282 comments on “Qmobile Launched Noir A6

  1. faree ..does noir a2 support compass? it shows ami 304 e axis magnetic field sensor but compass doesnt work ..any tips?

    • It has sensors but the problem is these Q fellas has blocked it so A2 1Ghz sensors doesn’t work , where as previous A2 650Mhz works . Strange but sad there is not proper possibility to ROOT this and change from Firmware . I guess you have to live with it, until you get GPS enabled phone.


  2. it seems that Qmobile has created artificial shortage of A8 in market , so that they can pull more profit out of it. As A8 has been more popular than the company expectations. About A6, I am interested to know that screen size, as officially no one has posted any info about a6 on website expect you 😛

    • Screen Size is I think 4.3 as A8 not sure about it but what’s happening here first Q is coming up with A class like A2 , than later A1 and A3 ? does it make sense to you , well indeed to me it does ” B Class phones now china B Class is cheaper for them

      • yes may be you are right….. perhaps the company target audience are only those, who are interested in cheaper mobile sets…
        But personally I am ready to pay upto 20K if the quality is A Class and specifications are at par to the other branded sets.

      • well I agree 100% with you on this but when something they came up with 14,500/- now next week Hike it up to 17,000/- Does it makes sense ! rest Noir A8 is so far the best available smart phone no doubt about it.

    • the more we will praise A8, more the company will increase the price….till the demand and supply lines touch each other balanced.

    • A 6 Screen size 4″, 1 Ghz Processor, 4 GB memory, OS ICS 4.0 Looks like Samsung Galaxy S. Price 12,000

  3. The price is a little high. 10k would have been fine. What is the news about A5? Like we know the A10 would have a 5 inch screen etc. Any news on the A5?

  4. I bought Noir A6 today @t 11.5k for my Mom’s birthday tomorrow.
    Will share the experience as I use it over next couple of days 🙂

  5. Well, I am happy that your blog is again First for Breaking This news out. I knew about this phone A6 from when it came to market. My cosuin told me. The main differance b/w A8 and A6 is dual core A8 has a dual while A6 does not.

    • It was obvious , Screen size is 4 while A8 has 4’3 and processor change, else price wouldn’t have differ almost 4 to 5 thousand NOW , since Q sales person said A8 is going to be 17000/- above on which we all been having discussion that does it worth or not.

      Yes Indeed my blog informed 1000s via Email / Twitter / Facebook / Visitors here about it, I think I did the right thing on time by informing right exactly before Qmobile site wasn’t updated infact still none has given review of it. but I informed and yesterday Kashif bought one in 11500/- so I have to update Information.

      Thanks for your comments


  6. when i went for a8 yesterday…the sales man showed me this mobile a6….screen size is 4 inch….and processor 1 ghz….android 4 icecream sandwich…..and price he told me 11500….and he further said that it will go more than 12000 so buy this and leave a8 as a6 is similar to a8….so i will suggest for those who r willing to buy a8, should buy a6…coz a8 is short every where…
    one thing i dont know abt a6 is that a6 is upgradable or not?? plz give me this info jazakAllah…

  7. Hy Dear i am here.
    Kashif Bought A6.
    But he didn’t tell us about his Experience.
    Kindly Tell us Kashif.
    We shall be very ThankFul to you.

    • Dear I haven’t got any pic I have told those who has bought it to email me box pic but yet none has sent I’ll update tomorrow by going market n taking pic

      • Farhan – I intend to go to the market tomorrow to get the A6 – you can coordinate with me – we can meet up and do a short review together too?

      • What time cause for me it would possible after 630 send me ur skype ID here I won’t approve it ur let’s talk n set up need to do the review

  8. Do qmobile android phones have pure vanilla experiance o they stuf it with their own baked UI LIKE HTC SENS O SAMSUNG’S TOUCHWX?

    • Dear I have only given details of those who which i have experienced personally I would want to explore HTC apart from explorer , Desire, ChaCha , wildfire S and Samsung galaxy y , so than i will be able to write or answer faithfully rest Q mobile i am not their representative nor i have any gain by marketing them it is just to help out all the people !

    • Dear Rao , Yet I physically hasn’t tested so I will on sunday than I will give video review and entire complete information By Me . I dont want to lie like This n that. keeping all inform faithfully and honestly ! 🙂 Sharing is Caring

  9. plz would u llike to tell me that when will get lounch noir a10 i m waiting of a10 i m anxious to buy qmobile noir a10 plz farees reply to me

    • Dear Basit it is depending on Q Fellas as they told me ( Sales man ) I informed all, now when exactly I have no idea but I will ask again – Reconfirm for you .

      • @ Farees, I will be thankful too, if you get some news about noir a10, as I am also in the waiting list of A10 😛

      • Dear How can I get the news of A10 tell me? I told everyone already about A2 1Ghz , A8 , A6 in advance but I was not sure completely what it would be but awared now A10 specification is there How can I know when Q People will launch it =/ ????????? HELP ME

      • Dear Farees, yes I agree fully that you do not have any specific resource for the news confirmation regarding a10 except the salesman of Qmobile.
        But I guess in your A10 upcoming post, a guy mentioned that he personally saw a10 in Qmobile head office, as his friend was in accounts office of qmobile.
        You must be having his email address, and you can email that guy , so that he can confirm from his friend… this is one of the odd option you can try…. but we do not have any other option as well 😛
        the quest for a10 is created by you, and you can now do something, as Qmobile head office guys are do not even bother to pick the phone … 🙂

      • His friend is in finance dept I asked him thats how he got to know , expected was November but what it appears they have delayed it, it would be better if we wait because now they have to come up with FULL HD else it wont match the required market

      • Sad news for me because I was waiting for Noir a10, but from your last reply it seems that Qmobile is either not going to launch a10 or it is delayed even beyond December 2012.
        So I have to go for a8 (forcefully), and price is also high these days for A8….Welcome to Pakistan 😛

      • They can not delay longer A10 because other companies are coming up with latest phones too it would be here by december, A8 is good phone price is 15500 to 16000 now I know its pakistan will remain pakistan can’t change the facts

      • So far i am feeling that Qmobile is not going to launch a10 . I mean they have dropped the idea to launch of a10 and they are focusing on 3D display set (I guess).

        Even if qmobile launches a10 late in december, i am ready to buy it…. but if they have cancelled the launch of A10, then I will go for A8.

        So anyone has inside news?

        My Query is will Qmobile launch A10 or is it a cancelled product ?

        (Farees I would be greatful if you once again email that guy (whos friend is in accounts of Qmobile) for this / check from your qmobile salesman)

    • That I can only give after Review bench Mark Test ! and it would be after sunday possible, actually dont have resource to reach out and review mobile thats why I have to wait for visitors those who are friendly they share, so planned to do the reviews of many phones together, who ever has any phone which needs to be reviewed and shared to aware and get feedback,

  10. Farmers plz tell me that q a8 is more better than q a6 but a6 price 11500 and a8 price is 15500 only difference dual core and 4000 more price from a6 of a8

    • Farmers =/
      See A6 is for those who want decent android phone and willing to keep it that way – SOBER PEOPLE
      and A8 is for those who are willing to ROOT upgrade play with it – MOBILE CRAZE

      now this is my opinion to All if they want Sober android phone which does all and reason price I thin A6 and if want to explore ROOTING later overclocking etc… ( technical Stuff ) than go for A8 🙂

  11. Hello Guys yesterday i went to the market with my friend and he purchased noir a6 4 ” screen for 10900 PKR.The phone is nice and has double camera also skype videocall is working on it.The design of a8 is much better than a6 as i m currently using a8, also a8 is much faster.The camera of a6 takes better pictures with flash as compared to a8.But according to me both a6 and a8 are great sets when u compare them with overpriced 3″inch display smartphones.

  12. Dear Hammad i went to market today and had a chance to see the a6 unpacked. it has 1600 mAh battery. The thing that i noticed was its manu was a bit jerky and not as smooth as i have seen in the video review of a8. rest of the features were fine. it had flash 11 as well. screen resolution was great too, but i could not find out what GPU does it have, or does it have any or not?

  13. asalam o alikum frhan bhai.
    please tell me A6 Ram and internal memory..
    is it have low memory problem like A2.
    i buy A2 and i am facing low memroy problem when i install new apps memroy memory error comes so after deleting old apps i able to install new apps. kia is problem ka koi hal hai.?

    • A2 is very limited phone dear , hardly 4 to 5 apps it can handle this problem is very common because million of apps and users face low memory better take my advice sell it off and buy A6 which has 1 GB for apps + 1.9 GB phone internal storage and RAM 512

  14. i have just bought a6 in 11000……quiet awesome mobile…nice touch….display is good….superb mobile and full features in a range of 11000..

    • When can Expect Bench mark test Screen Shot by you hope you know how to take Screen shot if not ( press hold POWER and than press VOLUME – ) it will take screen shot , I need bench mark images when does it stand , kindly if you download benchmark any app and do that send me via email at farhan.imaan@gmail.com , I would appreciate your contribution

  15. Dear farhan is here any one can tell me what does mean by smart camera is it result better then vga camera ?
    And does Noir a6 can play hd games ?

  16. I am not understanding ur point. actually I am not that much into phone. many thing’s I don’t know how 2 operate . in fact I m first time using any Android phone

    • My Review is depends on Any A6 user from karachi, so far Gibran had to buy but he’s waiting for A8 too, all in Delay till someone is willing to share and review comparison with A8 / A8 .

  17. Qmobile makimg good and cheap mobile but for those people who just in intial stage or try to buy first android mobile screen quality’signal reception’wifi strength’camera and call quality are not good in qmobile thats way the price of qmobiles are low and aforesaid things provide samsung htc and motorola if u want quality then buy android mobile of samsung htc etc and if u want just android software without proper user interfernce then buy qmobile i dont say that qmobile is not good but in term of quality

  18. Dear Faree
    as u asked in ur previous comments that qmobile noir a8 will be available on 8 november but still i cannot find this device in market

  19. salam freinds koi plz ye batae ga k a6 me gpu ha? konse model ka or kia isme compass dal jae ga me kal lene gaya filhal to easily available ha bas gpu k shak me chor dia ise pahle k ye b shot ho jae koi bata de 😛
    or isk screen sunlight me full visible hoti ha me nokia user ho tabi poch raha hon or finaly ye k batttery timing kaise ha a6 ki approximately kitne din andazan jis k pas ha wo kindly chek kar k gpu ka model bata de a6 ka

  20. Dear Faree, are u still planning to post video review of A6 this sunday? cause i want to know about the hardware details of it, and if found suitable would like to buy it as well. thankyou

  21. Have just purchased Qmobile NOir A6 { Peshawar Market @ 11100 }
    Really a nice Phone. Nice Touch, Awesome Screen, Good Speed.
    i’ll suggest – Go for it – if u have limited budget & ur demand is a good android Phone.
    Overall Good Specs / Performance / Design / although a copy of Google Nexus S (a little modified) but still its Good.

  22. hamid bhai plz gpu chek kar k bataen konsa ha nd battery timing kaise ah kitne hours or benchmarking share karenho sake to thanks a6 b anqareebshort ho jae ga or phr ye b lena mushkil ho jae ga:P so plz hurry\

  23. i was just saw this link in other web so, i m pasting this youtube video link here…

    Adil has made a short review on the Qmobile Noir A6: Youtube link: /watch?v=DVs-irKex8A Video Title: Qmobile a6 benchmark Uploader ID: Adil adi

  24. Hi

    I want to suggest one thing I’ve seen in QMobile Reviews and even on QMobile Web SIte they give all the specs details except the PHONE RAM, this is very important spec of a Smart Phone, please when ever you do a review please must specify the RAM of the phone like 512 Mb or 256 Mb or 1 GHz etc. Because when i decided to buy a Phone I check it’s Display ( Screen SIze, Resolution, Pixel Density ) , Processor Cores (Single or Dual or Quad) and Processor Speed and RAM and Camera and the Battery Power then I decide whether I should buy the Phone or not. Now in QMobile Reviews it’s very hard to find RAM Amount that comes with the Phone. Kindly do let us know about these things in your Reviews, I will really appreciate this.

    Thank you, regards

    Imran Shakir

  25. very very poor gps, take more then 20 min to lock (skyfacing) and not remain locked, could not use for sygic navigation.

      • Used apps, GPS Toolbox, GPS Aid, GPS Test but no use, Cold Start is very Long and No Reception in Door although my Galaxy Y, have very good reception and Cold start, I Modified the GPS.conf and gpsconf.xml files and view the GPS Debug Log but i came to the Conclusion that MT6620 GPS Chip (inside Processor MTK6575) have low Reception.

      • It works for my A6 to, at 1st it did’nt worked but later i select Changed the Device Type and it works and now A6 is really rooted.
        Select Device type:Special, rest the script will do it all.

    • It do Works but Cold start is too Long, you have to wait for some time, before it get lock and then drive, actually i compare it with my Huewai Ascend Pro, which have same price but Fast GPS Lock.

  26. 2 days ago i went to buy q mobile noir8 after reading your review of noir a8. All the shop keepers said that its short, some even told its discontinued because it was having some problems. Them i decided to buy Hyundai H943 with android os 2.3.3, 410 mbs ram, 800 mhz processor in RS 12500… have i made a right decision or i have made a wrong decision.

    • also it has about 250 mbs of internal storage. theres an option to shift app on sd card but it dosent completely shifts it to the card instead some part of it remains in the phone memory. this phone is using almost 120 mbs to store about 8 apps. Gps is working fine. It also supports 3G. Also it has 5mp camera

      • on back and a front for video calling. i have installed skype but havent checked it if its working or not. also it has an older ARMv6 processor so i cant install the official version of flash. and not to forget that it has a warranty of 1 year

  27. ohhh i forgot to mention that its screen size is 4.3” and about 0.9mm slim. now what do you say about this set.

  28. How to root a6? I have not tried any trick yet so please tell me if there is any problem using any software like Superoneclick or unlockroot or any other. Tell me risks.

  29. I have successfully rooted Qmobile Noir A6 with Bin4ry Script. Yes the same that we used for Noir A8. Its working like a charm. There is NO NO NO risk. Just install online and offline device drivers. I mean first install drivers with device is On and then reinstall drivers while device is Off. Then run the script and click restore. All is done within a minute.

    Now brother farees tell me how to increase my phone speed and stuff like that?

  30. qmobile noir a8 is now available in mkt if anybody wants it then i can help at Rs.16,200 insha Allah, and a6 at Rs.11,000

    • I was so much impressed by its appearance, display, touch response and build material that I didn’t check other stuff in detail 😦 but I previously have good experience of going to their support center so hopefully they will not disappoint me this time as well 🙂

  31. I just purchased a6 today. Its wifi and bluetooth is not working. I will be visiting q mobile support center on monday now

  32. Hey guyz im using Noir A6 since last week….. its a nice mobile phone…. everything is fine and working……. in the last awsum mobile,,,,

  33. hi… I Bought A6 Yesterday ….. awesome Mobile… Great Battery Life…. And Way Faster Then my Samsung Ace …. the only Draw back is the Camera…. Flash Does Work ,,, But the Night Shot Sucks,,,, Still…. All together .. Its a Great package …
    Now ..Plz .. if any one can help me .. I Want to root A6 … But so far .. i didn’t find any reliable source … If any one knows a way … Be free To share … there are many People like Waiting to know how to Root A6 … Waiting Anxiously

  34. farees.. kindly tel me how to use gps IN A6 as i have turned GPS on but it keep searching stelites for a long time and then disconnect…i also kept mobile direct to sky…

  35. AOA.
    A6 owners plz tell about its battery timing..

    Real views will guide us to purchase a good set…

    Waiting for nice replies

    • Dear I have A8 the result is good , about A6 physically I havent tested but the users submitted many photos on sharing is caring facebook Page you can join and ask there. it is almost alike A8 GOOD

  36. Qmobile A6 Poor GPS Performance is because it is only GPS (StandAlone) and unable to Utilize Assited GPS because it is unable to connect to the Supl.Google.com Due to invalid SSL certificates at PATH /SYSTEM/ETC/SECURITY, i have tried various SSL certificates (SuplRootCert) but the output is same as given below in the debug log.

    18:20:38.815 SUPL: Trying to connect to (supl.google.com)
    18:20:38.815 SUPL: Device Name
    18:20:38.815 SUPL: m_device_name is null or not found.
    18:20:39.329 SUPL: entering GpsHalSuplSSLHandShake()
    18:20:39.329 SUPL: CERT error 0
    18:20:39.329 SUPL: SSL_ERROR_LOG: GpsHalSuplSSLHandShake: 958
    18:20:39.329 SUPL: (connect_failed)
    18:20:39.329 timer SUPL-connection Stop

    if anyone has any idea plz assist

  37. Hi If you want to root contact me. If you are having problems movie your apps to your sdcard also contact me. Matlab ager ap kisi ap ko move krte ho to wo internal phone storage me move ho jati hen or ap apney sd card ko use nhi kr patey then I can solve this problem 100% guarantee k sath. 03224048149

  38. I’ve finally got the replacement mobile (A6) and its rocking…

    I also had a look at their upcoming mobile A10 which will have a 5.1 inch screen. Looks were great I must say but seemed a little slow. That was not the final version though so may be the final release will get some performance tweaks.

  39. I Purchase Qmobile A6, only 2GB memory, 1.5Gb for phone and 512 for apps, what is this yar!!!!! you said 4GB memory!!!!

    • Overall is 4gb where all phones has this partition , even A8 has 1gb for apps and 2 gb phone storage , dont worry its enough for internal app.

  40. i want to sale my Q mobile Q6 just 10 day’s used warranty start from this December..skype video calling.camera result is awsome if anyone buy and intersted so call me… 03159953328………. final price 10600 i want urjant sale

  41. i want to buy Noir Qmobil which one is better A6 a8 or A 10 .. replay me fast with cogent reasons … also price… thanks

  42. Hey faree dude. Whatup??
    Acha yar suno.. Em planning to buy a10 in january. Will the prices go down by then??
    Another thing, ive being surfing through many sites and came through alot of aweful user opinion.. They said a10 has a touch screen porblem and digicom dont claim warrenty. And other things like that.. Can you give me an overall review about the set?? And tell me should i buy this phone or not??
    Because ive been searching alot lately and i just cant find another phone with the sames features within the same range.

  43. bro can any body tell me abt a6 battery time,i mean if i m using skype,how long can i talk? how many hours? reply plzz

  44. Hi Farees. is there any way of unlocking the screen without using the power button. The main problem and only problem so far I found with my NOIR A 8 is that there is no way of unlocking the screen display except to press the power button to activate the screen.Well there is no harm in that, but it looks like after 6 months of use, this power button will stop working. any ideas on this?

    • So far most of the phones has similar way to unlock now I can’t say for sure after how long but be nice it will work fine. Rest without it there is no way which I know.

  45. Hello, I have heard that Qmobile has launched Noir A5 classic with good specs in 10,000 Rs. Is it true and any review about it………..!

  46. i’ve bought an a6 😥 i dun kno how to close the recently used applications in it… and the wifi isn’t working… y 😥 ?

    • Manually u have to go in app manager to see running apps and to close, use clean master app. Download it easy n useful.

      Wifi what does it says? Why can’t u use it do you have any personal conflict with wifi or u don’t know how to configure

    • Thanks for the image, but that wasn’t clear kind send me viewable and also of the BOX specification to be seen clearly. help appreciated

  47. i locked my A6 phone by pattern lock,, and unfortunately i forgot dat pattern. Now after attempting so many patterns my phone is locked,, and now cell asked for the gmail id and password. i enter the id and password but it says invalid id or password.
    now plz suggest wat to do. :-((

    • No dear A6 still has poor gps same issue to fix it method is given on INCPak.com after rooting it can be fixed completely but company default issue is there its poor / weak

      • Hello everybody…let me tell you my Unfortunate story with A6 first of all A6 GPS wont work without wifi because normally all mobiles have AGPS wich is assisted GPS it will only work with wifi..any way i also bought A6 and i found it very good phone in this price but unfortunately i had some screen issues in A6 that on third day of purchase i noticed that my brand new A6 touch screen slightly poped out of its body so some dust going in to LCD i tried to push it back but again it came out of its socket slightly so i decided “Es say pehlay kay yeh screen he bahir aa jai es ko bech do” so i sell it out in loss of RS:1000/= and when i go to market next day i did not found any other good brand phone having these functions in this price the price is not even near to it i found Samsung Glaxy S DUOS which is near to A6 but still A6 touch is better so i decided again to buy A6 and hope this time i will not face body problem that was just an exceptional case which happened with me i think.I hear somware that A8 have this dust going inside problem too..is any body faced this problem kindly reply

  48. salam
    i have a qmobile noir a6
    its power button has stopped working and when i took out the battery it started itself.
    can anyone help me with these?

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