53 comments on “Google Play Store Issue – PK

  1. I have already done everything mentioned above even factory reset but no gain..the only method is to add VPN of other country. Soon I will share the whole method..

  2. Already tried both method, still long loading state but fail to connect Play Store.
    Default Gmail application fail to sync, (but it can be access through adding normal mail accounts). Google Drive is also not accessible more after Youtube Ban in Pakistan.

    • If you have tried both methods and still facing this issue, kindly uninstall update of Gmail, Clear Data and reboot, PTA did that mistake but it is working after testing and resolving I posted , If you can access on the PC google gmail than there should be problem on Android phone. if GPRS kindly mention which the network.


      Farhan Imaan

    • are u using Wifi or GPRS ?
      Noir A2 1 Ghz ?
      Clear Data of google play check the space is free storage Network if Wifi it should work . else kindly mention network and city and is your gmail working or not ?

      regards ,

      Farhan Imaan

      • i am using wifi
        gmail working fine
        google maps and google play not working
        google play works on gprs or edge but not on wifi
        googlle maps not working it says

      • Google is having some problem on their end with Android it is not just you but read the comments you will find so many who are facing same issues, and instead of using Google MAPS , Try Sygic Navigation with Free Pakistan Map , it is on this blog follow the procedure and enjoy the FREE GPS NAVIGATION rather than Cartoonic Google MAPS

  3. aoa.. dear I have a problem related to A10 mobile …I
    bought it a week ago…it was working owsam…I
    download many applications from play store…
    but from last 2 days it is not opening…when I
    click on it it start loading but dont open…my
    network connection is working well…gprs has
    good speed…I reset my phone but still its not
    opening… plz tell me what should I do… I m too
    Much worried about this …help me

    • Factory reset if the problem remains join sharing is caring fb page or Qmobile discussion i am admin there as well others will surely guide you

  4. Aamina the same problem as you said is existing at my end. Gprs is working osam but despite of too many triz, I am unable to download any thing from play store 😦 guys if any buddy found solution then kindly let me know and oblige 03005771660

    • Router there is nothing difficult, turn the router and Wifi in your phone it will search if the network is Open it will start working if protected will ask for the Key / WEP

  5. i have a q mobile a2 i when i connect it via wifi to a server default apps doesnt works helip to find out th solution

  6. Guys my play store stopped working. I tried the first method but now I’m getting a notification every two seconds that unfortunately Google play store has stopped. I can’t even use the other things on my phone thanks to these damned notifications. Please help. Mobile a700

  7. Guys, i am facing the same issue from last 2 days.
    when i go to sign in my google account in my android phone (Electrify 2)
    this error shows in the screen

    “Couldn’t signin”
    Cant establish a reliable connection to the server.
    this could be temporary problem or your android device may not be provisioned for data services. if it continues, call customer care”

    i discussed with some of my friends:
    they already faced the same problem and replied 3-4 din bad khud theek ho jaye ga yar and said that (ye ptcl boradband users k sath hota hai) i also read the thread on pak wheels facing the same issue, who was using PTCL BB Wifi…

    kher….i just want to tell you guys that, the problem is facing every next android user, mostly the users are PTCL BB, who are facing this issue..

    now i am waiting for 3-4 days, let see, the issue resolves or not…after all i have tried all the methods i.e rebooting my electrify 2, remove all such applications, cleared cashe, wagera wagera…

    Thank to you guys, those who faced that problem in 2012…and post their views, and tricks to get rid of it….it helped me alot….GOD BLESS You….

    i have never ever replied in any euoropeans forums after i solved my problem with the help of them…but now that is the first time i am posting my comment/ view because i just realised that it helps alot….!

  8. Hello
    I m using noir z6 google play connects but do not instal any app. What is this issue and how can it resolve?

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