44 comments on “A6 vs A8 benchmark test.

      • Dear Usman
        I would only be able to review personally until I dont have a set in my hand , which is like BIGGEST PROBLEM at this moment, hopefully i will try to get my hands on so i could give all review personally Video and written.


  1. Salam Faree,

    Thank you for sharing this with us.

    please correct the following sentence:

    Let me know by your comments, they are valuable for all those visit here.


    May Allah you all.


    • W.Salaam
      Dear Hassan ,
      everything is in front of you I am not a blogger basically my work is concerned with journalism and music , cars and business it is just i am helping others out now technically speaking Tips I dont know but be ahead in information , dont duplicate cause google notice same duplication which may reject your blog from search engine, beside it advertisement dont work be originally yourself, automatically when people visit and comment you answer them you get to know more. if you want to know more let me know saw your blog fill it up with widgets and make yourself properly visible so others can find out who are they talking too.


    • Thats not even closer to A8 , A10 read my specification and S3 that’s what they are TRYING TO HIT maybe you find JB OS 5 Inches much space 1 GB on micromax if not on this Original Qmobile Company – Since our everything is FAKE . btw A8 is turning 17500 tomorrow. 12th Nov 2012

      • Dont buy in such price , Q guys has lost sanity , that’s total insane the price they have set now after knowing what they launched in market without awareness about it, we are giving them boost by this so it is better to wait if you wanted to buy they will come down by December or so.

      • I have checked site of micro max and found this cell same as sent u link already: http://micromaxsuperfone.com/products/A110.html

        and the spec. are same to a8 except 8 mp camera & 5 inches display.
        I have checked ur spec about a10 as well.

        I hope they bring a processor with 1.4 ghz dual or quad core & at least 1gb ram with 8 GB Rom then they can bring some thing closer to s3.

        & salam ka jawab to de dete hain bro.

      • W.Salaam Sumair I am honestly answer too fast because I am working on INCPak website, which is way massive and to the point where specificly I want all of us to stand for PAKISTAN sorry , my mistake I didn’t replied last time ( Wala’ikum Asa’laaam ) Yes I am aware of the upcoming model as I have mentioned on the blog , with in this week The blog will be shifted to TECHTALKS ( INCPak ) thats where all would be able to share and check all the updated information and I allowing all to contribute since INCPak started by me but belongs to all the sons and daughters of PAKISTAN . TOGETHER WE STAND , DIVIDED WE FALL ! WE ARE THE CHANGE . our media gonna be little bit upset trust me since I am against Yellow journalism and falsehood.

        will need you there to contribute , I am sure you would stand along with me 🙂

        Farhan Imaan

      • Faree, May Allah Almighty bless you.

        My bro. i can understand u.

        I also hate this journalism which is going on every where in our country on the name of Freedom of Speech they are destroying our youth. and the crap Rulers on us & the bloody politicians. it is really time to bring change. Our minds are being controlled. On most paki channels you see it in the shape of Dramas, talk shows, and ads etc which contain content which is misleading us. Leading us away from Islam. We should follow the Quran & Hadees & Sunnah of our beloved Prophet (SAW) Only then we can get a solution.

        Until we don’t stop adopting others cultures and thoughts we will not be on the right path.

        Yes bro. I will be always there.

        Sumair Ali

      • Thank you and May Allah bless you and your family Ameen it is time now when social media is preparing to have a battle with electronic media http://www.incpak
        Com is being prepared and I want my brothers and sisters to stand along aware this nation and tell the world we aren’t what they think of us, indeed no doubt what you just mentioned I think after a little view u will understand what I am on and inviting you along together we are the change and as believers we won’t bare what is being imposed on us.

        Love live pakistan

  2. Salam bro, if the specs you have stated for the A10 are correct, then its not comparable to s3 because the s3 has a quad core processor with exynos chipset. Tbs, if the Q fellas put a dual core krait processor, then it might come close. Anyways, when is it coming out?

  3. Bro what do you think of qmobile a6?
    I am asking because i want to buy a mobile with good gps & screen & also to run all android apps.
    samsung mobiles doesn’t not good screen so many apps would not run.
    So what do u say?

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