2 comments on “Lewa successfully ported on Qmobile Noir A8

  1. Aslaam-o-alaikum,
    Dear Farhan brother, i want to install the LEWA OS on tablet (Specification: OS Ice cream 4.0.3,RAM 512mb,Internal memory: 8gb aprox, Processros: 1.0 Ghz,GPU: Mali 400 MHZ,Wifi). Is it possible to install that LEWA OS on my tablet? If yes then can you plz guide me how to install it!


    thanks & regards,
    Syed Mohammad Ali Irshad

    • W/Salaam brother,
      Yes Indeed I think it is possible but to ensure it have to test on Tablet which we working as team don’t have, unfortunately we aren’t able to get our hands on all gadgets only experimenting with which we have NOT just me but INCPak Tech Talks Team members are also equally share. I think you must join the Sharing is Caring Facebook Page and place your query there , we will take you online on skype and let you know via Sharing Is Caring .

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