not opening..

      • Thanks for the reply..
        I am having A5 just wanna upgrade to ICS.
        but it seem it is not able to do that. can we upgrade via Creed ROM?????

      • Dear Zeeshan,
        There is nothing can be changed It’s like first thing is Rooting which been unsuccessful on both A2 and A5, we cannot upgrade RAM
        Pre-fixed ! Now the new one are different in internal storage and upgrading like A8 .

        Join the Facebook Page Sharing is Caring Where all discuss together to help each other !


        Farhan Imaan

  12. yar plz tell me how to run skype on A2 650 mhz ..I downloaded the app but it only does calling without video..

  13. I have Noir A2 1 GHz, I have transferred all the apps to the SD Card but still internal memory remains full and when I try to download apps from play store it gives the notification that internal memory is very low. I have only 8 to 10 apps installed on my phone but they all are in SD Card. How can I download more apps to my phone ? Can this issue be solved by using Android SDK Android Debug Bridge ?
    Another problem I have is that when I open Android sensor box on my phone, Orientation sensor, Magnetic Field sensor and Gyroscope being despite of availability remains constant and no change is detected. Can this be corrected ?

    • You must have updated all wanted unwanted built in apps when you do that you phones remain internal memory gets sucked, it has noting to do with SDK all apps which are in SD require space in internal too no app works directly from SD thou what ppl say as a former programer I have noticed it ,

      2 . They all are company blocked and we can’t correct.

  14. Dear Farees,

    You said that these features ( Orientation sensor, Magnetic Field sensor and Gyroscope ) are blocked by company and we can’t correct them, why are these features blocked by company ? What the company says about them ? Can company service centers correct them ?

    • Basit that question I think you should ask Q fellows NOT me. If they could correct anything they would have, sorry to say but Q Service people are Lakeer Kay Fakeer

  15. Farhan bhai plz give me an advice..
    I have bought a new a2 but i m having problem with such a low internal memory !! Coz its only 50mb and 170 mb is used .. When ever i download any new app. The memory becomes loww!! So how can i make my phone storage on memory card b cozz apps2sd leaves some of the memory part on the phone memory.
    Plzz let me know soon

  16. Farhan bhai plz give me an advice..
    I have bought a new a2 but i m having problem with such a low internal memory !! Coz its only 50mb and 170 mb is used .. When ever i download any new app. The memory becomes loww!! So how can i make my phone storage on memory card b cozz apps2sd leaves some of the memory part on the phone memory.

  17. Hello there Farees, you are doing a great job by guiding quite a few people out here. All these Q mobiles normally come up with limited manuals and restricted access to information.

    I have a question too. A silly one may be but pretty relevant for me at this moment. You told someone above that he needs to turn on USB debugging mode on for the phone to be connected to Q Mobile Suite. Can you please let me know how can I turn this mode ON? I have tried almost everything to get to that option but cannot find it. My phone is not connecting to the Q Mobile Suite too.

    I am using A2.


      • A2 is perhaps a bit different. I have found it in Settings > Applications > Development ………Thanks for the help. I have another question queued up. :).

        How do we copy contacts from SIM to phone in these Anoirs. There is definitely an option to copy contacts from SIM to phone but then when you take out that particular SIM for transferring more Phone Contacts, the previous ones copied just disappear and do not re appear until you have that contact on your SIM again. Manual entries are being accepted though. I read the review of A2 somewhere and they were also saying that one perhaps has to add the contacts manually……………….Any guess……….

        And what is this option associating a contact number with the SIM. What does this do? I did associate it with the SIM and it somehow appears in the search if we search in the groups as well. Does not appear on the screen unless your go for the search………confused confused……….

      • Indeed Android OS is confusing. I am not using Noir A2 so I would suggest you to join Sharing Is caring FB Page
        where many users will guide you .

  18. Hey there Farees…………….Seems like I am the only restless soul here. Well to be true, not really. Just that it is my first smart phone and Q mobile seems to be a little more hectic to get started.

    I have another one for you here.

    Talking about SMS, I could not really find a way to send a SMS to a group of contacts. I did make a few groups and wanted to send an SMS to one of them by entering the group ID in the TO section of the SMS but I could not find any option anywhere to enter a group. Even if one goes to the contacts sections, one cannot really find a way to send a SMS to the group. Almost tried everything. Is it allowed in Q Mobile to send a SMS to a group?

    Any guesses?

  19. noir a2 gps fix
    Mohsin I have the problem wd my noir a2!
    gps is available in a2 but it is not working in some set. on my frnds mob noira2 gps is working. u can fix this problem by reinstalling noir a2 software from any customer care center.

  20. hi farees, I own a noir a10.
    i pulled out the dvd for the phone yesterdy from the box and installed the application, infact installed everything along with the application i.e. jave run times and everything, but my phone gets connected to the computer but i cant detect on the qmobile pc suit and further more there is no such indication on the pc suit that there is any movile connected at all or not.

      • hehehehe, naah man, i aint that much of a retards but the only thing is that this is my first ANDRIOD EVER so a Black berry guy on andriod may need some time, thanks and i’ll download this software and mingle with it, hope it helps.

  21. Sir In A10 error Of `Restricted access changed` nd there is no Signals in Phone Wats Dis??help me to recover… Signals end hojatay hain foran yay error ata hai bas..

  22. AOA
    Farees bro, what r your thoughts on a11 I am really looking forward to buy one real soon, I am sick of nokia’s e series the e63’s & e5’s lemme know if you have had reviewed it somewhere or any OS upgrading / GPS issues with it?

  23. kindly tell me how I play live tv and download TV drama and which player install to play vedio AT Qmobile A2

  24. hi bro. my friend have qmobile noir a2. but gps is working on his cell. and
    i have rooted q mobile nior a2. how can expand internal space? i used rom manager for sd card partition but didn’t work. and i also used link2sd but it just send some apps to sd. plz reply.

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