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  1. The screen size of NOIR A10 will be 5.0 inches. And that of NOIR A6 will be 4.0 inches. Rest of the specification you stated is spot on. NOIR A6 will have same specs as of A8 except for screen size and it’s body will be similar to A5 rather then rectangular like A8.

    • Thanks i’ll change the screen size A6 isn’t HD . A10 is coming HD I know A6 looks more like A5 rather than A8 and I know A10 is like S III .

      Anyways Thanks for Info 🙂 I am sure it’s gonna be useful for visitors


      Farhan Imaan

      • Anytime. I myself have been waiting for A10 for a month but i think i’ll pass on it now. By the looks of this smartphone it’s really hard to manage and carry in pocket etc. Or may be it’s just me. The device is a beauty though. It’s more like Galaxy Note.

      • Than I am sure you must be aware of Q TAB too.
        and If your friend is in Forum Marketing ask him why do you guys have phones and fax when u dont pick nor read. and Q representative here on FB Javed or something Kindly tell him to Educate yourself, and Stop blocking people, I was answering on the blog to the users so I think Mr.Narrow minded left insecure ban me to comment I unliked the page.

        Well I know also know Q Fellows,

      • I m not against Q at all but market dept devil knows better, rest they are doing well in pakistan but suggeation feedback is valuable for company anyways

    • Hi

      what’s the screen resolution like 720p X 1280? or 800p X 400 or 590p X 850? what’s the resolution of A10 and how much RAM will be in it, 512 MB or 1 GB? 5″ display, it was better if display was 4.5″ because 5″ is large to handle with one hand. But on the other hand it’s good to use the internet and watch the movies on mobile. Kindly tell me if you know about the resolution and RAM of this A10.

      Thank you, regards


      • 1 GB as I have mentioned too , Screen Size is gonna be bigger than A8 and some what phone is like S-3 , Resolution 271 Dpi is S2 and A8
        dont know about A10 lets wait and see what Q comes up with.

    • @ Taha, can you please check for the expected release date for A10 from your friend, who is in Qmobile, because I am unable to get any info regarding that.

    • I am confirm rumors n ppl r always wrong wait and see if didnt came ill stop helping bloggiing i am journalist and musician first so i keep in view .: if both came than u choose ppl or rumors to belleve about A8 i was the first before ramzam to say up coming 4 months delay its in the market

  2. Dear Faree,

    How much investment do you need? I think one can visit China and ask the maker to make a phone as per our requirement and quality. We can design our own phones and tabs etc!

    • Dear no need to go when available one are cheaper n backed by company, investment n all email me ur skype id on my email.address if u r willing i can share my plan after comirming that you interested , my self i have good experience of importing sugar grain etc.. so these are small item email me farhan.imaan@gmail.com

  3. I know you are not a Qmobile representative, still I have got 2 queries.

    1. Will A6 be closer to A8 or A10 in specs? Someone already wrote that it won’t have HD screen but what about Processor, RAM, internal memory and camera etc?

    2. Will A6 or A10 have 3G? Although I believe 3G won’t be coming to the networks here that soon but rumors are that it may come any time next year so just in case.

  4. Dear farees,
    im not getting in hurry, but i have hold my decision of buying A8, because of A10.
    Will it be the next month in market?? whats ur guess

  5. what is expected date of the release of Noir A10 and A6.What is the screen size of A10,and what about its thickness.And also the ram size of A10.Is it slim than A8 or not.

  6. i saw a function in s3 and iphone 4s on you tube video in which a user said something to both phones one by one like a user said “write a message” and in reply the phone’s computer asked the user for a message” will this function be existed in the Noir A10.

  7. I liked the A8, and I was planning to buy it, but then I postponed by plan till the launch of A10. Can Mr. Taha confirm from his friend in Qmobile , that when exactly Qmobile is launching A10.

    Secondly my question is to Farees : when you plug the mobile for charging via adopter / USB, at that time, is there any small LED type light which tells that set is in charging state ? Does any LED lights up during charging of the A8 ? As this LED can be used by the software for SMS/Miscall notification.

    In last, I would like to say a BIG thanks to Farees, for being the first one to post about A8 and I guess the first one also to break news about a 10. Good work dude. keep it up.
    I guess as you have bought A8, so you might not be covering A10 video / live testing review, but I will keep my fingers crossed for that :P.

    • NO , there is no LED in A8 for notification nor Charging , Well Yes I have bought A8 but A10 may cross through
      my hands too , but I am not excited about it since I know it is coming more as S-III Rival, If the screen size is
      bigger as 5 than it not gonna loose all excitement cause wont be able to use it as you can all other A serious
      phones .

      Lets see how A10 looks and PRICE specially ! above 20k Expected ..

  8. Android OS Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.4 (upgradable to jelly bean)
    1 GHz Dual Core Processor (ARMv7) with High Performance
    4 Gb ROM (internal and phone memory) (confirmed by Qmobile) and 4Gb card comes with mobile
    4.3 inch larger WVGA HD display screen with sensitive capacitive multi touch
    Supports microSD, up to 32 GB
    512 RAM
    GPU: PowerVR SGX 531 Version: OpenGL ES 2.0
    Primary back 5 MP HD Camera (records 720p “1280×720” HD Video), Secondary front HD Smart Camera
    480 x 800 Screen resolution (same as Galaxy S2), DPI: 240 Refresh Rate: 78hz
    Skype Video/Audio call Support
    Yahoo Video/Audio call Support
    Gmail, opera mini, Facebook, YouTube, Dailymotion
    Full Android Market Support (All kind of 3D Games and Apps)
    Motion and Proximity Sensors and more
    Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n, Wi-Fi hotspot, DLNA and GPS
    Bluetooth v3.0 A2DP, USB, GPRS, EDGE(Class 12)
    MP4/H.263 player (Plays 720p HD Video)
    Mkv/3gp/DivX/FLV and all kinds of Video Formats support in Mx player, MP3/WAV/WMA/AAC player
    Tethering and Hotspot in WLAN
    Dual Sim, Organizer, Document editor (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF), Google Search/Voice search, Google Maps, Gmail, Speakerphone
    Super Slim and thin with Shiny Black Colour
    Battery 1800MAh

    Price Rs. 14,500

  9. Hey mr.Owner of this blog

    You are awesome journalist
    I read ur tech based posts
    Bro i visit your blog everyday just to see if any
    Rumours or specs related to qmobile noir a10 gets an update
    ; )
    I am dying for that cellphone (a10)

    On all the google you are the first to post on a10
    Thats cool

    This wait is killing me now

    ; )


    • Thanks dear 🙂
      I am here !

      Well actually, the purpose of blog was not at all for phones instead writing about how I experience the world things but in july I thought to help out all, i mean what does it takes I been getting good feedback people are getting aware and they are following my philosophy Sharing is Caring on Face book page I am sharing cause people like you appreciate and support beside its a good cause to interact with all, get to know life in a different way.

      I really appreciate your comments 🙂


  10. Hi bro EID MUBARAK. My name is Amir I am from Lahore. Thanks for all the info which you wrote about noir series phones in time. Since adobe flash player is no more in the Google play store but do you think Ice cream sandwich phones with already built in flash player will play movie sights etc… perfectly without any problem? Noir A8 has built in flash player so do you think it will play movies sights and other media sights? Plz do try to see about it and post your kind info.
    Keep smiling bro stay blessed.

  11. Hi bro. thanks a lot for your reply/info. about noir a8 flash player support. Actually I usually watch movies in my noir a2 almost everyday before going to sleep hahahahahahaa so hope you understand my keenness. 🙂 I was thinking to buy this new phone Noir A8 so that’s why confirmed from you. Once again thanks for the info. and InshALLAH will be in touch.
    Keep rocking bro.
    GOD bless, ALLAH HAFIZ.

      • Hi bro. hope your fine.

        It always feels good when we talk to a person who knows technical things and who can describe them in a nice way so that people understand. 🙂

        Bro. once again I am here to ask you something regarding JELLY BEAN android phones. Normally most of the people lack awareness about phone specs or never use their phone’s complete abilities. Most of them just use it as a listening device normally. 😀 My question is do you think these phones will attract customers when there is no Flash Player support for Jelly Bean sets? I wish Adobe systems can do something about it or is there any other alternative? Without this support do you think they will be useless?


      • Dear Amir I have replied your this query before but again it is there, have you reposted or I forgot to approve your comment ? let me know
        in the comments section it wasnt there before Right now I am on PC and I saw so I thought I should I ask you first.

      • Hi bro hope your good. My post regarding jelly bean n flash thing was sent again by mistake so plz dont answer. I joined your face book page too. That will ne good too. Lets see how that a6 performs in time. Its bad to know no noir a8 in market. I went to see it but still NOT there. Time to go bro n thx for all the help from your side. God bless stay happy. Allah hafiz.

        Date: Fri, 2 Nov 2012 16:53:09 +0000 To: amer_ace@hotmail.com

  12. in nokia mobiles when we make video then we attach any song with video
    can we make video in noir 8 with song.

  13. Hi bro hope your good.

    I am here again to ask you about a technical thing about Jelly Bean android phones. 🙂 Do you think there will be still a charm to buy these phones which doesn’t have flash player support? Without flash player no movie fun etc.. is there any alternative you think is available for these phones? Otherwise they will be used just for listenting talking or for normal surfing. So no charm for buying them.

    Thanks n regards,


    • Well those phones are made for limited usage, if for live streaming or video support ICS 4.0 is must JB OS does not have too many apps as ICS does if phone is upgradable its good because you can use it for long but Android phones are rapidly changing so it would be better if one can but JB OS if not ICS OS, after six months OS going to be different maybe in future we might some way to upgrade those phones which are limited at this time A2 A3 A5 and A1 all will be discarded by mid 2013 . But ICS will go on linking itself with JB

      • Hi bro. hope you are fine and great.

        Thanks a lot for replying back to me about that flash player discussion on the Jelly Bean sets.

        Bro lots of people don’t know how to get flash player 11.1 from the market as adobe had vanished it but it’s still there working only through Dolphine HD browser. 😀 Just simply upload the brower in your android phone which supports flash. After loading click on the browser to run it when the page opens you will see HOT ANDROID APPS written down on the page. Click on it and the apps page will open simple scroll down and there you go Flash Player 11.1 is there waiting for you. Click on the app. and you will see it opens 100% in the Google Play Store. 😀 My nephew is a phone freak and he told me this amazing discovery :D. I am a noir A2 user and enjoying live streaming of videos/movies now. Hope this info. is useful.

        It’s bad to know that Noir A8 is not available in shops. They are saying it’s short. Strange why these people doing this. Do they think they can earn bundles of money by doing this? If they act like this people will turn towards other phones.

        GOD bless n keep smiling.

        Hope to be in touch.



      • Thanks for sharing yes it is useful for all users, kindly join us in at Face book page sharing is caring fb/weshareandcare that’s where I discuss about offers, apps, other useful tips such as this one cause all using smart phones though its not just about phones but started up like this a way to know explore I am inviting all the visitors to fb page u can share on Time line there contribute in sharing is caring 🙂

        May Allah bless you

  14. assalamoalaikum,
    saami here,i have been checking your posts for so long and really grateful to u for ur blogs but since then i have not bought a new cell phone which i was supposed to … anyways kindly tell me which cell phone is better for me with in the range of 15000rs shud i buy A8 or shud i wait for A6 or whats your opinion about bravo g95..
    actually my demand about cell phone is front cam n 1ghz processor + internal memory.. thanks alot:-)

    • A8 noir is the best in town personally I am using it and no issue u can root and do a lot depends on you. A6 is more like A5 with ICS OS yet other details are not in my knowledge.

  15. hi
    really nice and helpful blog…i have noir a5 em looking forwrd for noir a 10….i hope price will not be above 25k

  16. hi farees.
    you are doing your work at its best, so thumbs up to you!

    can you tell me how have you root a8?

  17. Hello Mr. Farees. I have some questions that I need you to answer. Before I ask them I want to take the time to thank you for providing us with upcoming information and taking the time the review A8 and uploading it. Okay here I go,
    1. Can you please try and run GTA3 and some other hd games like dead trigger, shadow gun etc on A8? I know you are not a fan of games but can you do this for a Pakistani brother? Dead trigger is free on play store and if you want the apk of other games I’ll be happy to provide them.
    2. If you can run these games can you also comment on any lag which is present?
    3. When will A6 be released in markets other than Karachi? Only answer this if you know.
    4. How much more we should wait before A8 becomes available and its price goes down?

    Thank You.

    • Dear I am not Gamer at all, I just play NFS on the Road in real not in mobiles but I would suggest you to join on sharing is Caring where other gamers can guide you about it and I am sure you would be helpful to others since you have good knowledge.

      3. I called the Q Sales person today wanted to know if A8 is Available he told me It’s short from the back end ( Q company ) next week it will be in Market price is going to be 17000/- I think I covered 4th as well https://www.facebook.com/weshareandcare link to Facebook Page hope to see you there discussing and sharing with others !



  18. Hi ur blog is realy super n u r doing a realy good thing!tnxs a lot for all information i just wanna ask u a question A10 will b sure around 20k?coz i tought to buy A8 but after read information about A10 i think i:l wait for it.

    • Thanks dear ,A10 expected 20 plus yet market is unstable due to A8 which went successful off the limit so let’s see when they launch this one keep ur fingers crossed 🙂

  19. Hi,
    ur blog is marvelous. Thanku for uploading n updating info. ur blog is a time saver and one stop to read and make a decision. Jazakallah

    1) Farees is there any qmobile QWERTY mobile with torch?
    2) 1 week before eid ul Azha, i am continuously calling a shop in isb.abt A8… its short in islamabad. How come many of the people are able to buy A8? does anyone know shop in isb for buying qmobile?

  20. Dear Farees!
    You will capture the QMobile Facebook adminstration if Owner of Qmobile read your blog ,oh sorry, Great blog ( if the owner has some sence) . Your work and replying patience is appriciatable.
    I am old user of QMobil Dual Sim (high end of the time) with One Regular High end Set. QMobile is good on products but worst on social media even on QMobile official email.
    You made the thing which should be done by the QMoble company it self. ( QMobile as a Company should be thanksfull to You. Its upon them BUT
    I am very much thankfull to you for informing the people what they want to be informed.
    May you live long.
    Take Care , Allah Hafiz.

    • Dear Zahoor Baluch,
      I saw that they are not helpful to the people and they are just selling off the phones, which they import not knowing anything about them at all, this is why I started to help out everyone, I appreciate your comments and I am glad people understand that how difficult is for the one to give time on this end and very patiently answering all, By spreading awareness I am happy to see positive changes in Users specially the Youth , over here and Sharing is Caring Facebook Page.

      Personally I am working as an independent journalist and I am setting up a proper platform for all not just to share about phones but PAKISTAN which needs us the most. May Allah Bless you and your family I really appreciated your comments I hoping that with in a week you will be there on my site INCPak on which I am working hard to gather all with UNITY to spread awareness and to sort out issues , My aim is to see the brighter day by bringing all together for our own motherland PAKISTAN right under the flag without any differences, help each other out and progress together Inshallah you and I will be the one to give a better Pakistan to the generations ahead. Ameen

      Farhan Imaan F.Abro

  21. Brother your blog is helpful for everyone..
    Brother can you please confirm that upcoming model will be dual sim avtive or standby..?
    Same for A8?

  22. slam dear

    ur blog is awsm and u r doing best….i can say ur blog was the 1st place from where i m listen about a10. Me nokia c7 use kr ri ho but ab change krny ka mood he. So please guide me k mujy nokia ko chor k qmobile ki trf jana chahie? 2ndly plz tell me k a10 kb tk launch ho ra he? Any news about it?

    • A8 is the best and A6 is good if you are new to android , A10 was expected in november but they launched A10, btw A10 and A8 news was only at my blog before else where launching.

  23. Dear how are you fine thank you very much about the latest news of Q mobile you say that A8 is the best mobile and A6 is good so what is category of A10 and when they lunching it in this month or in December

  24. Dear Farees,
    Can u tell me the approximate expected date of this cool upcoming phone Noir A10?
    Or In which month, November or might be at the at the start of December.

    • Dear Cheema ,
      Q Fellas delayed the phone due to A6 I am hopeful that by December it would be in the market because 2013 Android other new phones going to be in the market by Feb 2013 they have to come up with it earliest

  25. Dear can you please guide me in choosing phone between qmobile a8 or g five g95. G95 has 5.3 screen, 1 ghz processor android ics 4.0 and price 15K. only disadvantage is, its from g five which is not a well reputed company in pak.

  26. Hi Farees, I am quiet inspired by your knowledge. Can you guide me either i should buy a windows phone like lumia 510 or Android phone. I am confused between them. Plus suggest a phone with most recent OS like jellybean with 8 mp camera for me under 30,000 Rs .

  27. Hello Dear Farees, i hope you will be fine, well i was searching about noir a8 so got your blog and i read some of posts and really i appreciate you for your kind help…

    please tell me what is the difference between A8 noir Vs G five 95, which set is better? any idea? and if you know about q mobile company why did they short A8 in market? they dont think that due to this act they can lose their customers.

    and about A-10, today i listen something new that A-10 will be available in market after A-9, means first we have to wait for A-9, if that is true then do u have any idea about specification of A-9?

    Best Regards.

    (Muhammad Adnan Afridi)

    • I been hearing Q fellas has lost their mind don’t know their marketing ppl eat grass but anyways A8 is good tested while G5 not been on the test run so I can’t say for sure

    • @ Muhammad Adnan Afridi
      What is your source of news about A9 ?
      If Qmobile is unable is meet the demand needs of A8, I am just wondering why they are planning for new product.
      As per marketing rule, you first need to pull profit out of your old product, then go for the other one.

      But I think Qmobile is planning to launch a bunch of mobile sets, which will not be available in market (due to artificial shortage), and then most of the brand conscious customers will never even think to buy Qmobile.

      Brand is knows by the quality and services, not by the cheap strategies, as the Qmobile is doing .

  28. dear densedaze,

    yesterday i went to market to buy a8, as shopkeeper is my friend i asked about A-10 when it will be available then he told me that 15 minuts ago we have a q mobile sale representative he gave information about A-9 that they are launching A-9 before A-10.

    i am not sure that true or wrong thats why i asked it from farees, and farees didnt reply my that question.

    densedaze , q mobile would’nt launch A-9 till they earned handsome profit from A-8. about q mobile i think that company will be in trouble if they make artificial shortage because other companies also trying to survival so may be they also launch cheaper product,

    • Thanks Muhammad Adnan Afridi for your reply. I just talked to a Q mobile company representative over the phone, he gave the following information to me:
      A10 will be launched in about 15 days. and product info and specs will be available to him before 7 days of the product launch.
      He does not know about launch of a9, nor he knew any model set of A9.
      About A8, he told that officially price of A8 has been increased from 14500 to 15500. and this is the final price of A8.
      regarding shortage of A8, he informed that qmobile will be meeting the demand supply in next 3 days, and A8 will no more be short in market after 3 days.

      • your welcome! well as i told you that i am not sure about a9 as some one said to me about A-9, always there are some rumors about everything.
        well as you said they are launching this phone within 15 days, then i am wondering because still A-8 short in market, if they just bring a-8 in market they can earn alot becoz alot of people are interested to buy A-8.

    • Dear Adnan and Farees,
      Today i call to Q mobile representative at Karachi on this number (21-32711105) he tell me that we will lunch A10 before 10th December 2012 and its price will be 18000 to 19500.

  29. Please farees tell me, is Noir A-8 worked in Qatar? i mean someone told me that may be there is problem for q-mobile user for registration.

  30. I have read from two.. three places about Noir A10.
    one thing will sure chip from Mediatek.
    I am using A6.
    quite good phone.
    battey timing is an issue and no proper task manger.
    build Quilty is little dispointed but its play all kind of Games.
    no slow or Hang problem.
    out door screen vision is not bright A2 is more bright in sun as compare with A6.
    over all in 11500 is good device for begginer.

    one Question from free.
    can you tell me when they will launch A10.

  31. when will u come a 10 i need u because this time i dont have any android phone farees i listent that q 10 will be better than all noir series phone and a10 screen size will be large and pixel density as well but a10 price will be high from when i m collecting money now i have only 19000 thousand mostly people is saying a10 will be above 20 k what should i do

  32. @ frees, please delete previous comment, as i mistakenly wrote shipset instead of chipset, my updated comments are as follow:

    I think it will be MT6583 chipset , because MT6588 chipset is very expensive. From internet we can see that mobiles having 6588 chip cost around 260 to 300 dollars (Pakistani around 25K to 28 thousand).
    As A10 will be priced below 20K, so it will be having cheaper chipset 6583

  33. salam , you are doing good job bro ,i just need an answer of my question can u plz tell me about the hdmi support in noir a8 i have bought this phone and find it awsome ,,but i wana know how can we connect it with hdmi plz reply .. thanks

  34. Dear Farees,
    Its me Cheema again as U doing well to tell people about the Noir series and overall about these phones. I just want to know that above I read that A10 Would come in mid-December. Just about 10 days approx more for it. I just want to know that its specifications would be same as its written on the Top of it because of its price that would only be under 20? Do U agree that this phone would compete with Samsung S III? I hope U might give some extra feed to the daily viewers of this BLOG.

  35. A10 available in Q mobile office,they just awating of price from top about 18,000 to 19500.and they said they put iphone camera in it,its more like iphone not samsung slll

  36. Presenting NEW Q-Mobile noirA10, with:

    – Now with 3G Network support
    – Extremely Slim design 9.7mm
    – 1 GHz. Dual Core Processor
    – Android 4.0
    – 5 inch IPS FWVGA Multi Touch Screen
    – 8.0 Mega Pixel AF Camera with Flash and GEOTAGGING
    – 1.3 Mega Pixel Front Camera
    – Video Recording Video chatting
    – GPS supported
    – ROM: 4GB / RAM: 512MB
    – Support up to 32 GB
    – Bluetooth
    – USB
    – 3.5 mm Stereo Audio Jack
    – Google Apps more then 200000 applications.
    – With one year Digicom Warranty.


  37. Presenting NEW Q-Mobile noirA10, with:

    – Now with 3G Network support
    – Extremely Slim design 9.7mm
    – 1 GHz. Dual Core Processor
    – Android 4.0
    – 5 inch IPS FWVGA Multi Touch Screen
    – 8.0 Mega Pixel AF Camera with Flash and GEOTAGGING
    – 1.3 Mega Pixel Front Camera
    – Video Recording Video chatting
    – GPS supported
    – ROM: 4GB / RAM: 512MB
    – Support up to 32 GB
    – Bluetooth
    – USB
    – 3.5 mm Stereo Audio Jack
    – Google Apps more then 200000 applications.
    – With one year Digicom Warranty.


  38. Qmobile Noir A10, Qmobile’s first 3G phone

    QMobile is the second largest brand in terms of market share in the Pakistani mobile phone market and it has banged the market again by launching its brand new Noir A10. Qmobile Noir A10 is equipped with many new interesting features. The most impressive feature of Noir A10 is that it supports 3G network with a 5-inch screen. We will update you about the price very soon as its not decided yet.

    Features / Specifications:

    Qmobile Noir A10 Specification
    Network 3G Network support
    Design Extremely Slim design 9.7mm
    Processor 1 GHz. Dual Core Processor
    OS Android 4.0
    Camera 8.0 Mega Pixel AF
    Camera with Flash and GEOTAGGING
    1.3 Mega Pixel Front Camera
    Video Recording Video chatting

    Display 5 inch IPS FWVGA
    Multi Touch Screen
    Storage / Memory ROM: 4GB / RAM: 512MB
    Support up to 32 GB
    Apps Google Apps more then 200000 applications.
    Connectivity Bluetooth
    Music 3.5 mm Stereo Audio Jack
    Warranty With one year Digicom Warranty

  39. I just read on whatmobile reviews that qmobile noir A10 has just come. Is it true and if it is true kindly share its specs.


  40. salam farees bhai, i have option to buy a mobile from china, my friend is there for two weeks, but he is not so expert in on spot judjenment he has less knowledge of it, can u please guide me? any brand name which is cheaper or better quality? any model name with dual core, good supportive ram of more than 512mb, or i may say similar to A10 specs that u wrote above, my frnd has told me many mobiles in this spec are available in so less price, but how to decide which one is problem for me please guide, highly thankful to u

  41. Qmobile realy disappointed me i was looking for quad core wid 1 Gig ram its totally upgraded version of a6 only new thing is 5″ Display and 3g support.

    Qmobile Noir A10 Specification
    Network 3G Network support
    Design Extremely Slim design 9.7mm
    Processor 1 GHz. Dual Core Processor
    OS Android 4.0
    Camera 8.0 Mega Pixel AF
    Camera with Flash and GEOTAGGING

    1.3 Mega Pixel Front Camera
    Video Recording Video chatting
    Display 5 inch IPS FWVGA
    Multi Touch Screen
    Storage / Memory ROM: 4GB / RAM: 512MB
    Support up to 32 GB
    Apps Google Apps more then 200000 applications.
    Connectivity Bluetooth
    Music 3.5 mm Stereo Audio Jack
    Warranty With one year Digicom Warranty

  42. its a copy of indian micromax canvas 2 A110 , and it should hav a big issue of heavy grapics games, and camera focus as micromax A110 hav. Qmobile is goin for A9 (it should b copy of Micromax canvas A100) with single core 1 Gig Pro.

      • A9 will be same as Micro max A90s only change is amolded screen, all other things are same, if q mobile is wise then should not buy this mobile and launch quad core with jellybeans, with the Ram of 1.GB.

        I don’t think that company from where both Micro max and Q mobile purchasing the set have not launch such phones yet, in which these specifications are available ( ADVERTISEMENT HERE IS BANNED )

  43. Salam. Can someone help. Wifi doesnt work on Noir A10. It says Authentication Problem. Ivve tried wifi with no encryption, but still it doesnt work?

  44. I have got the Qmobile in black color , It looks good better then white color.I am facing a problem in this phone that when I am searching about some thing in google search through opera , for example review of a10 videos, it shows ( url block by government), may be becasue of videos on youtube, But when I search in E990 its shows all results…..but when i click videos at you tube it not works , I am using PTCL line , Please advise……..(I think it must shows all results whether it is pertains to you tube or some other video search engines….

    • Your in Punjab aren’t you ? if you are than there is a issue over there I have already got complaints about it , kindly mention me your ISP ( GPRS ) network so I forward the complaint to PTA


      • Dear Faraz , unfortunately I am totally off the Android of any phone which can run Internet I even have PTCL and Wateen but I cannot check the issue. join Sharing is Caring over there you ask other users as well I am sure it would be great help. sharing is Caring Facebook Page

  45. Dear Farees,
    Recently I have purchased A10.. It is working normally, but after some time, without doing any chaneg in its application, it changes from General mode to Meeting mode. Would you suggest the remedy please.
    Thanks and regards,

  46. Recently I have purchased A10.. It is working normally, but after some time, without doing any changes in its application, it audeo mode automatically shifts from General mode to Meeting mode. Would you suggest the remedy please.
    Thanks and regards,

  47. I am using noir a10 now, it is good, video calling is good . WIFI working very Fine.Yashoo messenger with video working fine.Some time it hang little bit, I don;t know why,but for seconds………I use E990 head phone on it, it gives very good result…..Some HD videos are not playing.This is set is very good, but requires proper setting and proper supporting application downloads.

  48. Salam Brothers,

    Is anyone would tell weight of these cell phone?

    1) qmobile A10
    2) qmobile K995

    Actually m planing to go have A10 set but i am quite confused in weight.

    Please do let me know.

  49. videos and films are showing good results in a10 mobile, but still some HD videos it doesn’t support.Running low graphic games smoothly……….

      • its dam expensive .. and its ram is dam low.. it should have at least 1gb ram .. and price should be no more then 17k .. also screen density needs to be increased to at least 220 ppi and there should be two batteries supplied..

  50. Hi Farees,

    Its nice to read your comments and I appreciate your help for others!
    I am a bit confused between Galaxy Note, S III and the Noir A10… Could you please let me know which one I should go with?
    In addition, I would like to tell that I am using internet on mobile and was using E7 Nokia (HONESTLY I started to HATE NOKIA…)

    I hope for a good opinion of yours…
    I appreciate and thanks in advance for your answer!

    • S3 has no rival A10 stands no.where closer to it, Nokia been miserable for 2 to 3 years but now they coming back with good phones,

      Thanks for appreciation .

  51. Hey Farees

    I know a10 is now in market and all and the ram is only 512mb so its all fine.. I want to know about a8 and a10 if you know…what is the sms memory…i mean does it have the capability of saving lots of sms.. i am using htc inspire 4g, and its a good fone..but it has now develope signal issues…so i am wondering and only thing holding me back is the sms..do they save on memory card or not. and is there a limit. Other thing is that is a10 screen as good as you they say….and do they hold the pinch to zoom functions and all…i know you have a8 but i guess specs are same so options of both fone will be same as well…i asked multiple questions here please answer them. As with your help i bought a2 for my mom and it turned ok.

    and one extremely important question in a2 the viber was a big problem as speaking from the fone ur voice would sound robotic.

    Anxiously waiting for your answer
    if possible email me



    • Specifications are almost alike but A8 has graphic rate higher than A10, one of the reason stretching screen size leaving all same won’t make a thing better, common sense, i am not personally not sms heavy user but i think its ICS 4.0.x not the A8 or A10, operating system is not original as htc or sony, there are changes in noir ICS which aren’t visible to all but menu differ a bit .

    • Being very specific All Noir Series phone has GPS issue out of which A5 old one had the best GPS, I use A8 GPS and it even takes time but than gets connected and accurate , about A10 its same like A8 Takes time to connect but unlike A6 which requires to be rooted to fix the GPS, else keep waiting for signals forever.

  52. Hey Farees brother u are awsome man .. giving us all need info.. man plz guide me i have a8 but yar is ke timing bohat kam ha can i change its battery to 2000 mah for good timing ,,, will it will work ?

    • It will work but its gonna damage your phone just charge your phone switched off which i call offline at night with in a week battery will be able to give u proper timing next time check http://www.incpak.com new posts are there in tech talk phone reviews.

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