7 comments on “LeWa ICS 4 for Qmobile Noir A8 – Download and Enjoy

  1. i have download and installed on mine. it’s smooth fast and good now thank you for this. great job done. thanks.

  2. i have a problem installing CWMR in my noir a8 ,my phone is rooted with super user , i have installed MTK tools , also downloaded recovery update in .img format and saved it in SD card in both .zip and .img formats but when i try to install the recovery it doesnt do anything just says do u want to install it when i say yes it says boot in recovery mode but when it boots its the same recovery that came with stock a8 no modification so please help
    i want to use the lewa os on my android noir a8

    i am using 64 bit windows 8 on my laptop can that be the cause ???

  3. i have downloaded and installed lewa os on my noir A8 from the above mentioned site. i noticed that i still get chinese symbols on mis calls etc tell me how can i permanently remove chinese and install english

  4. hi I install, it work so smoothly, but their is one issue when I open the mobile the some sort of chines is written on the screen and even when is open the message application the chines messages is written on the recommended messages, kindly give the suggestion how to remove it….
    Thanks for help

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