2 comments on “Still after a month ( Floods in Pakistan )

  1. I am sure no body will even bother to read the post. True last time the money went in the hands of wrong people who think they are the gods on earth, but that shouldn’t be the reason to close eyes and ignore the suffering people. Media will cover only if they think they will make good money out of it, they will only ask “whats in it for us” humanity died long time ago only few can sense and feel. Media will not cover the devastating situation of the country but they will proudly give coverage of kareena ans saif wedding, they will tell us when amitab was admitted in hospital and when he was discharged. But for the suffering of our own people they will run just half a line at the bottom of the screen.

    • ” You only see, what your eyes wants to see, how can life be what you want it to be, your frozen, When heart is not Open ” .

      Hope it’s enough for you to understand.
      from no where we are becoming better or recovering this country heading straight to hell.

      Farhan Imaan

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