144 comments on “Jelly Bean OS update available for Qmobile Noir series phones

  1. So if we want jb on our noir a8 we have to go to outlet, haven’t they uploaded it to any website from where we can download and install it from sbcard by using cmw recovery…

  2. kindly do let me know if any rom is available for a8 with jelly bean? or if i can download jb for noir a8 from any site. i’ve rooted a8 and i can install any rom. i just need a rom with jb.

  3. It means they won’t upload it online but we will have to go to the outlet and get it updated! Problem here, persons who have rooted QMobiles won’t get the update from the outlet…? But persons having un-rooted Noirs will get them updated from the outlet.? Please answer me whether they will update the rooted devices???

  4. Salam…Nice info, i have A10 would love to upgrade but didn’t get the point “can go to Q outlet and get it updated.” I mean where specifically in Karachi, can’t we upgrade via default android software update utility? thanking you in anticipation!
    take care

  5. Hope so if they won’t upload on website faree plz try to araanage that upload on ur blog as I am living in dubai

  6. Hope so it will realse on website by the end of this week or next week please try to arrange firmware on ur blog also as i cant go to outlet for upgardation of my celphone

  7. I went to Gulshan-e-Iqbal service outlet in Mumtaz Mobile Mall and they were so rude and said that we don’t carry it although they are lying!

  8. Oh Bahi
    A10 ke confirm sahe chana wali jellybean ke update agai k nhi?

    bnda kir le badh mn rota rahaai
    best of luck

  9. yar farees bhai lewa rom for a8 has too many bugs….. but awsome os….bro please can u make xperia rom for a8……please broo………………………………

    • We are currently working on A8 , A9 and A10 – Yet we don’t have A6 so can’t assure you about the upgrade or porting different ROM


  11. HEY! I mailed the Q guys they told me to ait and its been a month. I want my Noir A10 to get an official update to 4.1.2 Jelly Ben by Qmobile. But I dont know what the problem with them and how long will they keep me waiting!

  12. Hey Admin or what ever,
    I have been contacting Qmobile for my Noir A10 to get a Jelly Bean update. They told me to wait and now its been like a month. I want my Noir A10 to get an official update by Qmobile itself (No rooting or custom ROMS by me), but i dont get what the problem is the Q guys are just not releasing an update.

  13. there is a big frooood no update is working properly. i update my cell a 10 and after that motion sensor is not working so frndz never update a10

  14. Farees! You said that the Qmobile have confirmed an official Jelly Bean update for the Noir A10. Its been a month now, the Q people are not responding. Whats the matter, can u find out. I don’t wanna root and use custom Roms, I want an official stock update.
    Thank you!

  15. can this Noir A8 custom rom based on touchwiz be ported on A6 different is screen and single dual core processor but both have armv7

  16. Hello.
    Buddy i want to update q.a11 jellybeans but there is no any link in any site but other.q mobile set has updates link ..now wat to.do..guide me

  17. hey guys please help me … I’m suffering from the start logo of incpak on my noir A10 after update on 4.1.2jb system …and after that the Q Mobile’s logo appears … please help me about how to remove that logo picture … Asap please … 😦

    • Dear there is a problem with Jelly Bean 4.1.x it consumes battery as compared to ICS but the issue is fixed in Jelly Bean 4.2 which we have released for A8 and A10 , A9 is next and kindly next time leave a comment on INCPak.com so I can reply you as soon as possible.

      Stay Blessed


  18. how can i update my Noir A8 to jelly bean 4.1.1 right now it’s ice creams….Do i have to take it to Qmobile outlet to get this updated or can it be possible through net/online…..Kindly please guide me?

    if possible please reply to my personal email ID which i’ve provided when i’m writing this comment.


  19. Thanks for the info.

    I wanted to know if there is an update available for noir A7, currently I have 4.1.1 installed (factory installed, I have not tried to update it). I now want to update it to 4.3 so will I get an automatic update like other makers send or what ?

    Thanks in advance.

  20. Thanks for this nice info.
    I was wondering if I can update my noir A7 (currently having 4.1.1) to 4.3 android. Please guide me how to do it.


    • Dear I don’t know about A11 cause I didn’t had nor my team INCPak.com so join incpak forum on Facebook fb.com/groups/incpakforum see you there

  21. where is the q a11 jb update… its no where present sp where i could find it.. plz tell me about this

  22. how to update qmobile noir v5 android jelly bean 4.1.2 ….????? plzzzzzz help me…!!!

  23. i have Noir A12 mobile, my set shows this message every time (Unfortunately, Launcher has stopped).
    What should i do????

      • assalam o alikum mere pass q a10 mobile hai jis ko main ne root kar ne baad

        jellybian ka rom instal kar

        diya ab jellybian to instal ho gaya hay but kuch masle agaye hain mere mobile main who masle

        ye hain k 1 to play store se kuch download nai ho raha hay

        our agar play store se kuch daownlaod kar ta hoon to ye error ata hay

        unkown error code during application

        setting main jo about phone ka option hay who b nai kul raha flassh b kiya falsh

        se b sai nai howa our jo restore ka option ata hay volum our power ka baton aik saat dabane

        per cmwr wala who nai ata darect mobile restore ho kar on ho jata hay agar koi app instal karta

        hoon jo app mere pass pehle se download hay memory card main us ko instal karta hoon to

        app not installed ye error aja ta hay kuch b instal nai ho raha our agar phone memory se kuch

        instal karta hon to ye error ata hay there was aproblem parsing the package plz meri help kar

        do bohot pareshan kar diya hay mujhe urdu main samjana english samaj main nai nai ati

  24. Hey All. i have a problem. i bought Qmobile Z4 for my friends in Turkey. Mobiles are blocked here and i want to downgrade to Jelly bean 4.1.2 from 4.2.1 so that i can unlock here. how can i downgrade my mobile version?

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