26 comments on “A9 and A12 specification

  1. If any person having a10.then both the sets are piece of crap.I think its gonna be 1.2 ghz.4.1jelly bean 5″ screen.1 gb ram.these sets are useless.only a molded screen is a difference

  2. Qmobile are crazyy very very very dispionted specification..at least they should make 1gb ram..What is this same 512 ram and 1.2 gh cpu..just they change the shape…

  3. Hi, there. Yesterday i bought a10 now i have 2 questions, hope u can answer them. 1st is that the gps is not tracing my location how to fix this as u hav mentioned method for a6 can something simillar be done on a10? and sencondly im running windows 8 64 bit on my laptop,from where i can get drivers for my phone? I hav tried several times with the cd that came along with it but no good news till now… I think that u are the only person which can help me

  4. Frankly speaking without 1 G RAM, these sets are useless…. Qmobile has been disappontment this time again, although i was expecting even 1 G RAM in a10.

    micromax a116, is actually what i am expecting from qmobile but with 4.3 to 4.5 inch screen. but who cares or listens from QMobile, their media content managers are pathetic….they do not listen to the voice of people, they are just making their own strategies.

    • Failed dear Q fellas are sick of me for guiding people.

      I recommend everyone the best buy with no.personal gain and they.have been contacting via various ways the blog your on is the replacement killer against fooling people thanks to.google who made this search site enabled since people like you daily visit subscribe via email and share

      Time for sorting out and guidance unlike sell the garbage.

  5. nothing changed.i was watting for A9 and A12 and before that A10 but qmobile disappointed me and allz.
    as u mentioned here frhan bro that ram will be 1 gb
    but …….

  6. as you are into some kind of mobile selling business as well.,.. can you please guide me, if somehow, can i import or get micromax a116 mobile from india ? any method ? /online / posibility ? thanks and regards, Ali.

  7. According to Qmobile comparison page A9 has 5MP camera instead of 8MP. Now there is no reason to buy A9 instead of A8 is i m correct???

    • There is no reason to buy any of 3 upcoming models I guess one must stick to A8 for next six month than you will see the actual Android phones, personally what I think Android must have huge Ram to run the phone flawless

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