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  1. please can any.one confirm me that how much ram ( memory) this set has?
    and what is the usable internal storage and does it has gpu and can it run hd games?
    please it would be really helpful……

    • 512 RAM at this moment I am reviewing myself, internal memory is 1 GB usable. where as phone is showing 1.9 GB which makes 2. but at this moment confirm 1 GB internal storage.

      • Hi Farees. What does this means ” It is upgradable”. I am using A8 and there is no option of system upgrade in settings. can you plz tell me what they exactly want to say?

      • Yet I cannot confirm you but surely this phone is upgradable it has vast range of options after rooting wait for my next post I’ll mention

  2. Hello Brother, Thanks for your reply. and thanks for uploading the details of Noir A8 here and specially it’s price.
    Please upload a video review of it soon and let us know the link of that.
    also please tell me that does this cell have a GPU?

    i am so excited to buy it asap.


    • Sure I will, tomorrow yet I am reviewing it myself and so far it’s a great phone way better than previous Qmobile series , upcoming one is A10 which is gonna be some what like S3 …

      • Thanks alot for your reply.
        and it seems really excited. but please brother, when you review the handset also mention about it’s GPU, Camera Image quality ( better than A5 or same) and about Battery timing. ( the battery timing is really much low in A5 and as A8 has more bigger screen. are there any battery improvements)
        Awaiting for a video review soon and to watch A8 in action.
        Also thanks for sharing about A10. do you know the expected date of it’s launch or any features of this handset.
        Thanks and stay blessed.

      • Dear Sumair,

        1. Camera I haven’t tested yet but normally it looks better than A5.
        2. Battery Timing … well it’s amazing I been using it constantly for 6 hrs on Wifi way better than A5 or any other
        3. GPU ? I didn’t get explain me a bit surely in a video review ill add

        that’s not just A10 which is more like S3 but A6 is on its way too.

      • Salam Farees,

        Thanks for your reply.
        I am so happy about the battery that is so awesome. ( now i will soon buy it as soon it come to my city Sialkot)
        in S3 it is 2100 mAh so for a handset within this price range it is really good.

        For A5 it’s camera quality is really bad in low light condtions, compared to my Asha 300 which has a 5mp camera without flash but it’s pictures quality is really much better.

        Well, a GPU is:

        The GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) is a specialized circuit designed to accelerate the image output in a frame buffer intended for output to a display.

        Modern smartphones are equipped with advanced embedded chipsets that can do many different tasks depending on their programming. GPUs are an essential part of those chipsets and as mobile games are pushing the boundaries of their capabilities, the GPU performance is becoming increasingly important.

        well it’s like a graphics adaptor. like there is in our PC and is for playing graphic intense games.

        in A5 there is no dedicated GPU so we cannot play games which require hardware acceleration to show high quality graphics.

        in modern cell phones: brands like HTC, Sony, Samsung and others which work on Android based OS or Windows based do have dedicated graphics card known as GPU.

        a cell phone which has a dedicated GPU can show higher frame rates like being able to play HD videos and games.


        you can bench mark the A8 from any of the bench marking App’s mentioned in this link. Neocore will be a good tool to measure it’s frame rate and AnTuTu as well to see that where it stands between the HTC, Samsung, Nexus, Sony and others.

        Please upload a screenshot of these two bench mark applications.

        Waiting for a video review.

        Thanks a lot for your reply once again and stay blessed.

      • Also, would like to tell that i have used the Sygic application. from the cracked version you have shared and works really good. i do receive full GPS signals.

        Works totally without data connection.

      • Salam Farees,

        THanks for uploading the Bench mark results with snapshots of Noir a8.

        I would like to give you some suggestions as well. can you give me your email address so i can email you there.
        I think it can help you to make your reviews more better and people will really like it.

        Thanks once again.
        Stay blessed and stay happy

  3. if any body came to use this mobile, plz share ur reviews (abt its drawbacks and advantages) bcoz i want to buy this cell…jazakAllah

    • Kindly all the Users Share your experience , if you have prompt info / knowledge write in a comment and below POST i will post it as a blog post with your name, it would help others like I do since we all are here to share and to help each other .

      Stay Blessed.

  4. video review please?
    and specially your personal rating on scale of 10 for this phone, in terms of OS performance and speed.

      • please can u include the gaming review? as i am going to buy a mobile, and i am preferring huawei g300 as it has a good gpu to run hd apparently and games, can u help me in this regard? please mention its gaming capacity……

      • Thanks for the reply, by Please at least install some games like need for speed hot pursuit and mass effect infiltrator..
        Maybe you can check any game from gameloft, and you could you appreciate your help in this regard, I am really waiting for this…..
        and can you confirm about rooting, can we root this phone with the unlock root software?
        Please help in my both these queries for games and rooting, waiting for reply….

  5. salam faree appreciating ur work to help customers thanks
    plz tell me that is it worth spending rs14,500 on noir a8?? and also plz tell me that is it going to plzy all the HD games 3D games?? do reply me fully thanks

    • Yes it does have flash player , HD video u mean 720p Resolution Yes it does, I am converting video on High Quality to check.
      beside it uploading video review kindly check in 15 to 20 mins it will be on the blog … of Noir A8 .

      Like Sharing is Caring Page on FB , I interact directly there too and also check Technical Specification POST


      Farhan Imaan

  6. Salam.
    I have HTC gene 100.I want to by new Qmobile plzzzz guide me which one is best for me???? A2 or A8????

  7. Asslam-o-Alaikom! Yesterday I visited the Sadar Mobile Market in Karachi and inquired about the price of Noir A8; yup! the answer was RS. 14,500 only. But for what I am still confused is its ROM. I inquired about its ROM (Internal Memory you can say) and I get two different statements. 2 Retailer said that it has 4 GB of ROM and one said 2 GB.
    What I don’t like about Q-Mobile is that they didn’t give the full specification of their product in their website i.e ROM and RAM. These should be mentioned too but I don’t know why Q-Mobile is opting to hide it from its customers?

    In my opinion It should be 4 GB as ICS (Android 4.0) OS used/occupied 1.5 GB of ROM (Internal Memory you can say) and in that case 2.5 GB would be available for user end!

    I was sure about my opinion before I gone through your post. If anyone has correct information please do let me know.

    One more thing if you are considering to buy NOIR A8 then be sure you are no interested to use 3G Mobile Internet which is more likely coming shortly to Pakistan. As an alternate of Noir A8 you can consider buying G-Five G-95 Bravo which has the same specifications like A8 but differs only in processor (single core) and has a bigger screen and last but the most important has 3G Ready! so be wiser and decide yourself!

      • “1 GB for Apps and 1 GB for media storage” WHY?
        Still Confused! 1 GB + 1.9 GB = 2.9 – 4 GB = 1.1 GB which is quite low capacity for ICS 4.0. I heard first time that there is:
        If you have internal memory of 2.9 GB then it can be used for whatever you like i.e apps games and media at the same time. Isn’t it??

      • No up till now as have explored its the way I told u, its not qmobile but huawei has same it saves in way data to be erased if apps up n down

      • One more Query please as you have this phone; can you please tell me that it supports adobe flash?? if yes, is it pre-installed? if no, are you able to install it from Play Store?
        Thanks for Your Kind Support!

    • I am doing great…
      you can download google chrome and firefox, but i am using secure browser which comes built in , it works as chrome, I am uploading Review part one check it in 15 to 20 mins it will be here on the blog and beside it check the Technical specification POST .


      Farhan Imaan

      • Dear I use q a2 and I download firfox but firfox is very slow and goolge chrome not sport device q 2 is not sport big software and my sate is getting hot very hot you have a dora say me and information q w8 give me
        Whats internal memory Dear I use q a2 and I download firfox but firfox is very slow and goolge chrome not sport device q 2 is not sport big software and my sate is getting hot very hot you have a dora say me and information q w8 give me
        Whats internal memory

      • Dear Bilal,

        Internal Memory is the space allocated for downloading apps ( Softwares like firefox ) A2 has 92 MB space which is very low when you have millions of Apps .

        Firefox has some issue if you read on google play store people are complaint about the same slow loading issue,

        I didn’t get Chrome not Sport Device !

        Set is getting hot , kindly switch it off and take out the batter for 5 mins than power on it.


        Farhan Imaan

  8. How is the front camera of this phone, Noir A2 front camera is very bad it shows dark video so doing video chat on skype is useless using A2 front camera, Does A8 camera also has this problem? please upload a video demo of the front and back camera also thx.

  9. آپ کی noir A8 کی ویڈیو دیکھی۔آپ کا review شاندار ھے۔میرے خیال میں اگر Qmobile والے noir A8 میں WCDMA کی بھی سھولت دے دیتے۔تو QMOBILE سب سے آگے ھوتا۔

  10. aap ke noir A8 ke video dekee.aap ka review shandar ha.ager Qmobile A8 mai wcdma ke soholat de deta to pakistan mai noir A8,mobiles mai sab se aagee hota.

  11. Assalam o Alaikum

    How are you?

    -> I have some question about QMOBILE A8:

    -> Hows its Loud speaker? Does its work loud with skype video call? Or we need earpiece?

    -> You mentioned in earlier post that “Battery is Amazing on Wifi usage over 6 hours i used it, its 1800mmAh 6.66Wh”. Is this usage with 100% brightness or less?

    -> Is A8 charge via USB?

    -> Is A8 fully support 16 & 32 gb sdcard?

    -> Can we upgrade to Android Jelly bean?

    -> In normal case, How much Ram is available out of 512mb?

    • W/salam ,

      Your Questions and Answers below

      -> Hows its Loud speaker? Does its work loud with skype video call? Or we need earpiece?

      No Speaker works well, you can optionally add earpiece for privacy else just the way it is in A2 or any other.

      -> You mentioned in earlier post that “Battery is Amazing on Wifi usage over 6 hours i used it, its 1800mmAh 6.66Wh”. Is this usage with 100% brightness or less?

      on the Auto Brightness, automatically it adjust the brightness on which i use this phone ,

      -> Is A8 charge via USB?
      Yes it does get charge via USB too.

      -> Is A8 fully support 16 & 32 gb sdcard?

      Till 16 I have tested it works don’t know about 32 dear.

      -> Can we upgrade to Android Jelly bean?

      it is upgradable but no information about upgrading

      -> In normal case, How much Ram is available out of 512mb?
      512 overall is usable , i will post screen shot at night of various things users asked me.


      Farhan Imaan

  12. slaam.
    What about the build quality??? Iss it closer to international brands? Like HTC n sony?

    And wt about warrenty? One year?

    • Quality is good, you won’t feel like your using 15k mobile phone from anywhere, warranty 1 year yes. rest I am not Qmobile person to know in details

    • Watch the Video Review – It’s on facebook Page Sharing is Caring like from the right menu and check the Noir A8 Video Review by Farhan Imaan

  13. [QUOTE] what’s WCDMA ?[/QUOTE]
    W-CDMA (Wideband Code Division Multiple Access), UMTS-FDD, UTRA-FDD, or IMT-2000 CDMA Direct Spread is an air interface standard found in 3G mobile telecommunications networks.

  14. dear farees,

    Your review has got me excited and confused. i had planned to buy Noir A8 today but reading about noir A10 has got me confused

    should i wait for a-10or should i go for it with a-8.

    I have used Noir a 8 it is amazing,,, but need some infor on A10 as to any tentative date or even a month of its launch and price range will be helpful

    • Noir A10 is gonna be Dual Core Processor somewhat a copy of S-III , but the Price Tag is going to be above 20,000 PKR .
      It’s expected to launch next month November ( that’s what I was told by Qmobile Sales person in Sadar , Karachi ) where I got A8,
      I am not interested in A10 because it’s Costly and I think what I need A8 does it well, infact yet I have to explore how to ROOT and upgrade it
      because it’s possible in 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich platform , where as it wasn’t in previous 2.3 Ginger Bread Noir Series.
      Rest it’s your Choice wait for it or go for A8.


      Farhan Imaan

  15. for all game lovers this mobile noir a8 can run the following games i perosonally play all the games today on my noir a8
    temple run
    agent dash
    stick tennis
    fruit slice
    need for speed shift
    ragging thunder 2
    rail rush
    Cut the rope experiments
    and this mobile has true 5 mp camera just go for it if u have 14,500

    • dear Salman zahid, can u show the result of some hd games, like need for speed hot pursuit, real racing 2, asphalt 6 adrenaline, shadow gun, 9mm, backstab, real football 2012 and some gameloft games….
      i am really hoping for.positive reply from you as i want to buy this set….
      waiting for reply….

  16. salman Shahzad, do you have crack version of NFS shift for Qmobile A8???
    If yes, Can you send me on my email I.D with the permission of Farhan Bro?

      • @anjan rahe no crack version i just download tha PK file of NFS shift and instal on mobile then afterwards i open the game it only requires u to download 100MB games data to sd card i downloaded and game is playing on my noir a8

  17. actually i am willing to buy x touch x401 because it has for functions/features than noir a8…a friend told me that its available in sadar (at tablet galaxy)….so can u guide me…should i go for it or no?

    • You better go and check it, first if you find it good than go for it, make sure about upgrading OS … on other hand you always have safe option of A8.

      • yes its also upgradable…having dual core processor…it has 3g network also which noir a2 does nt have…

  18. @farhan bhai ..can u tell how we can upgrade A8 to jellybean .. Android 4.1
    –can we open pdf files on it ??
    –how is the browsing experience on wifi ?? Does this support multitouch..
    –how will u compare the fluidity and touch of this device with s2, htc one V, etc.

    • Dear Abdullah if you are on Facebook, Join my Facebook Page Sharing is Caring you and there is a Video Review post of A8 watch it you will know. It’s Rival of S II .
      We can Upgrade this phone but yet i have it since 4 days and I am stilling getting to know this phone so far live tv streaming via internet i have showed it video review which is on facebook.

      Kindly like join and visit watch yourself than you ask me, I am going to give 2nd review today I am collecting all questions from all visitors what to show them. so far I am helping and on FB everyone been helpful too .

  19. I just buy A8, its awe some, infact I am using it right now. Thnx for ur review bro.
    Can you tell me how I can use google play store via wifi?
    Because every time I open play store, it is using gprs not wifi. And when I turn off the data connection, its shows error, no data connectivty, infact my wifi is still on.
    Can you help me in this regard.

    • well its gonna be 20,000 Pakisani you can order it online , but warranty issue better don’t regret later and resale

  20. I bought A8 this past saturday! This phone works like a charm…. good touch & navigation is really smooth…. Really impressed that Qmobile is making serious efforts in manufacturing such quality smart phones which are affordable for masses and have almost the same features as the other expensive brands like Samsung and HTC.

    Proud Owner of Qmobile A8 noir!

  21. ok …. farhan bhi… whenever u root and upgrade to jellybean … do let us know .. and teach us also.. thanks in advance

    • Sure I will, more about A8 and other apps join in Sharing is Caring , I post the blog here and Interaction is open for all more video reviews are there on FB .

      Yet there is no need to upgrade until we explore the phone and find any issue, upgrading is possible anytime after ROOTING . 🙂

  22. salam faree asj mery office ma ka bande ne HTC DEsire V lya hy or mjhe bohat khushi hui k mery pas noir a8 hy ku k us ki har chez noir a8 se kam hy ya barabar hy kisi b case ma wo bahtar nahi hy or new 26,000 ka hy i m so happy hahaha

  23. can u upload the images taken from the camera of this phone ?? want to see the image quality of the camera in various lightning conditions…i.e daylight n low light conditons.

  24. just tell me two things, does this phone starts in recovery?
    and does this phone has dual boot option (it would be mentioned in recovery mood)?

  25. I am going to buy this phone. But before buying I wana know that can symbian applications also be installed in A8. Like call recorder.
    2. Whts the result on video call if we use jazz internet speed 40 to 50 kb/s.
    3. Is its flash can be used as torch as i use in nokia e5.
    4. Is its camera result match the result of nokia E5.
    5. How u find its qwetry keypad. Is it easy to use and friendly.
    6. Hows its body. Is it metalic or plastic body.
    7. Is this set has gorilla glass display or simple.
    Plz if u guide me about these things I will be thankful to u. Allah pak keep u happy always. Ameen

  26. Can you kindly post pics taken from A8 in below conditions:
    3)Close-up focus

    Secondly post a minute video taken by it.. Thanx bro

    • Dear Video Review is there and Images are on Facebook Page Sharing is Caring which is much easier for all to see and interact with each other, all I have not done proper photography since I been busy in work but there are many users now which has bought the A8 and discussing about it , kindly like and join in Sharing is Caring and Video Review by Me and other users are there !

    • The Whole sale shop its right on the Corner next to Qmobile Outlet there , BIG SHOP corner one dont know the name but if u go there n see tell any guy my reference as Farhan Sygic Pakistan Map one, they’ll get it , its also Qmobile shop but they sell other touch phones too …

      • ok jazakAllah…bro…actually i want to buy this….if i give ur reference, they will give me favour regarding its cost?

      • No not.in.cost but u will able to.check their own set before.buying. i dont have any line.nor.commission on.this i just them if anyone comes.with my ref be reasonable and.let.them.check.the set first so mention farhan.sygic , blog poster of.QMobile they will be helpful kimdly.dont lie that i said ull reduce price or anything coz.ill get info when.ill.go next.time

  27. can u say some thing about sony experia U?? wats ur rating out of 10? is it better than a8?? i am confused between experia U and A8?? how will u compare these two?

    • I would suggest you to stick to ICS OS , until JB finalized because there is no official word from Q fellas , you can ask them on their FB page and for updates join me on Sharing is Caring ( DO NOT UPDATE ) Rooted can be useful for many purposes beside upgrading. Google up and you will know.

      Regards ,

      Farhan Imaan

      • but y they increased because of eid?? they should reduce because of eid so that customers would come more….infact they should keep special some discount such as EID SPECIAL OFFER or some thing like this….

      • Dear Hammad this is PAKISTAN ( DONT FORGET ) here everything happens opposite and people aren’t much Religiously Fearing Allah
        that they should Discount off but This Eid Each one will slaughter a 125 CC BRAND NEW BIKE while Flood victims were not even
        bother to asked if they need any assistance, for THEM United Nation is Doing ( Kafir ) where as ( Moomins ) are too busy in
        EID FESTIVE .

  28. it would be written on box whether amoled wvga or ips and in simple words amoled has black strong colour u can say which makes colours a little artificial on the other hand ips means in panel switching,u can get the clear view from almost any angle,but a bit dull with compare to amoled

    • What is “firmware”?
      Firmware refers to the applications and operating system that control how a cellphone or smartphone operates. It is called firmware rather than software to highlight that it is very closely tied to the particular hardware components of a device. Firmware is generally flashed into a phone’s ROM rather than simply being loaded into normal phone storage, where it could more easily be erased and lost in the event of a crash. Firmware updates are sometimes provided by a company as a way to fix bugs or introduce new functionality.

  29. Hello, I am Samsung Galaxy S and Sony Xperia S 12MP User.
    Now, I am going to buy a cheap mobile because big mobile cost me a lot.
    I have few information about Android , On Increasing memory.
    If you Add 8GB Card in Any Android Phone So You Can Divide 8Gb into 4Gb and 4Gb.4Gb will be available and other 4Gb will be added to Mobile Internal Memory , For A8 , 1+4 = 5GB !
    This method depends on processor speed, Galaxy Mini With 600mhz has 180Mb but can be upgraded to 1gb without any lags.
    So According to my Calculations , A8 Has Dual Core 1GHZ = 2GHZ 1 Core Power.
    32 GB card Can Be added and upto 26GB Space can be give to phone.
    Also, I am a developer on xda. A8 Can be overclocked to 1.3Ghz Dual core , Thats more power consuming but method for those who want to do real multitasking!
    Few Points I want to know About A8.
    1) Multitouch.
    Install Multitouch App From Google play and test and share.
    2) How solid is this phone?
    Galaxy S is very solid, 15000 is still much amount, If phone is dropped so?
    Or Pressure is applied ? or maybe inside your pocket ?
    Dont Drop your phone and tell me hahaha…..Just tell how solid it feels?
    You can sense from hand how solid it is, Its Finishing etc…
    If i buy that mobile so i will make a Kernel for A8.
    I am Sure after applying that kernel , users will get benchmarks upto 3500 Minimum.
    ANy Info Requird so Contact me On Fb, I want to develop few things for this phone.

    • Dear neither I am here here to do marketing of Q fellas nor I would quote sony product , its simple as for everyone to understand without going into complications, indeed to help each other, if you are doing the same your most welcome.

  30. Someone already can make a root , update.zip for this phone.
    Rooting is not a problem, But if anyone give guaranty that its hardware are v solid so i can think about custom Rom.

  31. Can i upgrade it firmware (Android OS, v4.0.4 (Ice Cream Sandwich) ?
    if yes , than what is the best option to upgrade ? or what is the method of up gradation . ?

  32. hey farhan…can u help me….some one is selling htc desire in 15000(5-6 months used)…so iam confused between htc desire and noir a8….wat to do ?? which one is better??

  33. Heyz Can u tell me how to upgrade A8 to Jelly bean as it says its upgrade able and did jellybean effect its bty life or any negative after installing jelly bean …….. with regards

    • JB yet not updated and iCS OS is working fine we discuss these issues on face book page sharing is caring fb/weshareandcare be there you will get more ppl to discuss with.

  34. Assalamualikum brother….yar this phone is still short in the market…i have searched almost everywhere but i failed…dont know when this phone will come…and those who are selling are selling at higher price….can u get me this phone from sadar if u have any link in q mobile or from anywhere u know?? if yes plz tell…jazakAllah…

      • today i was told by a sales man that a8 price would be same i.e 14500 and the other one told 15200…and it will be available in two to three days….so iam now confused that should i wait for A8 or go for a6?? wat to do??

      • Bro , A6 launched today, even their website is not updated, but let me update you , check my new post on the blog Noir A6 launched . its same as A8 in all specification only difference is Shape maybe Screen size too . not sure because their site is not updated nor anyone on the web knows . PRICE 12,500/-

      • yes it is launched but its price is 11500….q sales man told me…but its not upgradable…..and its 1 ghz processor but a8 is dual core….this is a big difference…

      • sir iam not sure whether its upgradable or not….but according to price tag, it should not be upgradable….and i have read its info on a6 box…i didnt find anywhere written its upgradable….plz confirm of urself and let me know….thanks..

      • i must say in look, a6 is awesome….but the main thing is processor….one is dual core..other is 1 ghz…wats ur opinion bro?? should i wait for a8 or go for a6?? when a8 will be available in market and wat will be its price?? any hint abt that??

      • next week A8 will be in Market but I would suggest you as a brother not to buy because its going to be 16k or above, A6 has Single core processor doesn’t make much difference honestly It’s slight expensive than A2 and way better than It, competing A8 , Buy A6 use it for few month hardly loss would be 2000/- you can always buy better one later by than GFive comes in market or other companies u never know A8 will be on its actual price after 2 months Jan 2013 Wait if you can ! but dont buy Expensively this company dont worth 16k


      • Its use to buy because after a month or so price will reduce and A6 is doing all whats the difference in 4 and 4.3 screen size , i know its single Core like A2 but even than its fast , it has internal storage , cam LED flash GPS i am not use . I think very reasonable in such price 11500/-

      • Yes you can buy after few months better one who knows what’s coming ahead maybe good and in budget so I would suggest A6 now reasonable price

  35. today i was told by a sales man that a8 price would be same i.e 14500 and the other one told 15200…and it will be available in two to three days….so iam now confused that should i wait for A8 or go for a6?? wat to do??

  36. bro freez mere pas qmobile a8 hai sometime wo wifi k signal drop kar deta hai any solution about thiz problem?????

    • Keep the Wifi device in range , I noticed myself Wifi range is less than other mobiles don’t get it why but hardly 10 to 15 feet it will be on 1 signal

  37. Pixel Density?, app speed?,Battery timings?, re-sale?
    And what would be the expected price in Good-Second hand condition?

    • Dear Sadam ,
      Everything is mentioned in A8 post and comments replied by me about the phone beside it I am not in buying or selling mobiles in market so I cannot answer how much is 2nd hand . kindly check comments you will find lot of information and technical information A8 post


  38. I called today to qmobile lahore office they said it is confirmed that A8 will come tonight to lahore and will available in market tomorrow. I read all the comments and posts but one thing i guess is not answered. My query is that can we download apllications using a8 from google play ? and does google play shows ur mobile model and tells what is compatible and what is not ?

    Beside this Faree ur blog is really very helpful. Thanks 🙂

    • Thanks Zohaib for appreciating my blog 🙂

      1. Google Playstore detects the phone, when you go via app it wont show u any phone detail A8 or anything but if you go via web browser than it will show you, yell I haven’t checked is it showing A8 or not but when I had A5 it was showing Noir A5. Apps which are not compatible it tells you on every android OS phone. not just Q.


  39. A8 & A10 has.
    Chipset: MTK 6577
    CPU: Dual-core 1 GHz Cortex-A9
    GPU: PowerVR SGX531
    this is a china chipset.

    the should try,
    Chipset: NovaThor U8500
    CPU: 1 GHz dual-core Cortex-A9
    GPU: Mali-400(single core) galaxy s3 & s2 has 4 cores (24 to 31 FPS benchmark)

  40. Dear i purchased A8 yesterday , but i dont understand its message systems , specially message edditing , kindly tell me message ki options kahan hoon gi like , forward , sent items etc .waiting for reply.

    • It was confusing for me as well, Noman join up on Sharing is Caring Facebook Page and ask there users will be able to guide you via screen shots.

  41. i am working on android project .. and i want to run my APK file on this mobile .. is there any app installer which can install my apk file on A8???

  42. A10 has 3g support & and more memory as well but it has very large screen 5 inches. i dont like big mobiles, 4 inch screen is better for me. big phones is difficult to carry in the pocket and it is more visible and difficult to hide.

  43. There are two things i want to know about this phone
    1. does it support USB OTG function? (can we connect a usb mouse, keyboard & usb flash etc)
    2. some of x models of qmobile used to come with Yamha Amplifier and i personally tested their sound quality was perfect you can compare those models sound with nokia xpress music editions. I just want to know that does qmobile a8 also comes with a Yamha Amplifier like its previous models

  44. hi
    can u tell me which chipset and processor it have ? like mtk7575 or mtk 6577 ?
    what is its screen dpi ? us some system info tool like android system info to find it ..
    or download a program from android fragmentation called device analyzer and just submitt its results to theri database . and give me the token number so i can find tech info about it ..

    also is it rootable ?

    currently i have a chinese galaxy s3 clone on android fragmantation databse use this pin 592726 to find its details ,, can it be rooted .. ?

      • can you please tell me about the display quality of its LCD. And tell me about its video player & it supports how many formats? does it supports subtitles of the videos. And what about web browser? does it support flash ?

      • Flash supports Yes .

        Formats depends on the player you install nothing to do with the hardware of this phone
        Playback HD quality records 720p browser built in Secure browser does all the usual task if needed u can download
        Dolphin or Chorme as per your requiration .

  45. Salam, What are its NEGATIVE things, wants to buy it & what about VIBER , Can u test VIBER in it that if it works properly or not & right now the price is 15,400.

    • first of all people have made VIBER talk of the town, let me get it straight , Gtalk does the same task, it is just different apps even there are alternate apps available too, Viber doesnt work properly on any noir series beside Noir A5

      – Negative
      we cannot compare this phone with Nokia , Samsung or Iphone because the standards are totally different.

      • No idea about Gtalk.. So If viber des not work properly we have many other software applications like viber, RIGHT.. & what is the talk time of Qmobile Noir A 8 & any other information which is important you can share with us . thanks 🙂

  46. The upcoming Q mobile smart phone could be a QUAD-CORE device because a company namely MEDIATEK whose chipset MT6577 DUAL-CORE 1GHz Cortex™-A9 CPU which is embaded in noir A8 & A10 has announced their new chipset MT6589 QUAD-CORE 1GHz Cortex™-A7 CPU+PowerVR™ Series5XT GPU from Imagination Technologies. The MT6589 is delivered in advanced 28nm process technology, creating a universal platform that delivers powerful performance at a very competitive price.
    #Innovative, Advanced Dual-SIM solution:
    Dual-SIM and Dual-Active functionality frees users to seamlessly make and receive calls on two SIM cards at the same time.
    #High-end Multimedia Capabilities:
    13MP camera with integrated ISP, 1080p playback and recording at 30fps, and enhanced image processing for DTV-grade image quality
    Full HD (1920×1080) LCD support for razor sharp visuals
    #Best-in-class MediaTek Technology:
    Integrated leading 4-in-1 connectivity combo, providing 802.11n Wi-Fi, BT4.0, GPS and FM radio

  47. Hi Farees. is there any way of unlocking the screen without using the power button. The main problem and only problem so far I found with my NOIR A 8 is that there is no way of unlocking the screen display except to press the power button to activate the screen.Well there is no harm in that, but it looks like after 6 months of use, this power button will stop working. any ideas on this?

  48. Asalam Alaikum Farees,

    I just bought A8 and liked it very much. I have one problem how to upgrade it to jelly beans.

  49. AOA,

    i have NOIR A8 recently purchased, have two question, first can we turn off shuter sound while making picture and second in the corporate email account no search option is there like gamil and yahoo account where search option is available. i have raised both these question to Digicom Customer center as well but no soloution. please help.

    • 1. Use camera ics download app from google store
      2. Use alternate email client not the built in
      Digicom will never reply you , have a nice day


  51. hahahah,,,,magar jb main isay wifi se connect krta hon to yeh authentication error deta hai,,,,i buy this set on 2 january,,,magar sirf aik hi bar wifi chalaya hai is set ne,,,,,,,i m getting so anger on this set,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,:(no wifi no games no apps,,,,,,,

      • Can you please tell me how many SENSORS does this phone has ? can this phone supports MULTITOUCH ? if yes then upto how many fingers ? and many people is complaining about its WIFI, what is the reason behind this. And as you know A8 does not supports 3G does this effects the web browsing.

  52. yar iska flash on kyoun nhi hota????5 seconds k liye on hota hai phir band ho jata hai,,,main flash light ko as a torch kasay use kr skta hon????kia aisa is set main mumkin hai ???or second yeh k is set main aap kay network k through net nhi chalta kia???main apni jazz services se net use krna chahta hon…….

    • Gprs works fine
      2. Download extreme torch app that ur flash works as torch
      Gprs configurable automatic so just search network u will find all setting automatically

  53. can you give me the link of extreme torch application,,,,,jahan se download ho jaye wo link di jiye ga to mehrbani hogi,,,,,,,,,or kia yeh bat such hai k q mobile main sirf qubee ki wifi device chalti hai or koi si bhi nhi,,,or how to re set your menu ,,,,,,,,,,,,,

      • Can i directly download & install apps & games on my micro SD card ? or i can move them to SD card after installation ? because I felt that the internal memory is a bit low, isn’t it ?

      • U can directly all though you can download app in sd via pc mass storage but extracting it require internal mem than move back to sd

  54. sir mubarak ho aap ki duaon se wifi to chal gaya but its disabled again and again????whats this???kia kron iska yar??????

  55. i have download extreme torch app,,but when i`m going to install,,its gives me installation blocked message,,,,so whats the process to install,,or one or more thing getting me confuse ,,,,, Will it be effected on my personal data or phone,,,,

  56. Samsung announces the 8-core(octa core) Exynos 5 Octa mobile chipset. It has 2 quad-core processors in one chipset. The chipset in particular will pack a quad-core ARM Cortex™-A15 CPU clocked at 1.8GHz and a quad-core ARM Cortex™-A7 CPU clocked at 1.2GHz, the first one to use ARM’s big.LITTLE technology. Samsung claims it’s the fastest and most energy-efficient mobile processor in the world, boasting a 70 percent increase in battery life. ARM big.LITTLE processing is designed to deliver the vision of the right processor for the right job. In current big.LITTLE system implementations a ‘big’ ARM Cortex™-A15 processor is paired with a ‘LITTLE’ Cortex™-A7 processor to create a system that can accomplish both high intensity and low intensity tasks in the most energy efficient manner.Samsung claims that the 3D gaming performance is twice that of anything available at the moment.The chip will be built on a 28nm process and pack 2MB of cache.
    We’re sure that there will be plenty of rumors that this will be the chipset in the Galaxy S IV, but it’s more likely to see it in a tablet first.

  57. Expert Farhan, Mein na kal noir a8 khreda ha. Mein jb b koi message likhta hn to phir spacebar press kerna k baad spelling change ho jate hein. Is ko kesy theak kia jy? Main na language and input main sa auto correction off ker di ha, phir b spelling change ho jate hein.

  58. NVIDIA has announced the next generation of their mobile processor, the NVIDIA Tegra 4
    The Tegra 4 uses quad-core ARM Cortex-A15 cpu up to 1.9 GHz, along with a second generation battery saver core, similar to Tegra 3. The CPU performance is said to be 2.6x that of Tegra 3. It also includes The improved 72 core GPU has support for DirectX 11+, OpenGL 4.X, and PhysX which are said to be 6x more powerful than the GPU on Tegra 3. Along with being able to run apps and games faster, this also brings the ability to playback 4K content. The Tegra 4 is said to be about 20 times faster than Tegra 2 and 6 times faster than Tegra 3.
    So far, the only device i know that will be running on Tegra 4 is NVIDIA’s newly announced Project SHIELD handheld gaming console.

  59. Snapdragon 800 and 600 series processors announced.
    Starting with the Snapdragon 600, it includes two of Qualcomm’s newest Krait 300 cores, clocked at 1.9GHz. The GPU is the Adreno 320 with an increased clock speed compared to the one in the S4. The Snapdragon 600 is aimed at mid-range mobile devices.
    If you want something faster, then Qualcomm has the new Snapdragon 800 for you. Running four of the latest Krait 400 CPU cores clocked at an incredible 2.3GHz, along with a brand new Adreno 330 GPU, which is said to be 50 percent faster than the Adreno 320. Thanks to all this power, the Snapdragon 800 is also capable of encoding/deciding 4K content at 30fps

  60. MEDIATEK a leading fabless semiconductor company for wireless communications and digital multimedia solutions in asia, whose chipset MT6577 DUAL-CORE 1GHz Cortex™-A9 CPU which is embaded in noir A8 & A10 has announced their new chipset MT6589 QUAD-CORE 1.2GHz Cortex™-A7 CPU+PowerVR™ Series5XT GPU from Imagination Technologies. The MT6589 is delivered in advanced 28nm process technology, creating a universal platform that delivers powerful performance at a very competitive price.
    MT6589 is the world’s first commercialized quad-core SoC (AP+BB) available for mid to high end smartphone and tablets market. The MT6589 integrates a power-efficient Cortex™-A7 CPU subsystem from ARM, PowerVR™ Series5XT GPU from Imagination Technologies.
    MediaTek is the first company to combine a quad-core Cortex-A7 and leading edge 28nm manufacturing with TrustZone® for system-level security. From AnTuTu system performance benchmark, MT6589 1.2GHz is not only in the Superphone category (>10,000) but also performs 51% better than Solution A 1.5GHz. The MT6589 also supports Miracast™ technology for multi-screen content sharing and pre-integrates MediaTek’s leading 4-in-1 connectivity combo, which supports 802.11n Wi-Fi, BT4.0, GPS and FM.
    MediaTek Honored as Chipset Company of the Year 2012 at New Delhi – December 7, 2012.
    FEATURES OF MT6589 :
    #Innovative, Advanced Dual-SIM solution:
    Dual-SIM and Dual-Active functionality frees users to seamlessly make and receive calls on two SIM cards at the same time.
    #High-end Multimedia Capabilities:
    13MP camera with integrated ISP, 1080p playback and recording at 30fps, and enhanced image processing for DTV-grade image quality
    Full HD (1920×1080) LCD support for razor sharp visuals
    #Best-in-class MediaTek Technology:
    Integrated leading 4-in-1 connectivity combo, providing 802.11n Wi-Fi, BT4.0, GPS and FM radio

  61. so should i have to install????
    i have to install by a downloader from mobile market ???

    whats your decision???i dont want to loss my phone or data dear,,,,

    but really really thanks for keep me answering,,,,JAZAKALLAH,,,

    • dear Junaid ,
      daily I get 10s of queries, like the way you have mentioned I wouldn’t be able to understand what exactly are you asking, well I am here to help but kindly mention the question completely though you have asked before and I have answered but the actual thing is I cannot keep all the names in my mind when I am replying back and Prefer to visit if your subject is on the website http://www.incpak.com Tech Talks It would be easier for me to reply you via Disqus it comments there.

  62. Farhan yar, ma na auto correction off ker di ha. Lakin phir b spelling change ho jate hein. Ma kia miss ker rha hon? Ma na auto correction off kerne k lia pehle settings ma gaya tha phir Language and input, Android keyboard, auto correction. Is ko off kerne k bad b messages ma spelling change ho jate han.

    • ammar, to tern off vibration, go to Settings, Audio, and than you will be able to make changes to sounds and vibrations.

  63. Ak aur sawal, a8 ma Mobile Networks kidher ha? Ma na “Access Point Names” ma ja ker telenor ki internet ki settings kerni ha.

      • you told me earlier that this phone can record 720p(1280×720) video on 3gp format, can you please tell me the frame rate of the videos ?

      • Dear Farees bhai, you told me that A8 can record 720p(HD) video @ 30fps but i am suspecting that it can only record 480p(vga) videos.How did you checked yor recorded videos ? did you just predicted the resolution by watching the quality of the video ? or you checked the details of the recorded videos.Did you see any option to change the resolution of the video in camera settings.
        I am asking this because i recently watched the sample of a video recorded from A8 which was 480p.

      • I record news coverage and i have HD 1080p sony bloggie now u cannot compare it with full HD but its 720p b tut 3pg formation mess up

  64. faree bhai dosen`t matter,,,,yesterday i got a risk about installation,,,and now im successful,,i have install 2 or 3 apps in my android,,,they are working…but i download them in my laptop via _qmobile apps_,,,,,,,thanks,,

    • what were you installing Junaid bhai ? and how did you installed them. I am asking this because i am also planning to buy noir A8. and also tell me how this phone is working, its wifi is working good or not ?
      can you please check its NenaMark 2 Benchmark and tell me the result.

  65. why not sure FAISAL,,,dear i installed torch application for my flash cam,,,,,,,,first you have to load apps in your card then go to file explorer>app(where u have your application)>click on application which you want to install>installation complete,,,there will be a message about application that you want to open the application or cancel,,,depends on you,,,if want to see that application working or not just click,,or if you dont want to open it direct,,then come to main menu scroll the screen,,the application will be at the end of your menu,,,,,,,now just click on application and enjoy,,,,phone is working good and WIFI not better than as compare to Nokia i personally used N8,,now using Noir A8,,,their is a big difference in WI-FI,,,how can i check its NenaMark 2 bench mark???or how it will be useful for us,,,,,thanks,,,:)

    • NenaMark 2 is a type of benchmark that checks & calculate the ability of a GPU.NenaMark 2 checks & calculate the ability of GPU and gives the result in frames per second (FPS).
      Samsung Galaxy S III has 58 fps
      HTC one X shows 56 fps
      Sony Xperia sola shows 27 fps
      noir A10 shows 25 fps.
      NenaMark 2 comes preinstalled or you can download it from google play store.

      And i want to ask that, is there any problem with the message system of noir A8 ? cos many people is complaining about it.

  66. hmmm,,,thanks for sharing this information,,now i will try to find it,,,,,or there is no thing to worry about msg,,,when you type its shows the correct spell of your word,,,changing your words in english auto matically,,but if you write some thing (for example,,,AS SALAM WALIKUM)then double touch on it,,it will be saved for next time,,,now when you want type just as salam,,it will be shows complete salam which you have been saved last time,,,,,,

      • Smartphones with less or equal to 512mb of ram cannot be Upgrade to Jelly Bean.
        Q mobile should announce their first quad-core phones without any delay. Micromax has already announced Micromax A116 Canvas HD with QUAD-CORE 1.2GHz Cortex™-A7 CPU+PowerVR™ Series5XT GPU from Imagination Technologies.
        Qmobile noir A10 = Micromax A110 Canvas 2.
        Both Qmobile & Micromax buy mobiles from the same Chinese company.

  67. It shows the message ‘this action can not be completed due to low storage space’ please clearsome space and try again.’ What am i suppose to do?

    • In which phone dear join sharing is caring many will help u , i evn chat and skype there id incpak.radio on which i take calls join ask there

      • This post is pertaining to Q Mobile Noir A8. I am encountering two problems:
        1) while running apps a pop up always appears saying ‘LOW STORAGE SPACE – There is not enough storage space to complete this action. Please clear some space and try again’.
        But these apps are in my internal srorage which is only 254 mb used and 764 mb free. So there is already so much space!
        2) My sd card is full, so i want blazer to download directly in phone memory which is 1.84 gb free. How can i do that?
        I have written on sharing and caring as well and cant find any place on icpak to ask this?

  68. ii brought q mobile A8 2weeks ago ,I was vry much worried as this was fr the 1st tym I was buyng any china set,but I was impressed by the quality n oprtng sytm ,but suddenly the earphone from which we hear calls stop working some time ,now I am going to give that in the warranty but I wana ask this thng tht m I the only one facng this issue or there are other ppl facng this too ,n y this is soo,

  69. Hey , any body help to fix the defect…………?????

    I face the problem of quick shutdown and hanging when playing games, videos and surfing on internet…. …..wats the problem with this bull shit ////// I restored my set several. Times ,but this doesn,t work at all… rather I lost my precious data and applications every time I try…..

    Also tell me the concept of rioting, is it applicable in A-8…

    • Rooting isn’t the solution once factory reset phone should be working fine, you can back up contacts.data etc.. but apps dont because that is where problem presist . Factory reset !

  70. bhi my qa8 does not use to play fluently hd vedioes downloaded from funmaza i have downloaded almost all type of players but no effect

      • AOA! meine apne qmbile A10 par nfs shift install ki lekin data files na hone ki waja se woh na chal saki phir meine aap manager se game ka data clear kar diya ab masla ye hai data files tu downlod kar li hen magar sd card mein nfs shift ka folder hi nahin hai meine dobara b install ki hai magar nahi aya ab mein game data files kahan copy karon pl help

  71. AOA! meine apne qmbile A10 par nfs shift install ki lekin data files na hone ki waja se woh na chal saki phir meine aap manager se game ka data clear kar diya ab masla ye hai data files tu downlod kar li hen magar sd card mein nfs shift ka folder hi nahin hai meine dobara b install ki hai magar nahi aya ab mein game data files kahan copy karon pl help

  72. Got this phone few days back and loving it … about battery it lasts for around 5 hours of continous usage including internet, gaming, apps etc…if not used continously then lasts around 1 day … takes around 3 hrs to charge …

    All features like camera, video cam, GPS, wifi, gprs working smoothly …
    games like Temple Run 2 running smoothly …
    tested skype , had to install latest version from store for video calls
    viber has robotic voice issue but hopefully will get it fine some way …

    All in all a good deal for the low price range

  73. as salam walikum to any one,,,actually i have a problem,,i have my noil @8,,but unfortunately at saturday night someone try to unlock my phone via pattern lock,,,magar ab mobile pattern lock show nhi kr raha,,too many pattern attempts ka msg aa raha hai,,gmail account se unlock hoga,,or main apna g mail account bhool gaya hon,,,kia kron kindly help me,,,,,

    • salam junaid bro mery sath bhe aik dafa yehi problem hua tha ap mobile off kr k battery nikalo phr dobara daal k volume up or power wala button press kro kuch dair bad ap ka phone recovery mood ma on hoga phr ap volume waly button sy neechy kr k wipe/factory reset data ma ja k yes py click kro power waly buttton sy kuch dair bad ap ka phone reset hoga or sara data delete ho jaye ga(srf phone memory wala data)phr mobile restart kro mobile unlocked ho ga.100% working guarantee

  74. is mein msg type krne k liye alpha numeric keypad kese latay hain?
    How to write message alphanumeric keypad?

  75. HAY bro can u Show me da procedure HOW TO UPGRADE NOIR A8 QMobile to Jelly Bean 4.2 ???
    i have Rooted my set, so if dre iz Un-official way to Upgrade aftr roootng r wdout rooting pplz let me know ..

  76. from ur previous discussions , it seems a 8 is a good one, can u plz tell me how its touch is going soo far, and how long u r using the set ??

  77. salam Farees
    can any one give me the solution
    mera noir a8 mostly apps py ye error dyta hy
    unfortunately contacts has stopped or which app i open
    plzzz give me the solution

  78. Queries regarding Noir A 8…
    how to turn off vibration during sms typing, whatsapp and vibre chating..as i have unchecked the option of “vibrate on touch” in Settings but still it vibrates. i have also reviewed all the settings of these applications.

  79. I heard that games lag in a9 so should not buy it what about a10
    Pl reply
    I am going to buy a9 in a couple of days

    farees bhai kaisy hai….
    mai aps e a8 k bary mai puchna cha rha houn k ess mai skype video calling ho jati hy kia …r skyp b sim se on krna hy na k wifi se…..actually mai dubai mai hota ho r phone mai ghr mai mai ly k daina cha rha ho…..es ly thori tasali krna chata ho ap se

    • W/Salam Allah ka Karam hai,

      A8 se skype call hojati hai per 2G net Edge net hai tu network kabhi sahi aur kahi nahin sahi chalta par mainay chala hai ufone aur mobilink net se.

      Viber aur skype agar problem karien tou phir yahoo messenger se aur tango se video calling sahi ho jati hai.

  81. farees bhai kia hal hein??
    mein ap sy yeh puchna chahta hon k qmobile a9 or a7 mein sy kon sa mobile best ha..keon k a9 mein androig softwear 4.0 ics ha jab k a7 mein 4.1 jelly been ha…aur over all kon sa best ha please mujy batain???

  82. Qmobile Noir touch is better than HTC, I have been using htc for 2 years but, Noir touch quality is better and its has been made according to pakistan people requirment so Noir is better than HTC. Noir has arabi and urdu language proper than htc with dual sim. everything is perfect. I will suggest people leave Htc and get Noir series from Noir A2 1giga.

  83. hey i install luncher but my conversation colour is automatically change i had changed themes but not result conversation is same as previous . . . .
    conversation update kr skte hain kia ?
    blkul lite conversation hojate ha word nazar bhe nhe ata ye sky colour ki hojate ha nd agr ma kse ko txt bhe krta hn tu wo bhe sky colour ma show krta ha nd agr wo rply kre tu wo bhe sky colout mean no change . . . . pplx yr btao kaise kro pehle jaise ?
    reset krta hn tu sahe hojate ha laken bar bar reset tu nhe kroga na har 2 din bd ye msla hojata ha plx help me as soon as possible

  84. Hi

    I need your suggestion on this Iam planing to buy a mobile my range is 14.5 but m a bit confused what mobile should i but could you please suggest which one better in these two

    1) Qmobile Noir A8
    2) Huawei Ascend Y300

  85. Salam,
    Few days back i purchased this mobile Noir A8
    Mobile is awsm just issue with battery timing. And one big problem is im facing is that am getting sms some times v late and its v annoying
    kindly can u pls help me out on this.. what probably da reason behind it?

    Waiting for your reply


  86. hey i have noir a8 but there is problem with its proximity problem please tell me how to solve it its not working i searched but i couldn’t find any solution help me i’ll be thankful to u

  87. dear farees,
    i have purchased a8. the problem i am facing is that i am unable to log in my google account and also can’t access play store.

    please let me know the solution

  88. From PEshawar i want to sell my q mobile A8 for
    final 10000 , 10/10 condition with full
    accessories , 4 months of warranty ,, if any one
    interested contact me 03439711199

  89. Hello boss…farees
    I ve purchased q mobile noir A-8 in dec 13
    Past 10 days it has fall down on de floor nd de glass screen cracked….cell is working but the touch stop working…pls suggest how i can change glass in India…i ve so much tried to get it in Rajasthan but not able to repair it..

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