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  1. I will buy this phone, if it is rival of S-III. But it seems hard for Qmobile to offer these specifications in 20K.
    Lets keep the fingers crossed and see what they are upto 🙂

    • If the specification less than this it wouldnt be worth waiting for and price tag better be 20 k if up than nexus 4 and other branded phones are way better

      • The lg nexus 4 cost 299 dollar which is equal to 28000 ……and it has quad core Krait processor and a hd screen …so if LG and google can make such phones in less price so why not Qmobile …..LG nexus 4 is better than s3 n galaxy note 2 in terms of performance ..

  2. i think you are expecting much more.. I am not saying that they can not provide. If they really provided these specs it is going to be great achievement. But i heard from qmobile franchise guy that its price will be 18-20k so i dont think that these specs are gonna come in a10…

    Mostly i am wrong. 🙂

  3. well today qmobile launches a10 but its not as u were expecting so sad 😛 only is 3g 8 mega pixel and 5 inches ips screen further all same as a8 512 ram 1ghz dual core 4gb rom

  4. its out now from Qmobile official page…since 5 hours..:)
    and as far as i can see it’s clone of micromax a110 canvas2 😛
    just 3g is that is attracting else its below expectations…:(

  5. A 10 has revaled by Q Mobile I am sure you will after it. Q-Mobile was threatened by G’five and introduced thier set earlier than expacted but my question is are all the expectation fulfilled? The answer is definately “NO” The new A 10 is a full copy of A 8 except Q Mobile finally introduced 3G and a bigger screen 5″ FWVGA IPS LCD and 8 MP camera. Viewing these speces the price should not and I am sure won’t cross RS 18,000 /= mark. As per my opinion it should 17000 rupees at most.

  6. i wana sale my noir A8 (ROOTED) wid 8Gb memry card / with XSMART’s back cover n
    “screen protector applied” on LCD
    complt boxx 10/10 condition.
    warrenty will start in 2013 only at 15,000.
    fix price.no brganing.only for serious buyers…. every wanted app is installed n also ROOTED A8 for Lahore only 0321 5065087

  7. The person who wrote this article he have to keep in his mind that galaxy s3 price is around 60000 and A10 is only 18500..So how could you compare A10 with galaxy…Shame on those person who are still not happy with A10….
    I think this is the worlds best phone in this price….
    I am in dubai Indian and philpines peoples are telling me daily that Pakistan are introducing Good and nice mobiles in low price…
    Belive me there is no any other company in the world who will offer you this kind of cheap mobile with this specification..There is micromax but performance of micromax is too low then Qmobile…
    Dont think that I have A10..I am using Iphine 4s..But realy I like A10 reather then Iphone 4s…

    • Before you disrespect learn to respect.

      You have a full right to share your views but first get to know the facts and figures, those indians and philos which you mentioned i guess have same mind as yours.

      The actual import price is 60% of the cost and there is no check and balance, i am not the only one here but millions understand that.

      Iphone user and appreciating A10 strange for me, kindly next time google up before you comment here.



      • Mr.Faree
        You should lean respect before you disrespect not me.
        The way you wrote above its look like you are against the Qmobile.
        I know you are feeling so bad due to my comments..
        The every weak point of qmobile you had shown above.
        But why you forget to write the few plus points of Qmobile that.
        It has dual sime with standby battery.
        It has lower price 4 time then Galaxy s3..
        Dimensions of the phones and etc..
        I know I have not much deeply knowledge about phones..
        But still I can understand which is good and which is bad…
        Never be one sided…
        Always look both side(what is good and what is bad in the device) before you write any colum or reviews..
        and please dont mind..
        I am sorry if you are thinking that I have disrespect you..

      • No need to be sorry , critics are always welcome this is how one improves.
        1. I am using Qmobile myself
        2. I been guiding all related to any issue they face since Q doesn’t provide online support.
        3. I agree so far Q is doing a great job but consider the fact the they aren’t keeping good relation with customers.
        4. I didn’t mind your comments that’s why i approved, we all have a right to share our views.
        5. A10 classification is way different than S3 but to make everyone understand you need to give an example which i did.

        I am not personally into phones but humanitarian i love to help and share do visit my site http://www.incpak.com a place where i am allowing people to speak up for the issues problems , good and the bad changing the trend here, i am sure you will like once you will read about and join us.

        May Allah bless you and your family.

  8. I think Qmobile is not bad in this price…
    And there is no need to have online support coz qmobile is avail in pak only..
    Almost in every city qsupport center is available…

    • S3 is 100 times better , Uzair comparison between S III and A 10 is totally wrong, A10 has nothing more than A8 where as expected was 1 GB Ram and 1.4 Ghz processor

  9. Hey Farees first of all i would like to say that you are doin a great work and this forum rocks 😀 secondly i wanna ask you that from where could i get the Noir A10 back cover or casing/pouch .. its no available even in Saddar yet … can you help me with this ?

  10. Hello friends
    What do you think about Google nexus 4 with 2 gab ram and 1.5 gh processor.and android jelly bean 4.2
    Price is 250 for 16 gb usd which is equal to UAE dhrms 925

  11. hy can you please compare and give your expert views about battery time of both noir A10 and noir A8 which cell better performs in term of battery ? because at the end of the day battery time does matter

    secondly kindly tell which cell support better Skype video quality in front camera ?
    looking forward an earliest reply ,

    • Common sense A8 and A10 are almost alike now if you stretch display size do u expect to get more timing?

      Skype video calling works fine on both without any issue

  12. @farees
    yeah if its is common we wouldn’t be asking you 😛

    any how on a serious note i was confused cos on some websites battery of A10 is 2000mah and for A8 is 1800mah
    kindly elaborate do they have the same battery or different ?
    similarly some websites are showing that A10 have 1.3 mp and A8 is having VGA front camera ? thats why i was asking about the video quality

    hopefully i have better communicated my query now .

  13. Hey, am thinking to buy A10 :/ but its memory is 1.48gb and dnt knw about the camera i shoked to hear that it has 8mp .. how’s the camera result of A10 OR I just buy HTC one-v it has 4gb built-in memory but 5mp cam ..
    suggest plx 🙂

  14. Kindly tell me if any body knows the video formats that noir A10 can play? And what is battery timming using internet? Plx help…..
    Text me on

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