23 comments on “LG Nexus 4

  1. This phone will be priced in Pakistan at least Rs 35000. This is because of import charges and the habit of Pakistani businessmen of overcharging the customers … this phone is in no way will rival to Q mobile . Q mobile is creating market of their own in low price range, rather than competing with nexus and Samsung high end phones ( it does compete with Samsung’s and HTC’s low end phones) Nexus is a great phone at affordable price. And wait a minute … Android 4.2 now i am going to buy it !!!!!!!

    • Indeed its much better cause price expected has little difference if Q got it out above 20k they will fail , cause LG and Nexus both are world wide known

  2. It will be availble after 13 nov internationally

    It is priced at 299$ so I guess it will 370-380$ here in Pak
    as google play only lets one device at an address, same thing that happened with Google Nexus 7

    International market mein yeh 330-340$ ka milega so the sellers here will ask for 370-380$

    Price will be high it will be sold around 34-37k for sure

  3. For those who dont know, the krait is the most powerfull processor to date, and the adreno 320 is the best gpu available. So this is probably gonna be the noir a10 x10 in performance. Unless ofcourse Qmobile use the same chipset

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