3 comments on “200,000th Unidentified buried by Edhi

  1. You are very right. I have also lost my faith in so called democracy. The country has literally gone down to the dogs. Both liberals as well as theocracy has disappointed. While the liberals have always been confused and not able to find a proper solution to our problems, or at least not having that political will, while for the right wing theocracy, reminds me of the following verses

    اُٹھا میں مدرسہ و خانقا ہ سے غمناک
    نہ زندگی ، نہ محبت، نہ معرفت نہ نگاہ

    تیری نماز میں باقی جلال ہے نہ جمال
    تیری اذان میں نہیں ہے مری سحر کا پیام

    قوم کیا چیز ہے ، قوموں کی امامت کیا ہے
    اس کو کیا سمجھیں یہ بےچار ے دو رکعت کے امام

    I am waiting for a miracle but they say that the statistical probability of a miracle to happen is less than 0.000005.
    Its all so disgusting. My mind hurts badly

  2. Sorry for posting and littering the same all over. You can remove the above post as it has already been posted in another thread. Thanks

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