10 comments on “Suzuki Mehran EFi

  1. Great post Faree – some info here that i did not know about. One update – Suzuki has stopped the manufacture of Alto.

    Sigh, but there go the dreams of owning cars for lower income groups of society – people like me who use most of their income to pay bills and to run their kitchens!

    Would like to know about Adam motors Revo – who, despite publicly claiming that production has been stopped, are speculations that it may just yet enter market again. With parts manufacturers saying they have its parts available and still have dyes and if company wants can restart production.

    • Revo was one big failure it was piece of junk, i have a habit to go for test drive vehicles , New shape is ahead that’s why suzuki is preparing around 2 new models will be introduced in 2013 lets see but price depends on.$$$$$$$

  2. mehran will be mehran a piece of junk.I own a mehran carburated version but i have heard that from a friend that mehran efi is a even worse than carburator version.People are just buying it because there is no popular alternative.I personally thought that alto was a 1000 times better than mehran & they discontinued it.
    next time i will not buy suzuki because they do not give value 4 money..

    • Alternate true there is no, thats what the gambling is, i call Mehran coffin of wheels if you have read my previous posts, this piece of junk is worse than meezan auto rickshaw, a few days back mehran had an collision with rickshaw and no such damage to richshaw but car you cant imagine from front all RIP , i think only way is to modify it spend some money i modify suspension and body all the procedure takes time and money but in return you can lot comfortable and safer ride than company gives you

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