23 comments on “My Mother’s 3rd Death Anniversary – 4th November

  1. 😦 very sad to read your post.. Allah ap ki Ammi ko jannat ul Firdaus mein jagah dey Ameeen…
    Or jin ki Mayein salamat hain Unko itni taufeeq dey Allah k woh unki khidmat ker k jannat kama sakein….

  2. Ap ko pata ha jab b aap un k liye Dua e maghfirat kertey hogey tau jannat mein Ap ki Walida ka darja buland hota hoga…
    Or Naik Aulaad tau waise bhi Maa baap k liye sadqa jariya ha … Ap koi bhi naiki kerein tau indirectly sawab ap ki Walida ko pohnchey ga.

    • brother,

      My life is simple, I follow the path of simple rules never lie and never hide, as far help is concerned my Allah knows I believed in Change I became Change for all those who needed a Guidance, I believe in Free Education for free and I guide everyone on the net blog / email / facebook page I have no personal gain out of it just to suggest them the best and guide them properly , as a human we are here in this world for some time but the fear of Allah keeps me away from evil and make a way for me, I am sure she must be aware of what I am doing in this world as her Son but I am 100% positive that all I do is for the love of Allah. In the name of Allah.

      Thanks Brother ,

      May Allah Bless you and your Parents Ameen

  3. Allah apki mother ko Jannat ma onchy darjy pa faiz kary or sab ko tofeek ata farmy k wo maa, bap ki khidmat kar sakain..

    • Ameen !

      May Allah open everyone’s eyes they really don’t know the preciousness of this loving relation, they are too blinded in this world, Surely your prayer must be heard.

      Thank you Abdullah

      May Allah Bless you and your Family, Ameen

  4. Farhan, mai apki himmat ko salute karta hoon. May her soul rest in peace forever, and almighty Allah give you the courage to bear this loss. Ameen

    • Thank you sir , One can only know his strength when there is no other option left ! I remember clearly that I hold myself no to cry just to encourage my father brother and sister ! I didn’t cried a single tear that day I was managing them where as all were crying and asking me why aren’t am i crying. how can I tell me them that this courage is the blessing of support others in this hard time. I wasn’t expecting myself that I would face all like there’s nothing happened but eventually its the fact we all have to die, return to Allah here in this world I am know with my father’s name but surely I believe in the day when I will be called with my mother’s !

  5. Salam Faree,

    my brother, My eyes are full of tears after reading this.

    I also love my Mother very much and i don’t know how my life will be without her.

    I shall pray for your mother in all my prayers. May Allah Almighty Bless your mother and grant him a high place in Jannat.

    May Allah Almighty make us obedient to our parents and We should love and respect our Parents Always.

    • W/salaam ,

      Dear ask orphan what’s the value of mother, Even Prophet (SAW) was orphan once someone asked he Who is the best companion in this world Rasoolallah replied : Your Mother , WHO IS AFTER THAT , Rasoolallah relied : Your Mother , Who is after that ??? Rasoollallah again replied : Your Mother , who is after that ? Rasoolallah replied : Your Father ! which means 3 Position in a ranking are all to Mother as the best companion, You all should Respect Parents and Mother Spend time with her, no matter million times you say Ami I love you won’t be enough ! dont forget to send or do the Hajj with her ! please I am very unlucky son neither I could go with her nor I was able to send her due to financial issues, now what I ask myself, Kindly share this with all you can ( RESPECT PARENTS when a child calls parents he always refer MOM and DAD – AMI – ABO – MAMA – BABA means Mother First .

      Thank you for praying for my mother I really appreciate your comments and kind words May Allah Bless her With health and long life Ameen.

      I prayer of an orphan , Allah Never Ignores.

      May Allah Bless you too .

      Thank you so much


      • Bro
        the Quote of the Prophet P.B.U.H u have mentioned is that

        the person has asked who has right for my good behavior. Rasoolullah said Your mother. Three time He said your mother, then fourth time He said your father.

      • Salam again brother,

        Yes i know the position of Mother is so high three times higher than of Father.
        Yes we should love our Parents more than any thing after Allah and his Beloved Prophet (SAW).
        The hardships our mother has faced for us and our mother’s love does not have any subtitute.
        We do see in any creature which God has created the Mother’s love for her children.
        I do have wish to go on Hajj with my Mom & Dad or to send them. I pray to Almighty Allah that i may soon be able to do that.(Inshallah Next year)
        My Brother, I pray that your mother have a really high rank in the world after this and May her soul rest in peace and May Allah Almighy Grant her place in Jannat-ul-Firdous.
        Yup i do also say the same as Ami-papa or mom dad.
        I couldn’t reply you the same day because i didn’t understand that what words should i use. (my heart was full of emotions)

        In the night i was crying because i am a kind hearted and loving person and i was thinking of how life will be when my Ami will not be with me.

        Ameen. my brother, i thank you very much for your prayers as well. and yes i know the prayer of an orphan is never ignored by Allah.

        May Allah Almighty Bless you and your family and Allah Tallah ap ki Ammi jann ko Apne Mehboob (SAW) kay sadqe se aalah muqaam aata farmaen. Ameen.

        Thank you brother & stay always happy.

        Sumair Ali

  6. اللہ ان کے درجات کو بلند فرمائے اور ہمیں اپنی مائوں کی قدر اور خدمت کرنے کے قابل بنا دے ۔ آمین

  7. Dear brother
    I was a quite reader of your blog but 2day when i read about your dearest mother it makes me to break my quitenes. honestly speaking i am 32 and a fan of young guy like you i like your honesty and info that you share with all fellows.
    we can only pray for your mother that may ALLAH give her place in janat and give you encourage to bear this painful moments Ameen).

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