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170 comments on “Help Corner

  1. Somehow i found myself on the forbidden knowledge website and became almost overwhealmed by the number of sites dedicated to conspiracy theories. What really grabbed me was the voluminous amount of material available and years spent decoding numbers symbols secret societies, u name it. Would take me the rest of my life to read it all. What really stood out for me is that every man and his mother is attempting to unravel, and in particular, the number sequences and geometrical symbols.. One particular website devoted itself to the freemasons posted by a guy named Robert but without going back cant remember his last name atm. The site was headed in bold type the numbers 11, 13, 33 followed by copious amounts of numbers adding to this or that which obviously people find too coincidental to now ignore. This math and geometry is so very very ancient. Unfortunately it has been reworked twisted and made to fit any agenda and used in ways that almost defies belief. I guess this next comment wont be received with any respect but ide like to point out that the Australian Aboriginal people were the originators and masters of split mathematics and geometry. Their understanding of the highly complex subject is utterly awesome and after thousands and thousands of years was second nature to them. Fortunately they knew how to use it and for what purpose. These people were so highly in tune with nature that the math and geometry was a complement to their vast array of skills. You may search any site and research all theories but nowhere will you see aboriginal split math or related geometry.. The boomerang may look relatively not much nor of any signifigance. I would defy any physicist to design its geometry in total. The pure genious of these people is so highly under rated by the outside world in general and the comparison of their knowledge of science that the entire subject for them is completely out of step now. Somehow their knowledge spread over millennia, perhaps it walked on two legs. The original math is now so utterly confused that it is now only based in assumption and used for every conceivable purpose except that which it was originally designed for. No mathematition nor secret society will ever find the split they are looking for. If they ever did then God help us all. The theories shall remain just that and the ideas of lost symbols and number sequences will go on as always going nowhere with no purposeful meaning except that which has been attached to it. If what ive said here is deemed to be rubbish then thats fine to, it doesnt matter., im a bit old to care these days. Im just lucky, I know what I know to be true and correct. Probably the ultimate understanding I learned from the aboriginal is the pursuit of happiness.

    • Hi, can u pls help me with qmobile ph? Does a2 noir and a2 classic support tango and kindly explain what does rooted means and how can I get my qmobile a2 noir and a2 classic rooted? Thanks. U have a wonderful website 🙂

      • Search on google advantages of rooting INCPak” u will find first post

  2. kindly make a video of skype video calling on Qmobile Noir A2 and A5(if it supports) thanks.

    • A5 doesn’t support skype video and I am using A5 i will post the video of A2 after Eid . there are many others those who have requested the same .

      • farees suddenly i got a problem in noir a2 it says invalid imei and my sims wont work totally out of connections………..any help???

      • Kindly Join the Sharing Is Caring Facebook Page and Write your query on the timeline, surely you will be answered by many and INCPak Team will assist you.

      • Please help me.
        My qmobile a500’s usb port is damaged and it cant be repaired. And my android os has been corrupted. Now i did everything like restore factory reset, wipe data , wipe cache in recovery system mode. But when i use
        “update from sd card” then select , it says an error :
        ” Installation aborted ” :/ now what can i do? please help.

      • join up and ask there 🙂

  3. farhan bhai.
    exactly when will noir A8 lauch nd what will be the expecting price??

    • Noir A8 expected as the qmobile people told me would be September 2012 2nd week and expected price gonna be 13 to 14k . because we had discussion on adding Sygic built in with Pakistan Map which I composed.

      Regards ,

      Farhan Imaan

      • okay thank u very much.

      • Your welcome

  4. Dear Farhan Bhai,
    I was reading one of the post in which you mentioned that there is a TV out option in A2. I didn’t get it. Where will one has to plug in the cable? An extra connector or something would be required?

    • There is a 3 pin AV cable available in market since many digital camera’s has the same function cable is hardly 100 or 150 good one plug it in 3.5mm Jack and into Tv Menu > Setting > Display > TV Output Check mark it and there you it will be on the TV .

      • Thanks once again for a quick reply. Yeah i have seen that cable. I will buy it and will check 🙂

      • CHECK NOIR A1 too there it also support skype find out does it has GPS

  5. Dear Farees,
    I am have an issue with my Noir A2 about Internal memory Root. Please tell me how to set root for SD card. because all application installed directly to my internal memory

    • install Android Assistant app , use MOVE2SD feature, rest I replied u earlier let me know when your done,

      don’t think of ROOTING there is no software nor possible way method any of us user has found as one will , i will surely post it here how to..

  6. Dear Farees,
    I have installed this software in phone memory, but still useless some applications use my internal memory. I am unable to download or install application which have space above 28MB. Please help me out.

    • Android Assistant kills and clean from start up, do not install unwanted apps as all the apps which even goes in SD card gets some percentage of internal memory occupied. avoid unwanted ,


  7. tnx bro try to avoide unwanted applicatios. but onething i had to say that awosome applications are being charged. can u plz tell me where to download free unwanted applications.

    • Android Assistant is for free !

  8. Assallam Allaikum,

    I bought this Qmobile A2 Noir few days ago. It is working good but has some basic problems which I donot know why the Qmobile company failed to address before launching it.

    1. The TV out cable is NOT provided in the pack. It should have been provided in the pack (the company may have included the price of Phone-AV cable in the phone price) EveryOne in Pakistan DoesNot live in big cities like Karachi and Lahore. I searched the whole local market in my city but DidNot find it.

    2. The Low ROM and RAM would NOT have been a handicapping problem for the users at all, if the company DidNot incorporate everything extra in System Applications (Talking Tom, Angry Bird, etc.) as any user gets bored from such extra things in a couple of days and DoNot know how to remove these Extra Things out of already Low Internal memory hardware. There is still a way out if the Qmobile company wants this phone to be a success in Pakistani market, they should invest some money (which I am sure they will NEVER do) on developing some software which may remove these Extra System Applications (Talking Tom, Angry Bird, etc.) hence saving the already Limited Internal Memory, download-able from their official website.

  9. Dear,
    please tell me that does a5 can play HD videos through MX player,
    m asking bcoz my friend has a2 (1ghz) that plays HD videos.
    and can u teel us more about a8 ??? i mean its specifications.

  10. Asalam o Alaikum bro!!

    I recently purchased A2. its working well as its speed is owesome, but I am facing issue of low internal space, please suggest any software for this problem, I have already used Cache cleaner, Android tweak pro and boost recovery etc apps, but nothing works please help.

    • Remove all and keep just one android assistant read about it on play store u will not require multiple apps rest low memory issue will remain better use it as for your purpose useful apps only.

  11. can u please tell me how to install flash player in noir A2?
    i downloaded it from 4shared but after installation when i go to any movie site , they ask me to install flash player plugin! what is this? plz guide me , i will b e very thankful to u

    Regards: Omamah Saeed

    • A2 does not support flash player its not for A2 i posted but other android phones 2.x n 4.x else Q guys would have given pre installed.

  12. Hi
    Faree … I just want to know about your opinion on Mlala drama … what u say???

    • In simple be prepared for tough days ahead. It has messed reputation of pakistan and results wont be good favor for the ppl.

  13. PTCL EVO 3g should be bought or not I want to go for this should I???

    • Check evo which os it has if 4 than evo cause it.has sim option if 2.3 than A8

  14. i am planning to by Qmobile Noir A8. i want to use Skype, Viber or Tango etc on it, which mobile internet should i use for better service.

    • I don’t use GPRS , I think you better ask other visitors
      and you can join up on Facebook Sharing is Caring Page where all share and help out !

  15. dear farhan if you please tell me how to close the recent/running apps in a5 and how to change to the front cam from the primary cam and does yahoo masenger supports video call on a5 and does this work f9?

    • Yes yahoo supports and work well for this download yahoo plug in from google play store install and than video works .

      Cam primary after once u will be connected than u can , use android assistant download it install and let it be in internal memory u will know it has 18 features kill apps auto clean cache and start up manager.

  16. How I download pictures from facebook in q mobile A2

    • I do it this way, I use keep safe app option pops I choose keep safe directly don’t know its weird facebook has no option

    • Well bro all you have to do Install FastPro from Google play market. Its work like facebook. When you login through this software, open any image & when you open it you will say a SAVE button on top right corner, simply click on it to save it. It will save in your memory card (DCIM) folder.

      • Thanks for sharing

  17. I want to buy an android I read a lot about different low budget android phones on web but still confused coz didnt use android b4, Kindly assist me yara that which is best among
    Q mobile A2, HTC Explorer, Galaxy Pocket and Huawei Ascend Y201 Pro 🙂 …. I ll be very thankful to u, give me a honest suggestion… Best Regards

    • None better than these is A6 and ultimate is A8

      • A6 is an older release, is it true ?and on q-mobile web site their is no publicity of this model…..

      • No released november 2012

  18. The worst mistake I made was when I brought PTCL IVIO from the day one there are multiple complaints. It drops the calls very frequently, There is no up-gradation, the battery has swelled up & needs recharging twice a day. I am just using for playing games & check mail whenever WiFi is available
    Now I want to go for A6 but I read in comments there are hiccups. Can you summarize and also suggest solutions. Should I buy this week or wait for some more time. Mind you my budget is up to 12K

    • Go for A6 , Good Phone Root and memory extendable.

      About PTCL EVO you can have another Battery from the Market I am using EVO too, works fine but never had 3 MB speed

      • I brought Qmob A-8 & have finally settled for A-10

  19. hello sir i m using qmobile a2 and my utube is not working and google play was also not working it says connection timeout i m using ufone my net was also slow plz sir tell me i also try on ur fb page but i cant got my answer plz sir tell me

    • replied you dear

  20. ok sir

  21. Recently I brought QMobile A8. There are so far 3 issues I want to resolve.
    1. The background while receiving calls is poor I want to change it If I put in pic of caller it is not focused.
    2. I want to uninstall the browsers provided with phone & want to shift to Chrome
    3. The pics copied from PC do not expand & jump back to small size
    Please Help

    • 1. download Caller Full Image from google play
      2. You cannot uninstall Qapps but you can install chrome and keep the short cut on main
      3. there are various Images viewer apps search on google you will find which are better than built in one.



  22. AoA
    Bhai mere problem heh hai k noir a2 google play. Kam nahi kar raha account mangta hai phir error dy deta hai.
    Meet I d

    • FACTORY RESET , Malware issue

  23. whats ur opinion about noir a8?

    • Its a good phone.

      • m confused between a8 n a10 ?

      • Just screen size and 3g difference

  24. Dear Farhan,

    According my budget around rs, t want to purchase any latest mobile phone,friend opinion are for Q mobile noir series a2,a5, etcc, and nokia asha series. plz adv me which one is better as per my budget/technolory/durability.

    Thnking you.

    • Check Gfive phones ( Blade , Beam ,79 etc..)

  25. hi there Boss…
    I having his little problem with my “Qapps” Folder, I tried to remove it but all the apps inside the folder are now gone… NOT DELETED .. Just not Access-able.
    Plz Any one … I need help … I dnt have Facebook and Skype right Now … And its Killing me …

    • NOTE :: my Qmobile Noir A6 is Rooted and Have CWM recovery Installed.

    • Download both skype and face book via google play store.

  26. Dear
    i want to know about blutooth device attachment with A2, music player does not play in blutooth device sound comes out via phone instead bluetooth device on the other hand call can be listen via bluetooth device, kinldy help me out if there is any option any settings or not.

    • I have never tried let me try than I’ll be able to help you

  27. sure bro im waiting
    bluetooth device with skype and music do not work well please check and help me if im missing the any kind of settings.

    • Its working on my nokia BT on A8

  28. i m using noir a8!! n i have issues with my headphones, they r not working properly can u plz help n tell how to fix it?

    • Try another handfrees see if the problem exists than let me know because I personal use and I have no issue

      • i tried other headphones and still problem exists!

      • Join sharing is caring fb page and share issue there me and others will help you out


    qmobile will lauch this micromax copy next after A10, looks like it will be named A16

  30. What about rooting ??1 Should i go for it?? plzz reply asap!!! . Really Tensed cuz of the low memory issues
    And anothr thing how to remove a gmail acoount from a2 ??
    Regards Imad Khalfan

    • Rioting A2 been unsuccessful and you can change google account if you read the blog

  31. and just f.y.i ur pge is amazin nd help full as well… Cheers ! 🙂 . keep up the gud wrk

    • Thanks

  32. W8in eagerly fuh ur reply 🙂

    • Refer to sharing is caring and ask A2 users on timeline FB page

  33. can Qmobile A100 support viber voice call ? pleasw quide ma as soon as posible ! ur THANKFULL

    • sorRY i js mis to write …….mobile iz ” Q-MOBILE NOIR A11 ”

      • A11?

    • I never used viber on it

  34. can you please post a review about AINOL NOVO 7 LEGEND ??

    • Its on > techtalks phone reviews

  35. Dear Faree, I want to know the comparision between Q Mobile A10 and A8,
    actually, I need the size 4.3″ or 4.5″….. I like A8, but i listen that Media Sharing option…. and Memory Card reader option are not available in A8….
    Kindly Guide me….

    • I have explained 10 times the difference and media sharing option? Kindly give an example what exactly it is

      • Kindly reply me about Media sharing option in A8 , which is available in A10 during the use of Facebook to sare any pic. or Video etc..
        Is it available in A8?
        Personally i like A8 by size, but afraid about the features.
        I’m first time going to us Android….. Previously using nokia Symbions..

      • Yes it is , this all depends on.apps/Software not A8 or S3

    • Refer to sharing is caring i am.not able to get your query

  36. Hi There,

    You are doing great work man!! I really missed these kind of sites for local market but I miss them no more after coming to this site. Dear I want to purchase a budget tablet with GSM capability. I want to use it for gaming and video etc plus I want to work on my systems remotely using SSH and/or Team Viewer things so I want to use net via GPRS too as no internet usb or wifi work on all locations.

    I have searched google and came up with the AOSON M71G. It looks nice to me but definitely you have more edge on these things so wanna know if it is ok to buy this thing as there is no warranty with these china tablets.

    Here is the place where I found it

    And here is the slatedroid review of the product.

    So I am confused if I should go for Qmobile A10 which is now dropped to 16500 🙂 (small screen as compared to7″ tablet) or should I buy this tab (looks good with 7″ screen)

    So I count on you to recommend me which one should I get…

    Thanks in advance


    • replied u via email

      • Thanks dear, I will check email and revert.

  37. Hello,
    Your blog is really helpful..
    I am using QMobile Noir A2(650MHz), so far it is working good. The only problem I am facing is that my cell doesn’t run the games efficiently. Though they are compatible to my cell(ARMv6 version). All the other apps are working fine.. But the games get stuck or sometimes ask me to force close!
    I need your guidance to come over this issue!

    • because it doesnt have sufficient ram thats why

      • Previously, I had 15mb RAM free, so I was eligible to run the heavy games like Cut the rope, Rail Rush etc. But now, I have 60+mb free, but I am unable to run the light games either!
        I could not understand this thing????

      • Dear I am not a gamer kindly join sharing is caring FB page and ask on timeline Gamers are there they’ll help u out

  38. Assalam-o-alykum,
    Bro just saw your help corner….itz really good and helpful…bro i am using Q Noir A10…every thing fine till now the only issue i am facing is when trying to run HotSpot shield it z not working….not working in a seance that it showing me active/protected status but when trying to access block website (like youtube) it z stuck / hang on browser will not show anything, same version of hotspot shield im using on my HTC Wildfire and itz working fine…i really appreciate to lookinto detail in this regards…..
    Thanks & Regards.

    • It disconnects because its not paid version try other vpn but eventually it will occur unless full paid or cracked version

      • Thank you very much bro for your reply, but bro same version of hotspot shield i m using on my HTC it z working fine…bro can it b possible due to rooting or custom rom bcoz i m using HTC with custom rom?

      • No custom rom got nothing to do with it.

  39. Thankx bro….

    • Your welcome

  40. I have installed Sygic from your site in QMobile A10. In the huge files there are number of files not required by me e.g. Chinese, Russiah languages & speech files. What will happen if i delete the files not required by me & leave only English versions only

    • I have indeeded to share software and i am not technically related to what sygic kindly xda forum for this matter.

      • Bro. As my noir a5 runs sygic without internet.and guide me well while traveling. I m planning to buy a10 .tell me if sygic works well without internet on a10 or runs only with internet?

      • now sygic at times requires to be connected to update the maps else its totally offline some cities and areas are under constant changes even here in pakistan due to which sygic logs in and updates. else works fine offline

  41. which phone should i buy
    it should be android and within 15k
    i have my eye on noir a9

    • A9 is better choice these days

  42. Dear faree
    I am going to buy A10 or A11. Can u please tell me which phone LCD has better resolution (PPI) and software wise which one is better?? I am talking abut UI. Moreover which one has longer battery time??

    • Both are useless buy A9 ppi and IPs LCD …

  43. Should i go for a9 or a10
    Plz reply

    • A9 i recommend

  44. I have noir a8. How am I suppose to set up vpn?

    • Join sharing is caring on FB ask on timeline in detail will explain you there

  45. AoA, Bro can you please tell me where from i can buy extended battery for A8 and how to use internal storage for apps. Right now i have 1022MB which is 50% used and there is extra 2GB space in phone memory and its totally blank because im using SD Card. So, Can i use complete internal storage for apps…?

    • No not the phone memory but SD card can be linked to extend memory we are working on extending A2 than A6 and A8 so bookmark and type INCPak send it on 40404 to stay updated with all the latest developments as i am posting more there daily along with incpak team

  46. Dear FAree

    My huawei Ascend Y201 is locked due to too many pattern attempts, I am unable to unlock it using my gmail account. Plz guide me how can I unlock it,

    • kindly join Sharing Is Caring Facebook page and ask on the time line because lots of users are there they will help you out

  47. my a10 mic is not working for apps, I can however make calls and receive them without trouble. Please help

    • kindly specify which application and join sharing is caring facebook page place your query there so all can assist you quickly

  48. Please help me! I rooted my noir a2 and didn’t backup. It messed up bad. the boot screen keeps repeating but never opens the mobile. I know its my fault. bUt Please please can someone please upload a backup file from the cwm recovery with their a2? Please send me the download link so i can restore it please or im in deep trouble.
    Need help ASAP

    • Join Qmobile Discussion Page Hamza Kazmi and M Asad Moderators will guide you ( Facebook )

      • Sorry for such a question but can you please tell me what is the Page’s name?

      • Visit u will see both pages Facebook

  49. bro should i buy qmobile a8 or xperia u
    and what is the price of qmobile a8 now

  50. bro should i buy qmobile a8 or xperia u
    and what is the price of qmobile a8 now

    • Dear I have no idea about the current prices you can check them on

  51. how to use and download gps navigation q mobile a11

    • Procedure and the download APK link is given just follow it – ( Type in google search ” Sygic incpak ” first link will appear click that.

  52. should i buy qmobile a8 or xperia u

    • A8 gives you many options Xperia U doesn’t

  53. bro! i have to ask one question.few days back i have updated my qmobile a8 to jelly bean from qmobile i want to root my phone and upgrade it again to new version of jelly bean which is released by incpak members! i should simply root it by the method mentioned on incpak website? reply asap

    • It wont be that easy to ROOT JB STOCK one but than again try we have rooted JB Stock A8 and made it possible to enjoy Samsung TouchWiz , Xperia Z and Lewa OS on Noir A8.

  54. Faree Bhai
    I need a help from you,
    Plz find out how to get siri on iphone 4 its jailbreak to ios 5.1.1 or can be to 6,
    Thankyou in advance

  55. Assalam-o-alykum, bro im using noir A10 since few months and realized that noir A10 battery drain so quick, even the phone is idle/standby it z consume the battery…bro need your help in this regards, any suggestion or solution?

    • Your using ICS? Charge offline it could be battery not charged properly

  56. why android 4.0.4 of noir a6 is different from a8 both are same version menu is different

    • Os is customized by Q ASOP stock is different ICS check > tech talks > custom roms

  57. Yes bro i got it…. i was using ICS… infact i have installed a weather gadget which was using battery on standby i uninstalled the application now it z working fine…thanks bro for your cooperation….

    • Your welcome

  58. how can we use led flash in night while recording a video??is there any app for that or any other solution for that kindly share as soon as possible,,,thanks,,,

  59. Faree bhai, I need Q Mobile noir A 9, but not finding it anywhere, can you please help me in this matter, If not new one, can you help me get a used one in good condition…… Thanks.

    • Dear I don’t deal in phones and I wont suggest you to buy used one at all. since we don’t know which one are stolen always get from authorized dealer Q outlet

  60. Hey Can u plz plz Tell Me the Method Of Rooting A50 I tried the method of a6,a9, but it does’nt work so plz tell me the method???

    • A50 is JB based and JB isn’t easy to root currently we have no A50 user in our Testing Lab that’s why we have no posted the method hopefully as soon someone willing to join INCPak Test Lab to help other we’ll get the phone rooted and make scatter file recovery img as well to make it easier for others.

  61. Hello Faree,

    I got my A9 upgraded from Q customer care. I thought to remove the bloatware through rooting it but when I tried to root it. It did not root my phone but damaged it’s IMEI. now, my phone is showing invalid IMEI rather than its own IMEI. Please, tell me any other idea of rooting A9, coz its IMEI can only be written back after it is rooted. Please, help me ASAP. I will be grateful..

  62. Can I use Q mobile phone in USA or which
    Pakistani phone set I can use in USA.

    • Dear I have no clue about USA but as far as I think You can but you have make sure from there.

  63. hello farhan bhai urgent help neede.i have qmobile noir a2. not a2 lite or classic or anything just simple qmobile noir a2. i get the option from google playstore if i want to update my skype.but when i update and open skype,it doesnt open and gives the error that “the process ‘skype.raider’has stopped working”.
    please tell me how i can get the updated version of skype to worrk on my mobile.what and why are the current issues?does my android not support the updated version of skype?can i ever get to use the updated version coz i like it very much.
    thanks farhan bhai.
    regards osama

    • Your phone is not Rooted there could be multiple reasons try to back up your contacts and FACTORY RESET the phone it will surely resolve the issue, Android Phones need Reset due to many reasons

  64. farhan bhai can i root my qmobile noir a2? what is the procedure?

    plz tell me what are the risks of rooting your phone and what damages it can do?as i dont have anyknowledge about rooting but i have heard it can increase my internal memory of phone.please help.

    • There are no risk it can be inrooted like it can be rooted instructions on

  65. plz help me how t bluetoth song from a10

  66. i am unable to get ivory coast( cote d ivoire) map for sygic? does it exist? how can i get

    it on adroid device?

  67. I have purchased Noir A7 but its touch is not good working i am little confuse, and can you tell me how can download its app to my computer & also which software i should download to protect my Cell?

  68. Hello Farees can I ask about mini pajero here? Thanks.

    • Sure you can 🙂

  69. yar koi bata skta ha k online video kasy chalti ha. mtlb k jasy nokia k cell phones u tube chalty han isi tra a2 classic ma kou option ha?????????? call ya msg plz 03315006261 sana. thanx

  70. my qmobile a8 is not starting after i install (Mt657xRepartition_EN.apk) this app 😦

  71. i wana a purchase android phone but very confused which brand to purchase as my range is Rs.12000 plz advise your discretion. qmobile, voice or huwaei

  72. HI team can you please help me to restarting and re-install the OS for A60. I am in UAE and my phone is dead. Actually it it restarting again and again.. it is not necessary to have Qmobile A60 OS if some lighter version is available for jeally bean it will ok which consumes less RAM….

  73. wifi & imei errors after flashing custom rom
    i own a q mobile noir a2, if you are not familiar with the brand,its the same as micromax a 45(sold in india).it runs on gingerbread 2.3.6.

    i recently rooted it but accidentaly deleted some stock apps which i wanted i thought unroooting the device will maybe bring back my stock apps.

    i unrooted it but what was deleted,stayed deleted.i decided to flash stock rom for noir a2.i did,got back all the apps,

    ISSUE #1

    but imei of my phone changed.i have tried many times to repair it with mtk droid tools,maui meta,sn write tool,imei fix., etc, but i dont phone is not reading my sim cards at any cost.

    when i take out both sims, and check with *#06# it shows the correct imei,which is written on the back of my phone. but as soon as i insert the sims and check imei,the imei 1 is invalid, and imei 2 is some incorrect imei.

    please guide me how to get the networks back in my phone

    ISSUE #2

    my wifi also doesnot work after flashing the detects wifi network,attempts to connect,but never establishes a connection

    also the engineer mode in my android doesnt have cds option(i found about this on internet that maybe this is a fix for my problem but it doesnt work for me.)

    please guide me i am very new to this.looking forward to your help.

  74. after flashing stock rom of a2 in my noir a2 v2. my mobile doesnt detect any networkz sin and also any wifi connection. please help me farhan bhai

  75. can you provide nvram file for noir a2 v2 😦

  76. will the qmobile noir v4 get a kitkat update???

    • Contact Q CS they will guide you about the update if available

  77. My father bought a Japanese car ‘MOVE’ from a mechanic last year. Today we took the car to sell at a showroom, and got shocked when we were asked to show the file. We only have transfer papers, registration papers and the book. There is nothing else. There are no custom clearance paper…no grade marking…
    The mechanic gave us incomplete documents. What do we do now? Its 2007 model registration 2013. We bought it for 9 lacs. And now without documnets we will have to sell it for 4 lacs only.
    Plaese help…is there any way to recover documents.

    • You should be having complete file in which import papers , Custom clearance , fright details , etc… without a file it’s not gonna sell on market value, what I think you need to contact the person from whom you bought it and obtain the file.

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