18 comments on “GFive Brovo G95

  1. I really have doubt about the 4 gb rom and internal memory.
    DIsplay quality doesn’t seem to be good as well. 262 K

    • the quality of the phone is cheaper too, as compared to Qmobile or Hauwai . this phone has specifications as hauwai ascent p1 .

  2. All G five products are useless. These products had only large size. A2 is a nice mobile, i m using this mobile set & really had reliability on it.

  3. please one question, is it confirmed that the gfive mobiles which are available are not the same as kivu Gfive original chinese company? and as u mentioned that the quality of this device on hand is not like that of qmobile, bro did u check it urself? oh i did too much research on specification and all this bench marking reviews from chinese website now, if they are not actual but a copy then why to waste 15k, please guide me a good phone in the range, bca i can not re buy, when 3G comes , please guide me a goodphone with similar specs along with 3G, but dual sim, or u can get i neet the above specs, but a good worth of price

    • Gfive is indian company they are gearing up with standard and affordable sets, in 15k yet A8 is the best but its not 3g , i am going to import phones in jan 2013 which would be having class since my aim is not cheat but to provide the best to my people and remembered in their prayers rather than being like rehman malik so hang on 3g isn’t coming any sooner sets in 2013 all will be 3g.

    • Why not? We must appreciate and learn like this pakistan will.be in stone age if kept the ego in products .
      We import tomatos from there so we stop them too? Pan? How about all india movies? Come on 25% are basically indian in pakistan. Why deny the fact on gfive.

      • i have a one issue to use g 95 bravo all other things are good in use. i am facing problem in using g cloud feature. problme is that my device is not showing online in device list. all othere feature of cloud is ok mean contact and sms album etc are uploading and downloading is ok. can any one tell me how it be online in device list. device name is also listed .

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