25 comments on “Qmobile lied about the upgrade Noir A8

  1. Q didnt lie, all the people couldnt understand, on the box it was printed 4.0 upgradeable, it means if thr’s any update came after 4.0.4 of ICS, it will upgrade, on GsmArena u can see whenever they mention upgradeable they write the full version like 4.0 upgradeable, 4.1 upgradeable, 4.2 upgradeable,

  2. Plz tell mwe once which to buy qmobile a8,a9 or a10
    You told me to buy a9 but in your previous comments you havce said that q8 is the bst phone in thwe qmobiles history plz tel me which to buy

    • I didn’t noticed that have to ask A9 user join Sharing is Caring or QMobile Discussion Page on Facebook you will get good help there

  3. guyz just let me know if you have a8 and its written on the box that its upgradeable cause im gona drag these bastard to the court. funjaby@yahoo.com contact me with the box … consumer court always discourage these type of companies.. i hav a8 but i didnt find upgradeable on it or let me know where its written. thanks.
    if they dont upgrade even we can ask they dont void the warranty if we upgrade it manualy.
    help me out guys

  4. i have seen that they write on A8 box that it’s upgradeable, it’s on the top of the box.

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