13 comments on “Malala Mystery?

  1. While you are avoiding television channels, here is something from the internet! When Swat was under Taliban control – she spoke up against them! She has been honoured by the government of Pakistan with a National award! More on her here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Malala_Yousafzai

    The reason for all the hullabaloo is that she, not many others, spoke against oppression of Taliban! She stood for what Quaid-e-Azam said: that this country is for free men and women, free to live their lives, to practice their religion.

    She is not just one girl, but represents all the girls in Pakistan! She took a Taliban bullet for all our sisters and daughters!

    And frankly – the army be damned if with all their budget if they cannot protect that little girl, and her two other friends who along with her are fighting for their lives in a rawalpindi hospital!

    If anything, the operation is long overdue! Time the army and everyone who does not want their sisters or daughters to be shot at for going to school, to rise up against these Kaafirs!!

    • Thanks for the link and information, least on one thing we are mutual “kaafirs” , Army failed to protect so thats why now they are willing to counter strike so called TTP , in north waziristan.

      My prayers are with her she first like my sister,May Allah bless her with health and quick recovery.

      By the way what is with madonna? Why pop star naming malala on her back? How does this links…

      • I am not a Philosopher I think what you have mentioned in other comments I fully agree with you, I have deep respect for all and I know we are are equal in front of Allah.

  2. Dear Farhan,
    Personally belonging to, and living in an area known to be the ground zero for an extremist ideology, i know the importance of Malala in this whole saga. Malala is a teenage school girl. Her father works with the Swat Office of an Islamabad based Policy think tank NGO. Earlier in 2009 Mullah Fazlullah, local cleric, who also happens to be son in law of the defunct and banned TNSM, the Sufi Mohammad led group, banned female education in entire Swat region. Malala at that time used to blog using the PTCL Vfone EvDO based internet service. She used to express her opinions on the bbc website.
    People used to comment on her blogs as many westerners were quite perturbed as to what was happening in Swat. Later when Army led operation returned Swat to normalcy, she opnely came out criticising Taliban retrogressive and fanatic policies. she was awarded a national medal for her brave stance, which irked the Takfeeri Talibans.
    In the picture, she met Richard Holbrooke and pleaded the case of reconstruction of hundred of girls schools destroyed by Taliban in Pakistan. This meeting took place in American Embassy in Islamabad and was attended by USAID officials because the aid money is channeled through USAID. The woman shown in the picture is not Malala’s mother but rather an official of the islamabad based NGO that her father works for.
    Now the rest….. As far as Madonna Malala tatoo is concerned, it is a publicity stunt by Madonna as she is famous for doing these things a la our Meera and Veena Malik style. She was shot at point blank by a terrorist. However the bullet luckily didint pass deep inside the brain and just skimmed the skull bone, fracturing the left mandible bone, passing through muscles of neck and landing inside the left scapula bone. She was just put on ventilator so that her brain gets rest and swelling arounfd the brain tissue because of the ballistic effect of nearby passing bullet gets healed. Because of the security threat she was air lifted to Birminghams Queen Elizabeth hospital.
    Now she might be just ther ordinary girl, but this incident has become a symbol of resistance against the takfeeri ideology of mostly Deobandi/ Wahabi/ Salafi based Taliban.

    • Thanks first I read and I had this idea your a doctor. I would like to discuss with you on this specific issue via email . Rest is for everyone to know ,just as you have mentioned.


      Farhan Imaan F.Abro

    • Malala at that time was only 10 Years old and he used to get help from bbc who r jews islam enemies… How was that possible for a swat girl at that time to make her own webblog…dont u know what she had said about Hazrat Muhammad(SAWW) Sunnah… Are’nt u a muslim u cannot listen to the heartbeats of thousands of my sisters in waziristan!! At the time of judgement day we will further discuss on this topic. Gd luck

  3. My email address is already given as i type this post. You will be able to see it as an Administrator of your blog. Please feel free to contact me on the issue if your need details of the issue

  4. On the day of judgement. We all have to speak infront of Allah. U have bbc information but u r not listening the heartbeats of thousands of our muslim families of waziristan.

  5. U r praying for her recovery but R u praying for thousands of waziri muslims…u have gotten only malala as a sister but every girl of waziristan is my sister

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