47 comments on “Noir A8 Technical Information – TEST –

  1. Thank you for the information, but can you tell the source of the information, i just need to verify if it really is using MTK 6577 chipset

  2. Could you please post Screenshots of antutu benchmarks and it’s info pages, which will make the technical info much clearer

  3. I need video review of Noir A2 including youtube and other general apps.

  4. MASHHALAH great work ALLAH apko is ki jaza de amin plz tell me one thing is k hardware ma problem to nahi ho jaye g na?ku k qmobile pe trust nahi ho raha, but specification wise ye galaxy s2 k equal hy plz tell me thanks

  5. Can u post a review with some high quality games like need for speed ,asphalt etc…
    And can this phone be rooted easily?

  6. Hey farees,

    i really appreciate you for posting info.

    can you please guide me about Skype video call???


  7. Interesting….

    Can you also upload some pics,videos which is taken from the set it self so we can get a quick look at its camera Quality

  8. And also its auto focus time , is it 720p and upload some samples with Flash n with out flash if its not a problem for you and thanks for providing these info


    • what with Flash and Without Flash, I am honestly getting confused why you guys are asking FLASH PLAYER again n again? Write in detail what do you want me to check

      • What hassam is asking is that can you post some camera picture samples with “LED FLASH LIGHT” and “WITHOUT LED FLASH LIGHT”. He is not talking about flash player.

      • Dear I will post, I am not getting time for that as soon I get free I will tomorrow its sunday, I will get the snaps and Video from A8 .

      • I’m not saying anything about Flash player, just saying Take the pic with the Flash ON and a pic With Flash OFF.

        sorry if my words are confusing

      • Join the Sharing is Caring Page on Facebook ! I have posted a pic there and right as u say I can take a pic and post it directly so you can see the result. 🙂

  9. Good work. Can you just tell here the resolution of its cam’s video? Are they 720p? & how are the still pics? Good enough? Need a quick reply here as might be purchasing it… Thanks!

  10. Will this phone work if I take it to the US? You mention the A8 as dual-band that is 900/1800 frequency while the box states it is tri-band i.e. 900/1800/1900. Can you please confirm, thanks.

    • Dear Are you on Facebook everyone is interacting with me there.

      Here i was trying to record Skype video A8 to A2 and A8 to A8 but having some issue beside it discussing on Sharing is Caring Page , I am going to record and upload ALL about A8 and Apps … you better join FB page

    • Phone Noir A8 is way better but new sets are having battery issue, A10 has just screen display chance and camera is way worse than any Q phone

    • I dont have the technical detail but you better join Qmobile Discussion page on FB and ask content manager Moeed he has A9 and will guide you there

  11. i have just purchased one, its awsome set, however it gets charged to 100% and immdiately drop back to 95%, after that battry works find, it last the whole day with modest use

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