1. does it works with a10? Is it possible for the q fellows to determine if the set was rooted previously and then it was unrooted? actually im having some minor difficulties with touch and was affraid that if the problem increases then i would not b able to claim waranty. I will wait for your reply

      • faree…does rooting void warranty? im using qmobile a8..now i want to unroot it let me know does it warranty starts again? by unrooting it?

      • Yes it does voids and even if you unroot and at any time your phone went to Q hospital they will know by the software the check it will tell exact time or unrooting, if you do than forget the warranty card.

  2. Assalamu alaykum.
    Dear Faree, Can the Device Rooted by the above-described method be UNROOTED easily?
    Thank you.

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