17 comments on “Viber issue resolved for all Noir Series users – INCPak.com

  1. Viber sound issue has been resolved by VIBER itself, last night i check for update and thr it was, i updated my VIBER to 2.3.4, in its change log *Option to use your device’s sounds instead of Viber’s*, thr it is, after i update, i turned on the option of System Sound instead of VIBER in its *SETTINGS* then i called my cousin in Qatar, and the sound was crystal clear, looks like they resolved it, i m using Qmobile Noir A8

  2. i am in dubai and trying to make call through viber but after the 2 rings the call droped only chat is going smoth please tell thats whai should i do so many times i uninstalled it and then installed it again but same problem .

  3. i bought noir a10 a month back; at first the viber was working perfectly; but, now neither does viber work for calls and nor do TANGO and LINE. Viber chat is working perfect; but, whenever i make a call, i can hear the other end quite clearly but the other person can’t hear me at all. there are about 5 a10 mobiles in our family out of which three are giving the very same problem. plz help

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