45 comments on “Qmobile Noir A12 is Next

    • Well it’s my right to inform and be helpful as much as i can, thats why i have started INCPak and Faree’s Mart so everyone gets phones and tablets at company rates 🙂 no cheating of the market

  1. q mobile not deserve above 20 thousand , because low quality cameras and main thing is poor battery , i am using qmobile noir a8, so if you have above 20 thousand rupees, go for other brands like samsung ,sony ericsson,htc etc.

  2. I think it will have the newest mediatek chip i.e MT6589 which in fact is a quad core chip with cup’s clocked at 1-1.2 ghz.It will support 13mp camera and PowerVR Series5XT.I think the price will be around about 20,000 or so.

  3. Any new updates about the launch dates of Noir A12. Do u think they will launch it before the end of january.

  4. Salam faree…!! plz help me decide between noir A6 and noir A8…. which one I should buy…… plz suggest me…thnx.

  5. i want to know that noir a8 is upgradeable to 4.1 n 4.2 jelly been…..and next Q is after rooting what we get?

  6. I.have used qmobile A10.and A8. I have no friend but mobile.and the whole day I.am.playing with it. I had very problems with.Samsung sees.but belive me sir,in.2,3 months I.am.having no problems with.q mobile.I.like.your page which is very interesting. Waiting for Q A12 anxiously. I.would like your expert advise from.you in this regard. Have a good day sir.

  7. salam faree.. i want to buy Qmobile A8 but i am hearing news that its price will decline more from 13700 so is it true? should i buy it or wait for price to decline more?

  8. i want to buy new mobile which one is better.A10 or A12.most of the times i am traveling internationally.A12 Have Dual Sim.

  9. A Qmobil is very smart phone and I found very advance r quiet mobil
    december 2013 used q mod il
    A8. A65. A12

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