12 comments on “Noir A6 Benchmark Test Result !

  1. Well there is a significant difference but im impressed how A8 is lagging S11 with an acceptble margin.f someone can arrange extra 3,4k dn i tnk dy must go 4 A8.but one thing i i am unsure of Does 1gh cpu A6 gives a headache free ovrall experiance? RAM is 512 and Cpu 1GH so running multiple apps and their overall efficient smooth experience is compromised for not having dual core o its smoother but ofcours not blazing like dual core?Detailed reply is awaited.THANK U

  2. Can anyone confirm me if A6 has a light sensor? and its total availabl internal memory is ame like A8 or not?
    Many Thanks

  3. Help me plz. Im unable to move apps like Tapatalk, Chrome etc and games like fruit ninja etc. downloaded from BlackMart Alpha to SD card (Phone storage). The option to move apps to SD card is available to only those apps that are downloaded from Play store and not from any other source.

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