5 comments on “G Five G3D

  1. G5 may be a good mobile but its comparatively newer when compared to Qmobile. Qmobile has been here for quite some time and built its repute. it may not be comparable to brands like Samsung etc but yes they are quite reliable. Have one Qmobile at home and am more than satisfied with its performance especially keeping in view the price I paid for it 2 years ago. But like a typical Pakistani as soon as Qmobile realised that they have built their repute and people are going after their brand they increased the prices. 16k is not that much of a price for Noir A8 but keeping in view the launch price of 14.5k I clearly feel that perhaps they didn’t expect it to be a hit and when it got hit, Qmobile simply created artificial shortage to increase the price. I do want to buy A8 but not at their terms. I’ll wait, even if I have to wait for months, for the price to go down and would only buy when I feel that the price is justified for this specific brand. As far as G5 is concerned I won’t put my hands on it till I get some positive reviews coz I don’t wanna spend my hard earned money on something I don’t know anything about.

    • Alternate has just reached Market Noir A6 with same specification as A8 you might want to check it out in the market TODAY LAUNCHED , yet their site has no updates but let me give u PRICE 12.5k ICS 4.0 internal memory camera all like A8 just the shape is different a bit like A5 . check it out and A8 is short .

  2. GFive have MTK6575 1GHz Processor where as QMobile A8 have MTK6577 1GHz Dual Core, so there is the Difference,

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