15 comments on “PTCL 3G EVO TAB Eid Offer .

  1. Yup! Its really a garbage that PTCL finally decided to throw at this EID. They must’ve done it before at “Methi EID” I should say as no one (unless a fool) would have buy it for Rs 25,000 (the prvious price tag).
    The price is still high as for attrecting good amount of customers but yet I’m sure PTCL will get rid of that garbeage with this offer.

    As to confirm you: This TAB does’nt support Skype for video-calls however voice calls works perfect. As an alternate you may use Fring. Tango. or Yahoo.

    • Indeed I know Professional Educated did bought this and were happy to pay 25,000 something which is 2nd class China made.

      Well Thank you for the Information



  2. Continue to my prveious comment:
    This TAB does’nt support adobe flash but video streams for H.264 should work on it. The biggest draw-back is however is its almost no internal memory (200 MB Mostly) while you can still get a tab with 4 GB built in under 10K.

    The only good thing is the 3-month unlimited internet that worths Rs. 6,300 itself if excluded the device costs you 5,700.

    So.if you are a user who like surfing. e-mailng.multimedia, on the go then go for it other-wise dont get trapped by PTCL.

    • But when It doesn’t have out feature to connect with Laptop and utilize Internet what good is paying or saving 6.3k , eventually its a loss
      in both manners if one gets, person wont throw it off after 3 months if he/she recharge again it will lost 2100 per month now that’s not a
      wise move at all, Yes I have EVO Cloud and I am using it, It works on Roaming I carry it along and I get fine internet speed makes sense of
      paying 2100 but this TAB , has Low Internal memory , 2.2 Froyo which out dated it came in 2010 Jan. Now world is even done with 2.3 ginger bread
      Streaming is important for TABS else they are like E-Book Readers.

  3. Thank you guys for making my decision easy!
    i was about to purchase, just came back from office where they are not sailing with out reference and blacking it. . .

    • Its out dated froyo 2.2 os , if want good in bit more trust me chinese one is best same size but wifi needed to use it , 4.0 ICS OS , 512 mb and 1gb ram 4gb internal , skype video supportive , flash player yes, and all ipad got.. if u r in karachi goto sadar n get it yourself or i can do a favor go with you. Serious that one worth evo tab is garbage

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