How to Tackle Internal Memory Issue Qmobile Noir A2

This Post is very useful for Noir A2 Users, Finally via Xda found the cure of the cancer ” Internal Memory Issue ” since it  was very annoying now there is a way to cure the issue. Click the A2 Image below and visit > Tech Talks Latest developments and most of the Questions / Queries I get, All together INCPak Team is now coming up with Solution and on Sharing is Caring Facebook page  discussing various technology related issues

Click the Image to redirect the Link to Original Post

Click the Image to redirect the Link to Original Post



  1. yesterday i did that it works well i just transfer google play services from phone to external also go keyboard now i want to tell you when i perform that method i saw many features are available in noir a2 it also has gps but it was disabled from compnay i didn’t enabled it sum one please try something with cyanogen mood it has many features search it thnx

  2. this is very good mobile fone.. but it has short internal memory you cannot load more apps and unable to move in SD, text message catch unknown msgs when i open my wifi directly into my inbox.. i want to sale this mobile phone @ 8500 with 7 months warrenty contact

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