43 comments on “QMobile Noir A16

  1. well, your prediction regarding a12/a9 was also wrong, plus a10 was also below your expected and blogged specs.
    So I positively suspect that a16 will also be not with these specs.

    Do not over expect from Qmobile, they are still targetting cheap sets, with pathetic marketing strategies. I wish that a16 is with these specs, but i am 110% sure that it will not be canvas HD 😦
    Sad but true …

  2. I think A8, A9, A11, A12 are same not a big difference, the Qmobile should bring new phones with new specifications.


    • These days people want less phone more note or tablets 4 and 4.5 is the last feasible size after which phone looks odd in pocket and on ear

  3. i am a metric student now i am using a samsing galaxy infuse but want a noir a16 i will buy noir a 16 if it would releas in pakistan till 18april or otherwise i would go with noir a11 because noir a12 is campletely rubbish

  4. Display Center Guy said today that it is going to be launched in June 2013, or may be till mid June.

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