32 comments on “A10 price dropped

  1. Qmobile is losing trust next time I would be careful to buy new launched phones I have to bear 3000 loss this time’

  2. i checked out a8 price & now its 13500.
    wow just wow i am thinking of buying it.
    mein te q mobile hi lai san…:)

  3. Micromax has released a successor of A110(which is Noir A10 in pakistan):
    check out the specs @

    its a quad core and is about 15000 in india. I think it will be launch as A10 or A12 in pakistan. Also the gpu is upgraded to PowerVR 544 which has scored 40 fps in NenaMark2.

    I think this will be an awesome addition in noir series. What do u guys think about this?

  4. Hey Farees

    I want to ask you two questions…does viber run ok a8 and a10

    does it have the capability to save unlimited sms on phone unlike a2….

    and is any of the fone upgradable to remove the blootware(preinstalled apps by qmobile).

    I await ur reponse as i am using….htc inspire 4g…



    • Viber is running i havent tested myself because non i know uses viber but i think bug is fixed,
      2. Yes unlimited no issue with storage.
      3. There is way to upgrade it , but officially yet upgrading is not available but i have seen JB on A8 and for some facts i know this phone got more than people expect, but i am not programmer so i can’t guide people related to manual update

  5. Salam, i m thinking to buy Qmobile A10, kindly suggest k buy karun ya nae plus i have range of 20 thousand & also kindly tell me I heard rumors of new mobile sets of Qmobile.. whats the truth behind it & should we wait for new cell model ya go for a10 & when they will come out

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