10 comments on “INCPak Team redefining Android Os

  1. dear aik info to de deain , kia hum noir à9 ya a10 p evo 3g use kr sktay hain with wifi ya wingle usb k , kyun k is mein wcdma 900/2100 ki frequancy to mojod hai , hum chahtay hain k direct a9 device 3g ki hi speed internet chalaye , aisa ho paye ga, ya phr v wireless ki dim k through chalay ga , lakin speed wingle ki trah 3.1 mbps ho , regards

    • Noir A5 is long lost buddy I dont have it nor anyone from my team so it is hard for me to tell you about it, I was the first one to give video review and the information about it but thats 9 months back

  2. Team INCPAK has done tremendous job regarding Lewa OS, Congrats to Team INCPAK, i have only one issue regarding bluetooth, i can pair wid any device (nokia,android) but cant receive and send file of any kind, pls fix this in ur next version

    Best Wishes
    Muhammad Khalid

    • I will personally Test on my Noir a8 since we are about to launch Version 1.2 these are just the bugs nothing big don’t worry ! possibilities lies where the problem is, only we have to look closely …

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