66 comments on “Easily Root Noir A8!

    • Dear its an old one and I have tried these methods of both A2 650 Mhz and 1Ghz yet only way was Manual Rooting which only for programmers .

      Thanks for Sharing 🙂
      God Bless you

  1. bro can u tell me one thing, after rooting a8 what os i will b getting in my phone..means k jab root kardoga mob ko to phr kya same default ics he chal raha hoga us main?

    • Yes same OS ICS where you will have options to make firmware changes by deleting unwanted pre installed apps n partitioning sd card linked with internal memory, cpu over.clocking etc…. google for more details and dont mess up because after this warranty void ! Once rooted

  2. Farees. I have A2 and few games like Temple run crashes at the splash screen. I think this is due to the buggy rom of Qmobile. Does A8 comes with the same problems?

  3. farhan bro plz answer my question that how to transfer my game from pc to my noir a8 .i transfer it but i cant see in my A8

    • Dear Connect Via usb
      On phone screen click Mass storage
      window will pop up
      copy the games from the folder and paste them in the folder you ( DESIRE )
      disconnect USB
      and open File Manager
      to go Desired Folder
      click the APK file

      PLAY 🙂



  4. I have successfully rooted Qmobile Noir A6 with Bin4ry Script. Yes the same that we used for Noir A8. Its working like a charm. There is NO NO NO risk. Just install online and offline device drivers. I mean first install drivers with device is On and then reinstall drivers while device is Off. Then run the script and click restore. All is done within a minute.

    Now brother farees tell me how to increase my phone speed and stuff like that?

  5. plz plz plz find a method for rooting of noir a2!!! i neeeeeedddd MEMORY! i have 4gb micro sd card as compare to that foolish 92 mb internal memory! ahhhh!

  6. i bought noir A2 in september. its under warranty and excellent condition
    as A2 is still in healthy demand, how much will it sell for now ?
    or how much more amount to pay in order to exchange it with A8 ?

  7. dear how to install android apps on memory card in noir a6 ….how how how…because 2gb is not enough …….beacause there is 3 types of memory as show 1st 1 is phone memory,,,,2nd 1 is,,,sd memory which is 2.07gb. this is also a phone mem………3rd 1 is memory card ……i think u understnd my problem

  8. Can we remove from signature of email Qmobile A8 ” Sent email through Qmobile A8″. I would like to remove it from email signature but unable to do so. some one told me that its in their programming and cant be removed. Thanks

  9. kindly inform me how to eliminate q mobile signature after my signature line after my own signature it is like this
    ” this message is send from noir a10″

  10. mai ne apna noir a8 root kar lia hai par is main cwm install kaise ho ga .
    mai ne ehtisham k dono method try kiye hain par sp tool wala error deta hai aur dosra b nahi hota . please help

    • how to root A8 incpak type it on google first link appears will guide you one by one I have updated Ehtishams missing steps with images as well.

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