Qmobile Noir A12 is Next

As I been always telling you before time, this time there is a News that Qmobile going to launch Noir 12 which would be more like a Samsung Note, (Tablet/Phone ) expected screen size is 5’5 and specifications are unknown yet, but it is expected in end of January 2013, for those who want BIGGER its gonna be a Big Charm ! beside it Qmobile is also looking forward to launch Tablets in 2013 I think they are determined to make all china things as Q😛


well Noir 12 Note is expected above 20,000/- let’s see how it turns out, so far max they came up with is 5 inches Noir A10 which is great for the games but Noir A8 I prefer since its very sober and decent.

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    1. Well it’s my right to inform and be helpful as much as i can, thats why i have started INCPak and Faree’s Mart so everyone gets phones and tablets at company rates:) no cheating of the market

  1. q mobile not deserve above 20 thousand , because low quality cameras and main thing is poor battery , i am using qmobile noir a8, so if you have above 20 thousand rupees, go for other brands like samsung ,sony ericsson,htc etc.

  2. I think it will have the newest mediatek chip i.e MT6589 which in fact is a quad core chip with cup’s clocked at 1-1.2 ghz.It will support 13mp camera and PowerVR Series5XT.I think the price will be around about 20,000 or so.

  3. Salam faree…!! plz help me decide between noir A6 and noir A8…. which one I should buy…… plz suggest me…thnx.

  4. I.have used qmobile A10.and A8. I have no friend but mobile.and the whole day I.am.playing with it. I had very problems with.Samsung sees.but belive me sir,in.2,3 months I.am.having no problems with.q mobile.I.like.your page which is very interesting. Waiting for Q A12 anxiously. I.would like your expert advise from.you in this regard. Have a good day sir.

  5. salam faree.. i want to buy Qmobile A8 but i am hearing news that its price will decline more from 13700 so is it true? should i buy it or wait for price to decline more?

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