83 comments on “Video Review – Qmobile Noir A8

    • Dear I am not a gamer and I HATE GAMES on mobile that’s why I have no idea if you read the technical information I am sure you will get the idea what this phone can, and beside it I am doing to download game and check, tonight in a 2nd Video Review Video

  1. some advice for making your 2nd review looks good and formal:
    you may delete this comment while moderation, it’s just for quality improvement!
    1) use only one language
    2) move your left hand lesser, as compare to 1st one
    3) show some basic views as well for example, SMS, Calling, camera options, gallery etc.. though i know how they look like in 4.0.4 but you are reviewing it for every one!
    4) if possible show Skype, specially front camera result.
    5) you don’t play games.. ok! but show some basic Qapps like talking tom, angry birds etc.. which will fulfill users demand, because saying to everyone i don’t play game so i m not reviewing games does not sounds good, u say u believe in sharing and caring, so this seems little bit personal view, u r showing what u want to share 😛

    • 1. There is no Angry Bird or pre-install games in this.
      2. I am giving Review of Overall phone, Not representing Qmobile .
      3. Skype at the time I am recording entire Pakistan is sleeping.
      4. I cannot log into Gallery and Personal stuff. ( I am sure you understand it well )
      5. General queries about phone, I over them up like before A5 I did .

      If I am showing what I want too, Indeed Sharing is Caring that’s what I believe in. My aim was not to give reviews but Sharing
      Sygic Navigation Pakistan Map Crack APK from where I decided to help other others as well at this time not only here but FB & email.
      I get queries and This is not my full time Job, I am doing this for the people to aware them.

      Unfortunately, People just want to come here over and Review but none merge up as a team since I don’t have access to many phones even
      A2 and A5 anymore NONE is willing to do this Task, Well if you think you can do better, I would Appreciate Join and Help out people no
      matter which Mobile phone have. I am not a Gamer but I think you are 🙂 Right Let’s Help Coz Sharing is Caring.

      Thanks for the suggestions,

  2. brother if rooting is successful so what is the advantage of it is it required for increasing internal memory or any thing else.And please tell me would you have any updates about qmoblie a6 and a10 specs

    • About A6 and A10 ill write and post as i get free from work and rooting than operation system can be upgraded features to.know.more join on.sharing is caring FB my.page ita on.blog too video reviews and other who has are there we are all sharing help caring 🙂 i post here n link there discussion interact freely all decent n sober
      Must join n share because not.only reviews but apk music erc there

  3. where are these videos i visited the site but i don’t saw those except the three that you have uploaded.can you give me link of those videos which you have mentioned above.

  4. 1) wht about display is it good, like sharp and smooth, not like Noir A2,A5 ???
    2) wht about user available RAM, how much is it???

  5. sorry main ne ap ke uper wale comments nhn pare the. main ne sharing is caring like ker iya hai. sorry for disturbance

  6. slam.bro Q A6 mai flash player kese instal hoga.adobe wale kehte h k apki device support nai karti isko.ap bata sakte ho?

  7. Asak,
    I am seeing reasonable comments on your blog about .So, I want to ask that:

    *Is A8 durable or just like their old phones before Noir Series?

    *Anybody using it and satisfied with this mobile?

    *I am hearing from some people that its price would decrease after mid-February. Anyone has info about this?

    *Does it lag or crashes when more applications are running or loading a heavy page?

    *Price of used A8 or anyone selling it?

    I would be thankful to you for answering my queries


  8. Hey bro do you recommend a8 ?
    If u want to buy a mobile within 18000 Rs do you think it is worth value 4 money ?
    Is it reliable means allah na kare keh kuch din ke baad koi probem ho jae phone.. (mein This is the first time i think of buying a chinease phone so i am kind of nervous)

    Plz help….

    • Dear Usman,
      I am sure by now it must be clear to after visiting my blog that I have no personal gain out of this, I started up because I had information and I suggest the best of knowledge after testing the gadget so there is no need to be nervous else you would have noticed negative comments about me beside It A8 is the only Best Mobile in under 15k range else I would suggest you for Xperia P.

      Regards ,


  9. bro a6 k baray main kaha ja raha ha k is ka camera r batry perfect nai actually mujhay khareedna so plz help me and what about camera & batry of a8.

  10. Salam. 1st I appreciate your work n devotion, thanks. I am in search of a smartphone functional as well as cost effective,
    and also want to know about the display and resolution is it 480*640 or 480*800,
    Can this phone play 720p videos? And what about the 3d games.
    Also suggest me the one between A8 n hTc desire HD or in similar range..

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