80 comments on “Do Not Buy Qmobile Noir A8 above 15000/-

  1. Yeah – was in the market today – though the phone was not immediately available – but the shopkeeper was asking 15K flat for it!

    • That’s the whole issue Q Fellas aren’t giving any official statement why or why not ! its market people ruling as they want that’s why posted

  2. If we just get smart and dont buy this cell for one week after its availability then its market price will reduce to 14k
    But people of pakistan are stupid they will rush for it and pay above 14k and its price will then rise to 16 or 17k in the market

    Thats what happened before and history will repeat itself

    • I wish Pakistani Mobile Crazy People under that Q is getting this phone cheaper as 10,000 hardly and selling it for Mobile Market Mafia Associations RATE Fixed , They need to learn alot yet where as GFive is constantly progressing in technology and Q which is micromax Mirror Company is switching processors and Screen Size nothing Big as 3D or Projector built in . You will see in Feb 2013 Entire Market scene would be on the phones with projectors 3D built in complete power pack Internal storage linked with Cloud cutting this stupidity by Q by giving 92 MB in A2 and other phones up n down . People Need Awareness and they are getting by blogs which are personally hosted not by Company or Marketing People.

  3. Hi evey1 i realy like A8 but its not available n price b barti ja rahi he mera sawal ye he k agar me jan ya feb tak wait karun to muje mobile marketme mil jae ga?n price down ho ghi ya or ziada???plz tel me

    • Dear hopefully price will get stable since A6 has dropped 500 now 11000/- about A8 it will be in market expected price as I quoted would be 15000/- and it will available by 8th november , by jan 2013 of course it will be lower than this cause new android phones sets to launch too even 3D screen and projector built in so qmobile has to launch A10 too. Don’t worry you will get it in budget range in couple of weeks.



  4. my question to bilal that how he bought a8 on 3rd november?? even i was searching from before but couldnt find it….almost i tried every where but those who had a8 were selling at much higher price (above 17k)…this is a question which is coming in every ones mind who wanna buy a8..:)

  5. I bought the phone from Al-Madina Center in Township market lahore in 15 K and yeah it was not available in Hfz Center or any big market.
    This was his commitment to me and if any one of you who wants to buy it please wait till coming Monday or try market tomorrow. as 9-10-11 are official holidays. Wait 3-4 days you will surely save 1000 rupees inshALLAH

      • tell you honestly they dont know many things since these phones are same as micromax just gets programmed here as many i have met all are Lakeeeer ke Fakeeer ” if i wouldnt have helped me and other as by themselves people would have followed insanely today atleast 2000 to 4000 are getting awared daily from this blog ! about Q now if you want me to post this I can show you A8 is SINGLE CORE which i am sure not all the users know

  6. Though I dont have A8 yet I belive A8 cant be dual core!!

    I would prefere buying A6 over A8 if its avlaible for 10,500

    • Dear Muhammad , It is dual core , Graphics is single core, there is a difference between specification of A6 and A8, Rest A6 so far seems like a good phone, yet I have to know more about it.

  7. farees as far as my thourght is concered so q mob a10 will be better more than a8 i m not aware of a10 price what will be price of a10 but i m waiting of a10 i will buy a10 mob farees will u make review of a10 plz tell me ok

  8. saw your blog n found all the info i wanted abt A8. Some idiots are spreading bad info abt it, i wanted to know its battery timing. (talk time actually) can you help…??? thanx 🙂

    • Dear, battery time if u keep gps off, brightness auto and gprs off when talking it will give you more than 6 to 7 hrs non stop don’t keep volume full 80% u will get perfect timing.


  9. The Q-Mobile display center in Electronics Market, Saddar, Karachi quoted a price on PKR 16,000 today.

    Isn’t that like wrong considering they cant go above PKR 15,225. They told me that the prices have been revised.

    • Ali they are also Haram khor like our politicians and government what good to do expect from So called Muslims deep inside ( PIGS ) .

      Q Haram Khors

  10. Salaam, its nice to have such a blog in PK. A2 & A8 having the same battery specifications 1300 MAh. I don’t think A8 would be a battery friendly phone due to screen size and built in software like messenger maps ymail etc. you can’t force close them. they will restart and the process consume more battery. Regards…

    • Infact its doing so far a great job as compared to battery and screen size just maintain by auto brightness , gps when needed and kill apps on back end works very well! Beside it personally I had no issue with timings

  11. Just received this phone as a free home delivery from shopper.pk. Got it for Rs. 15,500/-. The delivery person said that they received only 5 sets. I ordered the phone on 3rd nov. That’s why they gave me priority. You guys should also check this site, they have the lowest prices of all stuff. I’m really grateful to them that they kept me in the list and delivered my order as soon as they received a stock.

  12. mai nai suna hai es mai MUHMMMAD(S.A.W) msg mai likh kar send karo tu send nahi hota or internal memory sai apps sd card mai move nahi hoty or apny marzi kai new theme download kar kai be nahi lga sakty kiya yeh such hai ?

  13. 1. It can play 1080p
    2. It can record 720p ( HD )
    3. Yes you download and install manually APKs
    4. Yes which are movable can be transfered

    Your welcome

  14. CAn u plz tell me about a10 …….
    Dual sim or not….????

  15. 1. whats the gpu in it?
    2. does it have a TV-OUT like in a2
    3. is 512mb ram enough for ICS and jellybean?
    4. will there be any update for jelly bean availible in future?
    5. CPU version ARMv7 or v6.
    6. which micromax phone does it resembles?
    7. any bugs or lags
    8. can we install adobe flash player or it comes preinstalled? and hows the performance of flash player?
    9. hows the UI of this phone can it compete with htc sense or touchwiz?
    10. sound quality?
    11. screen DPI?
    12. Video codecs and support for divx or xvid?
    13. hows the browser?
    14. gaming experience?
    15. sensors?
    16. front and rear camera performance?

    farhan these questions are poping in my brain from a week please do answer as quickly as i want to buy this phone .

    • 1. whats the gpu in it? – LET ME CONFIRM , Dear I have lost the phone
      2. does it have a TV-OUT like in a2 – NO
      3. is 512mb ram enough for ICS and jellybean? – YES
      4. will there be any update for jelly bean availible in future? – YES
      5. CPU version ARMv7 or v6. – ARMv7
      6. which micromax phone does it resembles? – Qmobile and Micromax are the same
      7. any bugs or lags – None Reported
      8. can we install adobe flash player or it comes preinstalled? and hows the performance of flash player? – preinstalled
      9. hows the UI of this phone can it compete with htc sense or touchwiz? – YES
      10. sound quality? – 8/10 Loud Speak 10/10 Headphones ( Best Mp3 Player sound Quality )
      11. screen DPI? – HAVE TO CONFIRM I lost my Phone
      12. Video codecs and support for divx or xvid? – Yes after download ( Mx player and codecs )
      13. hows the browser? – HTML5 supportive directly plays any Live stream TV
      14. gaming experience? – I am not a gamer but so far heard been the best
      15. sensors? – I think you read the posts about Noir A8 on here on blog and http://www.incpak.com > Tech Talks ( My Site )
      16. front and rear camera performance? 5MP 8/10 Day Great Night Fine , front – OK for Video Calling

      farhan these questions are poping in my brain from a week please do answer as quickly as i want to buy this phone .

  16. I just purchased A8 from karachi main out lit. Found a very interesting thing while working on its features. you can save big amount of memory by disabiling the unnecessary applications in program manager like ebuddy, yahoo msn
    or whatever. you don’t need to root the phone. I have many apps installed but still have the mem of 190mb. the phone price is 15000. it has 1gb for installation and one gb for other files n media.

  17. to dear faree
    i have A2. i just wana ask that wat r some diff bw q2 and a8.
    as u also mentioned in ur post regarding A2 that it has low internal storage especially for gaming i m facing this. and even if i want to upgrade the app such as fb the storage become to less.
    wat abt A8 internal storage for all above mentioned matter. and plz also tell abt the sensors of A8 as magnatic sensor for compass A2 dont have A5 have this. wat abt gps can it work without network support like C6 nokia.
    wat is the prize in these days
    i ll wait for ur reply because i want to switch from A2 to A8. .
    regard Amjad Ali

  18. bhai ya hd sensor game or hd songs chalata ha n8 ki tarah or is ma themes or games download ho sakta hai plzz bta dai

      • LOL okez 😛
        I think its High Dynamic Range Imaging as per google.
        Noticed one thing that when I enable it, zoom option is disabled.

    • Well, I don’t know what answer you are looking for, if you’re trying to know if HDR is available for the camera for A8 or not. In my opinion this is not related to hardware. If is just a technique that software use when capturing the pictures. My idea is that the software uses different intensities of colours and shadows while taking pictures and merge different layers to the photo to get HDR result.

      I have personally used the following free app for HDR imaging on A8 and it although takes some time to capture the image, but produces stunning photos.


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